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  1. Thinking of putting. my Money in a non equity club here in North Atlanta . I.e For or five guys pay a monthly dues that allows access to the aircraft. Then there is just a straight hourly fee. The monthly fees cover insurance, maintenance, nav data and such. Thoughts? Anyone in a usage group like this?
  2. Working the bugs out of my early J model. While tracing a large amp draw I discovered that the pitot heat switch is messed up. Off position is on and on position is off. Are these switches easily flipped? If so can the cover be flipped to indicate correctly?
  3. Sounds like my schedule. I will keep you in mind.
  4. Just purchased a J model and I am needing some (a lot of training). Currently flying corporate stuff and I have not been in a “small”plane or flown VFR for over twenty years. It actually scares the crap out of me. Looking for suggestions for some training in the North Atlanta /Cobb County area. Thanks for the help.