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  1. Apologies for the delayed reply @thomas1142 @Stan and @flyer338 Have been down in Melbourne for the past 3 weeks and have just done a 1700km run home in a day to beat a border closure in QLD - by road unfortunately. Have J and K working as well as new versions of R and R-310STC. I have spent some time rebuilding them off a consistent base to make support ( or lack of!) easier. Give me another week or so to clean up and I'll post all together with links. PatrickF
  2. Looks like a good copy. Any chance you can send a PDF ?
  3. Alex, I hadn't yet. I went for the newer ones on the basis it involved less work given what I'd done for the R and the J on the basis that there were a lot of them out there. That said no reason why I can't add the C. I've just had a look at a couple of the POHs in the downloads section and they tend to use tables. Ideally I'd base it off whatever is the latest M20C POH. I understand a fresh one might have been issued in 1977 but haven't seen a copy. To the second question - Unfortunately as I "go back to the primary source" - the POH - the process is a bit involved so while th
  4. Thanks for the shout out @BlueDun @carusoam. Just realised it's been 2 years since I did the App - time flies! New New years resolution - pull out the 80% complete ones for the other models I've done and get it out. Have a great Christmas everyone.
  5. Thanks for the shout out @Deb /Dave. You have prompted me to get back onto this again. I have been tied up getting my Instrument rating over here but finished last week so I'll get back to it and finish this job, or at least progress it. I have working versions for the 310 STC and the J's as well as some slight changes on the original which just need to be quality checked. The OpenAsApp guys have also taken on some suggestions so the data entry is easier with an option to open each time with last used values.
  6. Richard @Skates97, That was an issue with Openasapp when I first used it. I requested this mod as well as some others. They've done a good job of implementing it so you now have options to use last, as a one off or every time (can't remember all the options) but it works well. The developer has been very responsive to suggestions. PS - I have no skin in the game. The guys are out of Germany I believe. Would be interested in the other one you use regards
  7. Thanks Anthony, Still working fine, and I do have working versions for the 310 STC and the J's. Need to clean them up and issue. Busy at the moment completing an IFR rating - can't get distracted! @midlifeflyer - couldn't agree more. My sheet uses plenty of significant points to do the calcs but back to one decimal to output - to match the POH numbers. In practice I know a couple of the numbers and go to adjust to close unless I am in cruise and have plenty of time. I do check landing speed, and takeoff distance if I haven't had that config, or that strip before. Then
  8. + another one for those figures. On a trip @ 8000-10,000 I'll run wide open throttle, 2500, ROP leaning on EGT on the climb. Once on top I'll leave it and let it get some speed up then set rpm to 2400 and do a mixture pull to around 12.3 gph (65%) and let it settle down. I'll plan 165 (we are generally ISA +10) but this typically gives ~168kts. If I want to go a bit quicker I'll go to 2500 (+4%) and for more go closer to peak keeping an eye on the numbers. At 8000 + there's not much you can do to hurt the engine as you don't have the MP . I generally leave that mixture setting alone unti
  9. Thanks for the tip @flyingcheesehead I haven't tried that option but will give it a try. regards PatrickF
  10. You're right there is a fair bit of asphalt on the taxiways but it's not as flash as it looks in Google Earth ! Some of the grass is pretty rough too. We've had a number of conversations and would much rather be on a long bitumen strip. One of the big worries is how those fuel tank seals like getting regularly shaken on the grass. regards PatrickF
  11. All good @steingar - you may have missed it - we have another 4000 ft of grass after the tar before we get to trees. Just a fun challenge to get off and avoid the bounce on the grass ! regards PatrickF
  12. @carusoam - Crossed info - we are at sea level (40') at YCAB ! 800 foot of tar is just enough to get off if I'm solo with about 25 gallons on board - and not much else. And the sea breeze is usually good for a few kts. Grass at 5000' - now that would be a different game ! One advantage we do have here - we are pretty flat. I did the calc at 5000 to check my numbers against yours for the grass chart you have and it seems to match pretty well - which gives me some confidence on the factors quoted on that web site. regards
  13. We operate a long body O2 off grass in Aus. A lot of Mooney guys here would -the tar strips can be few and far between. No real issues except you do lose elevator authority when you get slow so need to get it right first time and catch the mains to look after the front. We have 800 feet of tar on one runway (YCAB) which we take any time we can. Can get off one up and light without using the grass but haven't managed to land on it yet ! I don't have any grass numbers in our POH so when I was doing my XL sheet I used these factors for ground roll - once you are off it doesn't matt
  14. Guys, I can't argue with X-plane and I've heard it's good. I was too invested in MSFS to change. Since I started flying in '97 (MS95?) I've tried to get a copy of any new plane I've flown, customise as much as I could, and check the basics. Certainly helps with rough numbers and panel layouts etc. Because I was tied to the MSFS world I jumped over to Prepare3D from Lockheed. It is very good and getting better, and I got to keep all my work. For anyone flying Garmin GNS or GTS I can't recommend RealityXP : http://www.reality-xp.com/ too highly - they have an Xplane versio
  15. I like where you are heading here @carusoam - start with the book numbers and check against reality given the info we now capture. It was something I remember doing with the instructor in the C150 on about my 4th hour - check short field takeoff against the book. We used the cross runways and taxi entrances as the check points. Having said that a 150, 2 up, in summer in Canberra at 1800 ft elevation gave us plenty of time to check the lift off point ! You've prompted me to check the M20R against the book more carefully. We have a cyclone off the coast so no flying this weekend but I'
  16. Guys, just caught up on this one. Thanks for the heads up @carusoam @midlifeflyer I am happy to generate a set of "Cessna style" tables. Will be pretty easy to pull automatically out of my sheet, and you are right they would be useful. My sheet just does the calcs on digitised versions of the charts, and draws over to confirm visually that results make sense. It is at least as accurate as doing it with a pencil, or thumb. I am working my way through the various models but am way behind on my promise to complete the set - dam work. I've just looked at the POHs I have a
  17. @Awful_Charlie That sheet looks in great shape, I'll cross it off my list. regards
  18. @laytonl Lee, thanks for the shout out. You beat me to it! I have a work in progress J version of my excel sheet and Open App using the same technique as the M20R one. I picked the J as one I had to do on the basis of how many are out there ! - and here in Aus. Have others in various stages as well - gets easier as you reuse the code. @Deb Debbie & David have been unbelievably thorough and helpful with some very detailed beta testing and feedback on the original XL sheet and App. The M20R App changes are live and I'll issue the final updated XL sheet with the rest.
  19. Harden up Mike - you should try it with 4 kids ! Great to see you out in Aus
  20. Robert, agree - ours doesn’t either ! The aim of my sheet was to make pulling numbers from the POH charts easier to do if you need to and as a cross check. The app does the same thing. Perhaps if I add a % adjustment to the book number that you can leave set, or change ( like I have in the take off/ landing distances) Suggestions welcome. Sorry for the delay -we have our PSP program this weekend in Bathurst NSW. I was doing my homework. Regards
  21. Mike, Saw that one drop on Friday. I think I'll leave that one for the OzRunways boys! You have prompted me to add a disclaimer. I've done the spreadsheet as a way to go back to the POH for a cross check, or the app to do those quick checks. The EFB guys do a great job of the detail planning. Look forward to catching up next weekend. Have a good flight over.
  22. Guys, I’ve made a couple of minor updates to the XL sheet - fixed an error in the off chart ROP MP calc and added QNH in inches for you guys on that side of the big pond. I have been looking at the easiest way to get the info onto a mobile device in a usable form. It was going to take a long time to write, or have written, a native app but I’ve found a clever site from our German friends that allows you to port an XL sheet as an app “wrapped” in their App. Try this link. https://oaa.app.link/Wbv8GfTJ6Q Should work. Haven’t checked but understand it works
  23. Thanks guys, hear you on the ios App - me too! I haven't coded in ios but know a few who do so will have a look. With the maths done coding to get the numbers would be trivial for someone who knew what they were doing - look and feel, graphs and pretty pictures are a bit harder I'm sure. Must be an Ovation driver over there somewhere who made their $ writing Apps ?
  24. I've uploaded this in case anyone else wants to use them. Think they are good for all the M20Rs I generally use an EFB on the Ipad for planning but occasionally go back to the POH for a check, or on review flights when I hit an instructor who insists on "old school". I also find the electronic ones I use don't handle take off and landing distances well either and for longer flights I like to print out all the calcs to cover me legally. I've always found this form of chart a pain by hand. I've been meaning to do this for a while but recently becoming a part owner in a GX2 Ovation meant the
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