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  1. +1 for @Parker_Woodruff Parker was really helpful when I was looking at insurance...
  2. I was afraid to get out and get gas because the hill was so steep! I set the brake and jumped out and chocked the tires real quick. Locals probably laughing at us... You guys should give out badges or something!
  3. Oh yeah! The taxi back up hill was weird. There is a fence corner on the right side where the wing clearance was surprising. A couple places really felt tight.
  4. I talked with another Mooney pilot who had experience landing there. My home aiport (GYB) is also downhill 17. So, before departing for 1T7, I did 8 landings at home focusing on speed control on final and getting the plane stopped before the 3000 mark. So, I was prepared for a downhill landing. However, I was not prepared for the trees or the bump oddity at the top of runway 12. It's a good thing I had made up my mind before-hand that I would probably balk at the landing and just go around which I did twice. I was already mentally prepared for it. The two aborted attempts gave me a chance to see the bump at the top of the runway and get comfortable with those trees up there. On my third attempt, I just floated down past the bump at the top and touched down just beyond it. Woohoo! I was a little concerned about giving up that top part of the runway but I got it stopped with no real trouble. When I looked around all I could think was, WTH Man! Who put this airport here! How do they not have crashes every week! There are so many hangers there though so there must be plenty of planes. I didn't see a single takeoff or landing while I was there getting gas though. I know AAA is there so Mooney traffic has to be common. Overall, I'd say there doesn't seem to be that much room for error there. I think precise speed control on short final is the key and definitely don't try to hit the numbers 12. It goes up before it goes down there. Just pass up that first bump. I'll be keeping an open mind about going around when I land there. If the speed and altitude aren't perfect, just go around. I landed on my 3rd pass.
  5. I went over to 1T7 yesterday and landed on runway 12 , and now, I feel like I did something special.
  6. Sold it already. Got exported to Europe...
  7. Just wanted to swing back to this topic I originally started when I first started considering a Mooney and found Mooney Space. I will be taking possession of my M20J tomorrow and beginning my transition training. It is a very exciting time and I hope everything goes okay. I started out looking at C models. I considered E, F, J and K models seriously before deciding that a J model would be most appropriate for me. I learned a lot by reading Mooney Space so, thanks to everyone for all the great content. Especially thanks to @gsxrpilot who provided a great deal of thought input for me to consider. He met with me personally and spent a good deal of time chatting with me on the phone. Thank you Paul for sharing your considerable knowledge with me. Also, thanks to JD out at SWTA in Smithville, TX for doing a great PPI. Also, thanks to Parker Woodruff who helped me with insurance and will be helping me with my transition training. My old airplane... My New airplane... Guess I like red, white and gold...
  8. I'm re-evaluating the insurance direction I need to take. @Parker_Woodruff posted some interesting comments about the quote I got from avemco and so now, I am taking a step back to look at it all again.
  9. LOL. It covers everything medical I thought! Medical insurance is so messed up though. It sounds like you may know something I don't. I'll call and ask them. Okay. They said getting hurt in a plane accident would be treated no differently than an automobile accident.
  10. It's the $3000 limit for each occupant for medical expenses that gives me pause. Isn't the airplane medical coverage really just to pay your medical insurance deductibles? I do have medical insurance. So, now I'm confused. Avemco's policy is not good? Are the quote characteristics substantially different than other policies?
  11. Avemco also indicated I should call them and get my rate lowered; By 8% once I get my IFR rating By 8% once I achieve 100 hrs in the plane By 10% at renewal with no claims
  12. Okay, thanks, So I don't know much about what I should be looking for. The statements below are from the quote. Is it missing anything important? The quote they gave me includes the following; Bodily Injury (Including Occupants) And Property Damage Liability ($100K each person, $1M Property Damage, $1M each accident) Aircraft damage (Including In Flight) No Deductible either In Motion or Not In Motion Medical Expenses ($3000 each occupant) It looks to me like if someone outside the airplane was injured, the coverage would be limited to $100K for the person and $1M for the property. Also, I don't see anything in the quote about it but the representative told me on the phone that their legal defense for liability was unlimited, no cap until settled. I don't really know what that means either.
  13. Thanks for all the posts on insurance. I'm 50 with about 200 hours TT. I contacted three brokers and all of them got me quotes within about $50 of each other. After reading this thread, I contacted Avemco who quoted me the lowest rate but still within about $50 of the other three quotes. I think I will go with Avemco because they quoted me the lowest rate with the most stringent requirements. One company required that I get 3 hours dual. That seems way to low. I was surprised. Avemco requires 10 hours for me. I don't really know what is reasonable. I think it depends on the pilot, the instructor and the plane. I'm not sure how long it will take me to become proficient but it doesn't really matter as I'll be having fun going through the process. Personally, for a CFI transition trainer, I want someone who is EXPERIENCED, observant and has character including candor. If the CFI thinks I need to learn more before signing me off, I want to know about it. If the CFI thinks there is something about me, my attitude, skills, whatever that causes any doubt, I want to talk about it. I would not want an instructor who bases any decision on the thought that I might be offended or get my feelings hurt or maybe get mad and go get another instructor. It's certainly possible that I will be offended or have my feelings hurt but it doesn't matter even a little bit to me. I just want to be as prepared as possible to fly my plane safely. If getting there hurts a little, so be it. MooneySpace is such a treasure trove of information. I'm glad I found it.