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  1. I owned a 152 for about 5 years, got busy with family and building a house and sold the plane to make room in my life. After 12 years out of flying, I decided to go get current and start looking for another plane. I did my re-currency training at a local flight school. I did my re-currency training in various Piper models (Tomahawks and Warriors). It took about 15 hours in all so it wasn't really that bad. I thought I might want a Mooney and worked closely with people I met on MooneySpace to learn as much as possible about the planes. I started out looking at C models, then E, then F and finally I decided on a J. I took the advice of the MSers I met and bought the plane that I wanted rather than buying a fixer upper. That was the best decision for me. Once I got my plane, I did my transition training in it with a Mooney-centric CFI, and got my complex rating like that. I'm now working on my instrument rating. I have been flying my plane everywhere. In four months, since August 2018, I've put over 60 hours on the plane. Me AND my wife are having a great time! She jokes around nowadays that she doesn't drive anymore. I suggested she drive up to Dallas one weekend and she looked at me like I was crazy. It was never a given that my wife would like flying with me. I attribute her enthusiastic participation to a couple things. First, I bought a capable plane in good condition with good equipment, autopilot, etc. I took the whole endeavor very seriously. I did my transition training and then practiced a lot of landings before letting anyone fly with me. I don't think there is anything that says you can't do your re-currency training in your very own Mooney. It probably does have some advantages. However, it's unlikely that flying your own plane will be THAT much cheaper than a trainer. Do your training and spend the time looking for the right plane for you. Don't get in a hurry. Make sure you get a really good PPI no matter what plane you get. If it is a Mooney, get the PPI from a well-respected Mooney mechanic. Do your Mooney training with a Mooney-centric CFI. You can find them here on MS. Get the best plane you can afford because every dollar you spend up front is worth many more dollars down the road. Upgrading your airplane will be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Good luck with your search.
  2. This man was a friend of a friend. Not much is known about his crash in San Marcos on Wednesday morning. He was in a Beechcraft Bonanza. The really weird thing is the references to 4 or 5 of his Facebook friends having recently died in airplane crashes. I'm not sure how that was noodled out of what looks like a really large group of FB friends but if true, that would be just TOO weird. So sorry to hear about his crash.
  3. They may be like, "OMG! This is our chance!"
  4. I was with JD at SWTA on Wednesday to pick up my plane after an oil change. He was still able to call Mooney and talk to the parts guy and order parts. Apparently, the "parts guy" (name unknown to me) said, "News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated." It sounded promising to me. Obviously, the major topic of our conversation was the Mooney factory status. So, this is just hearsay and I don't know what it means long-term but, here is a very weird lizard for your enjoyment.
  5. Maybe he was practicing slow-flight...
  6. Yes. I think things are kind of building to this. I need to find an avionics shop in the Austin area that I can work with. Need someone friendly and knowledgeable. I hope I can find someone who is willing to help out with the little things. There are probably already topics about finding a good avionics shop so, I'll go see what I can find.
  7. Okay. Thanks. I may leave the G600 on Jeppesen for now and go ahead and get a subscription and try it out so that I have ChartView on my G600 and FliteCharts on my GTN750. I guess that's possible. Then I will be able to determine which I like better because I just don't know what I'd be missing either way at the moment. Thanks for all your help MooneySpace!
  8. Ok, so I drove out to the plane with my new found knowledge. I have the Jeppesen ChartView activation SD cards so I decided to see what I can do. On the GTN-750, it was easy to enter Configuration Mode, go to the Chart Options Page and switch from ChartView to FliteCharts. It's true that it does not let you just switch it back to ChartView though. So, currently, the Charts on my 750 are working with Garmin FliteCharts. The G600 seems to be a different story. I was able to boot up the G600 into what I thought was Configuration Mode but really it was just a view of the settings that didn't allow me to change anything. Further research indicates, I need something called a "Installer Unlock Card" in order to make changes there. From the Garmin Manual: To enter into Configuration Mode for the G600 system, verify that the GDU 620 is off and the Installer Unlock Card, P/N 010-00769-60 is installed in the bottom card slot of the GDU 620. Apply power to the GDU 620 while holding the ENT key. Release the ENT key when “INITIALIZING SYSTEM” appears in the upper left corner of the display. I don't have one of these cards unless it's hidden somewhere in the big box of documents I received when I took possession of the plane. I'm starting to sense that this card may be something reserved for "official" technicians. Can anyone confirm? Can we get one of these? So, at them moment, I have FliteCharts on my 750 and my G600 is configured for Jeppesen ChartView but I don't have a Jeppesen subscription. I did notice that looking at the FliteCharts on my 750 was significantly inferior to viewing on my iPad with GarminPilot. The 750 is pixelated and I have to zoom in to make out the text which means the bulk of the Chart is not visible. Also, I think I would really prefer to be looking at the charts on my PFD but I wont really know until I try.
  9. Just to summarize, I have a "new to me" plane with G600/GTN750/GTN650. I'm trying to get everything up-to-date and configured to do my IFR training. Thanks for the help you guys provided above. It looks like the previous owner bought the SD cards that enable ChartView for the G600 and the GTN750, two cards displayed in the pic I posted above. Apparently, those cars cost $1995 each. So, obviously, someone thought using the Jeppesen Charts was a really good idea. I'm certain they are more knowledgeable than me about the subject. In my ignorance, I purchased the United States Standard + FliteCharts OnePak bundle from Garmin for $799 with the intention of having "everything" for all of my devices. I was especially wanting the Charts. I could have purchased the United States Standard OnePak bundle for $649 but it doesn't have the charts. I created the SD cards, one for each device, using the FlyGarming app for Windows. When I used them to update my avionics, everything updated to new expiration dates. (YEA!) However, both the G600 and the GTN750 still would not let me access the chart functionality. I called Garmin and they said I'd need to go to a dealer to get my equipment reconfigured for FliteCharts which seemed silly to me. Apparently, I am right about that as apparently (I haven't tried yet), I can make the change myself by going to the Chart Configuration Page of my GTN750 (not sure what would need to be done with the G600). From what I can tell, using the FliteCharts is a step backward in capability and considering how much money was spent to enable Jeppesen Charts, I should probably just go ahead and get the Jeppesen subscription and use the Jeppesen Charts.
  10. Also, apparently, I already bought the FliteCharts with my Garmin Bundle. Are you suggesting I should just get a Jeppesen subscription? The FliteCharts from Garmin cost about $150 per year when purchased in the bundle I purchased.
  11. I did not pay for it but I think the previous owner did.
  12. I have these. Are these what you are talking about?
  13. Thanks for your reply. That helps. Can you point me to a resource for instruction on how to do it? I have the manuals and am reading them but have not yet located instructions that seem to help. I see references to holding the Home key on startup to enter configuration mode.
  14. Sorry to resurrect this three year old topic but it starts out close to what I am experiencing. My GTN-750 had everything out of date and my Chart option on the GTN-750 indicated "NOT AVAILABLE" when I selected it from the home menu. I'm about to begin my IR training so, I decided to go ahead and bring everything current including the Charts functionality. I purchased the "United States Standard + FliteCharts OnePak " bundle and used FlyGarming to create new SD cards. I was able to successfully update my G600 and GTN-750 or so it seemed, all my expiration dates moved out to 2019. However, my Charts functionality still shows as unavailable. So, I called Garmin and talked to a support tech. He decided that my GTN-750 was configured for Jeppesen Charts and wouldn't work with the FliteCharts from Garmin unless I took it to a dealer avionics shop to have it reconfigured. Can anyone confirm this to be true or false? It seems like I should just be able to switch it back to Garmin Flight Charts. Is that possible without going to a dealer avionics shop? Any help would be great.... Thanks
  15. +1 for @Parker_Woodruff Parker was really helpful when I was looking at insurance...