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  1. Okay, checking back in... JD over at SWTA looked at my engine monitor and did the reset to factory procedure and re-configured the unit. For some reason, after JD did the procedure, I can now download usable data files. So, did I do something wrong? I guess so. JD seemed to think it might be because I did the Factory Reset while the engine was running. JD did it without the engine running. So, I just don't know and I guess this whole thread doesn't really provide anybody a lot of help. But this closes it out. The unit seems to be working perfectly again. Regardless, I learned a lot about the unit throughout the process. I was able to fly and get good data off of it. We installed Gami injectors at the last oil and now I will accumulate data and do the various tests to see how the new injectors perform and if we need to make adjustments to them. One thing that is a good take-away from this is, JD at SWTA is awesome! I learn something new with every interaction I have with him. It only took him a couple minutes to get it worked out.
  2. I always sump the tanks but I have a question I've been pondering. If I were to get fuel from a contaminated source, how long would it take to be apparent during sumping? If I fill up and immediately sump the tanks, would I see water contamination if it were present or would I need to wait a little while for it to settle down? How long would it take to settle? I have never found any evidence of water in my fuel. Not in my Mooney or my previously owned Cessna 152.
  3. Just a quick update because I want to make sure I follow this through until the end on MS in case someone finds it useful... I did contact JPI about the issue. They provided me with instructions to reset the EDM-830 to Factory Settings and informed that if the factory reset didn't resolve the issue, I will need to send the unit back to the factory. Here are the instruction they provided; EDM 700.800730/830 factory reset. Power the EDM up and let it go through the self-test and if asked to fill fuel tap step buttons a couple of times to clear it, hold both buttons down until you see program then release the buttons tap step or next to advance through the settings, write dow Hobbs, Tach, K-factor, GPC-, etc settings continue tapping until you see end but do not end, hold both buttons down until you see factory then release buttons, tap step or next to advance through settings, write down Main, Aux, ENC, etc, continue tapping next until you end program. Now is the time to download your flight data if you want to save it. If you have fuel flow put the external switch in fuel flow position. Now get back into the Factory Limits and the first setting is FAC ? N, tap LF button to change to Y then tap step button, tap LF button until you see (Config and Data) 730/830 only, then tap step button, EDM will now reset itself a couple of times, once done resetting, go back into the Program and Factory Limits mode and re-enter your previously recorded data. If this does not fix your issue then EDM will have to come back to JPI. I found the instructions to be confusing. My EDM-830 immediately presented differently than the instruction implied. However, with some time and manual study, I believe I was able to follow the spirit of the instructions. I reset my unit to Factory Settings and then "programmed" back in the original values for the various settings. Unfortunately, my unit still just simply gives me an 11KB file that contains a single flight with a duration of 0.0 hours. I contacted JPI again to let them know my results. They indicated I should try to do a firmware update and sent me a link. I have not tried to do the firmware update yet. Also, since it is time for an oil change, I will have the mechanic look at it to see if he can get data off of it and let him know about the suggestion to do a firmware update. Now I'm really thinking about getting a "primary" engine monitor installed. I'll check back in when we make more progress. Thanks MS for all the help you provide. I hope my experience helps someone else...
  4. Thanks and yes Corey confirmed the data file was the problem. As soon as I am able, I'll return to the plane with better tools to allow me to iterate quickly. Usually, I don't have my laptop but next time I will. I am also considering contacting JPI at some point but I want to give it another go first. I'll report back when I make progress.
  5. I do but the dump "All" created the exact same file. I did the dump "new" on one thumbdrive and then for good measure did a dump "All" on a second thumbdrive. Both files appear to be exactly the same. U200607.JPI This one is from the dump "All" thumbdrive. Also, I just use a thumbdrive and not a serial connected laptop.
  6. The file opens in EZTrends and shows a single flight #1638. There should be at least 2 flights there since I downloaded "new" and two flights had taken place since the last time I downloaded data. That single flight seems to show a flight time of 0.00 hours with 6 second rate sampling. I attached screenshots... I need to get setup where I can rapidly test at the hangar. I will take a laptop out so that I can repeatedly test. How long will I need to run the plane to constitute a "flight"? I think I saw 5 minutes somewhere but I'm not sure. I have all tried to download "All" again but it seems to generate the same file as the download "New"... I'll keep at it an post my findings but it might take me a week or so... Thanks everyone for your interest and help... When I open the flight, I see;
  7. Does anyone have any experience with the JPI EDM 830 data files being empty? Many months ago, I downloaded data from my JPI-830 and uploaded to Savvy and was able to review my flights. I started by selecting the option to download "All" data on my JPI-830. I uploaded it to Savvy and everything seemed to work fine. Then, when I tried to download "New" data from my JPI-830 and upload it to Savvy, the files seem to upload successfully but there doesn't appear to be any flight data. Between "working" and "not working" I did modify the programming to reduce the "sample rate" and it's possible that I messed something up I suppose. (Any idea what?) Yesterday, I downloaded from my JPI and it should of had at least 2 three hour flights. When I upload the file to Savvy, it seems to process okay but does not have any flight data. I inspected it with EZTrends and again, the file does not appear to have any flight data. On Savvy, after processing the file, the log shows the following;2020-06-08 14:58:30.499137+00:00JPI Model 830.JPI Version 340.JPI Build 0.Found flight header 1638Parsing binary data.Starting to process flight #1638.The following series didn't contain any data and were skipped: TIT1, TIT2, CHT5, CHT6, OIL_PRESS, CARB_TEMP, IAT, VOLTS2.This is normal, unless you know configuration generates data for them.Successfully processed flight #1638. I created a ticket with Savvy but I suspect the problem is with the configuration of the JPI EDM 830. Does anyone have any good thoughts on what might be causing the file to download and have no data? I'll try to attach the file here... Good suggestions would be appreciated... U200607.JPI
  8. I wear the Starkey MUSE I2400 CIC under my ANR Zulu headset. I can't say I've never missed something said over the radio but it doesn't seem excessive or anything. I've tried taking them out but eventually decided to just leave them in. My hearing aids know exactly what frequencies I'm deficient with and compensate for that. So, it seems reasonable to let my hearing aids do their job and my headset do it's job.
  9. I have also had difficulty at times with clearly communicating my N number to ATC. You're situation is a pretty good argument for a more robust call-sign system. Currently, I think you can create a letter of agreement or LOA with your local ATC facility to agree on a call-sign for your aircraft. However, it is only good locally. It would be great if we could designate or request a call-sign on our VFR or IFR flight plan that would follow us through the various ATC geographies. Maybe even, there could be a way to associate a call-sign with your N number during a request for Flight Following. I first looked into this because while flying over near Fredricksburg, I heard a plane talking with ATC and calling themselves Mooney 1. I wondered how that was possible and assumed it had something to do with being so close to the Mooney factory. Maybe it was the Mooney CEO's plane or maybe a Mooney test airplane or something. Anyway, I think it would be fun but maybe there are good reasons to just confine us to our N number...
  10. I'd like to go to Breckenridge. It's on my list for sure. No current imminent plans though. It would be cool to make a day-trip of skiing but, probably not in the cards for us Texas boys. If I made the trip, I'd probably want to be prepared to make a week of it.
  11. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your trip! This is on my list. I love skiing! We should have a Mooney/Ski Fly-in/meetup!
  12. Looks like I'm late to the party. Searched a little more and found this thread on MS. Nice pics! I guess we all go through pretty much the same thought process eventually. "Hey! Wonder what a second engine would do for me..."
  13. Anyone know anything about this plane? Have any pictures? "The designation Mooney Mark 22 was first used for the only Mooney twin-engined design. Designed by Al Mooney and completed early in 1958, that Mark 22 was a low-wing cabin monoplane of conventional layout, as the prototype consisted of a Mark 20 fuselage with new wings. Powered by two 150 hp Lycoming engines, it had a large dorsal fin, and a tricycle landing gear. The sole example was registered as N5299B. Source: I can't find anything on MS about it... Google doesn't really turn up much either...
  14. @gsxrpilot and @Oldguy, Thanks for the suggestion. I just opened an account and will start working on pulling my data.
  15. I wonder if I can do that with my JPI 830. I have not yet tried to get any data off of it yet. I'll look into it. For a second, I thought I might start relying on Garmin Pilot but it didn't work out for me. Maybe I need to learn more about it though. I basically decided that the only reliable way to record my time was to use my logbook and write it down.