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  1. Maybe Turn Time Twist Throttle Pray? It's a very scary thought but, depending on many variables, altitude of emergency, proximity to airport, etc., a "modified" approach seems like it could work to get you below the clouds hopefully close enough to make the runway. I'm hoping we don't have 200' OVC if that ever happens to me.
  2. I've been there twice for minor work and have yet to get him to charge me. I've spoken with him multiple times on the phone and always get a friendly and knowledgeable answer to my questions.
  3. Have we reached Peak Regulation? Some of the 3-letter agencies are being taken to task right now. Many have overstepped the authority granted to them by Congress in the laws that brought them into existence. There are a number of the alphabet soup agencies whose very existence is being threatened by their own incomprehensible and incongruous regulations. It's quite funny in some cases.
  4. So, will the IO-360-A3B6 run on G100UL? If so, is it expected to be problematic? Hmmm, just read the Gami G100UL Avgas slide deck. https://gami.com/g100ul/G100UL EAA Mike Busch seminar.pdf This is interesting...
  5. So, what is the implication for us Mooney drivers? If leaded fuel were outlawed tomorrow an unobtainable, what would/could we do? I've seen some references to some planes having automotive gas STCs, but I don't know enough about the various engine models to know which ones are suitable to run unleaded gasoline. Frankly, I'm not even sure today's unleaded gasoline is suitable for my lawnmower. I've heard that the ethanol is a problem.
  6. So, we're NOT all chipping in to buy it?
  7. @larrynimmo What year model J do you fly? I'm interested in how you are configured to achieve these numbers. I'm assuming you mean 165KTAS in level flight. Are you 100 degrees ROP? What altitude? Are you near gross weight or light? I would love to try and achieve 165KTAS in my plane in level flight. Also, if it's KTAS, how are you calculating it, by setting altitude and temp on your ASI? E6B? GPS? I fly at 10 degrees LOP for economy which normally puts me in the 145KTAS range but I would like to see how fast can possibly go sometime. I've never really tried yet.
  8. Were there any survivors? I saw a reference on another site that indicated there might have been at least one. It seems unlikely looking at the pictures though. I guess the details will emerge soon. What a tragic awful event for everyone involved.
  9. Someone on FB said the pilot has a broken back. I've heard back injuries are common in small plane forced landings. "Broken back" could mean a lot of things though depending on who says it. I hope he has a speedy recover and it isn't too severe.
  10. Having your plane in the shop sucks in all kinds of ways. I'd be sad with my plane sitting in the shop for months and months.
  11. It's true. But, my CFII pointed out that I do several things "wrong" with the unit. He showed me short cuts that he said would reduce my required "actions/clicks" but I didn't really absorb them. So, maybe I am not the best demonstrator of the path of least resistance with the 750. I will try to find those places where I "click" more than necessary and streamline it. Maybe I can improve it a little. One example of an overly cumbersome instruction is with my G600. Lets say I want to change altitudes while coupled. I have to press my Alt button once to activate "Altitude" mode. Then dial my new altitude. Then press and hold the Alt button to "arm" the preselect. Then press my VS button to enter "Vertical Speed" mode. Then press and hold my VS button to "sync" with the plane's current VS. Then dial in my desired vertical speed. Is there a better way? That is just ridiculously long if you ask me but maybe it's one of those things that drove my 25K hours CFII nuts. Please, tell me there is a better way. I can execute those instructions very quickly but dang. While departing on climb out talking with ATC and receiving vectors and adjusting my mixture, entering IMC and scanning, it would be nice to reduce the steps. And thanks so much to @gsxrpilot for flying with me! I was very excited to show him all I have learned in the last year and a half. He helped me get two approaches in to minimums for which I am grateful. He also helped me avoid a terrible mistake I almost made in buying a fixer-upper. I am so glad I listened to him about that. I hate having my plane in the shop.
  12. It looks like when he is going south, he is going slower and then north faster so, I'm guessing he had a near 30kts wind out of the south. Congratulations on getting her in the Air @gsxrpilot!
  13. I like this. JD & Laura at SWTA are awesome. They're busy with planes form all over. One look into their hangar tells me they don't need my business. I'm trying to be their best customer. What kinds of things can you do to be the best customer? Be easy going and not demanding. Ask to be put on the schedule. Pay promptly. More?
  14. I met the owners of this 64 Mooney at 4M1 Carroll County Arkansas this weekend. Kenyan and Kevin are twin brothers with a big passion for flying their Mooney. They gave me permission to post pictures of their plane and indicated they may join us here on MS. I hope they do. We talked for hours and I had a lot of fun!
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