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  1. Howdy gang - Hmm interesting just got an email from Sportys on the Garmin 175 - quite the package. I think this had made my life much more difficult - now what to do for ADSB (was going to go with the uAvionix Sky Beacon - and I have REGULARLY been checking eBay for a "deal" on a Garmin 430 or 530 with WAAS - I believe the power of many brains is better than my sometimes dim single brain - so what do you all think? I also wonder if the resale market on the 530, 430 is going to drop through the floor with this product?
  2. Hey Folks - Gorgeous a.m. here in Raleigh - went out to fly and Lucy (2977L) decided to crap the bed on me yet again. I'm writing a LOT more checks than flying So I know there are a lot of articles on here and this might be a beaten dead horse - but is it obvious - do I just replace the starter with a Sky-Tec - and use:skytec 149NL? Pro's cons, anything I need to know? Lots of labor hours? Lucy is a 1967 M20F... THANK YOU ALL!!
  3. Can you share where you found this info - can't find it in the POH for my 67 M20F
  4. Curious - they are rubber - and they will crack and age over time - how does one know when to replace them?
  5. Ahhh the power of many... looking for thoughts, advice and/or PICTURES... trying to get a new cable put in, bought the part # from McFarland 660189-003 - as it should be - my current AP (not a Mooney service center) is having trouble routing it. The "old" cable is a non spec ACS he thinks - no part numbers on it and per him it is 2" longer than the "right one" OEM spec from McFarland... anyone have advice, pics, routing?
  6. N201MKTurbo - come on over!! Can you share more details - so at least i can sound intelligent to my A&P??
  7. N201MKTurbo - come on over!! Can you share more details - so at least i can sound intelligent to my A&P??
  8. N201MKTurbo - come on over!! Can you share more details - so at least i can sound intelligent to my A&P?? if fixed I could fly this week!!! Quote Edit Options
  9. N201MKTurbo - come on over!! Can you share more details - so at least i can sound intelligent to my A&P??
  10. Hey folks - ME AGAIN... So I still have yet to fly my new to me '67 M20F... lots of bad weather, finding CII time, etc... So... when the plane was delivered ~ 12/4... there was an issue with the throttle linkage in the the throttle wouldn't go out enough to slow the engine... I had the local A&p check in out and per him - he "re-crimped it"... Gorgeous weather here in NC this weekend, got a GREAT new CFI with 2000+ hours in a Mooney...Fired her up yesterday afternoon - and you guess it - we couldn't get the throttle below 14-1500 RPM... So - is this something I can fix myself? I was a good boy and read about throttle cables and it could need to be replaced? I guess I'm looking for advice from some experienced members on the linkage and how simple this might be to do - i certainly don't want to have it go south and to have to kill the engine to land it! Welcome any and all thoughts... Thank you... Joe
  11. Hey Don - could I get a copy of your checklists?

    1. DonMuncy



      I am fighting with my own computer. It is stuck doing a system restore. It is the only one I have where I can access my documents. I will get back with you, hopefully soon.

    2. DonMuncy


      Looks like I sent this as a new message to you, rather than a reply.

  12. MANY thanks to all - def leak - was too much of a rookie to look in the right places, once I did... lots of blue... THANK YOU!!
  13. Hey Folks - Me again - same subject - apologies in advance but I do need the wisdom of the forum with some urgency please. So I took delivery of my new to me 67 M20F... delivery went okay overall (12/2/18)- plane landed with a throttle linkage issue and a generator bolt issue (still awaiting the details and the BILL for that - anyway...). Do to some other delays, weather, paperwork etc - I have not been able to fly the plane, not once. The plane was towed to the repair hanger to fix the throttle and generator bolt issue. And so now - 3 weeks after delivery - I believe the tanks are leaking - the plane was topped off in prep for a flight on 12/16 - flight was a no go - returned to plane on 12/22 and tank was 2-3" low. No obvious blue streaks, no big puddle on the ground etc. The seller of the plane has been wonderful so far. The tanks were patched on 10/16/18 - this is ~ the 3rd+ patch on the tanks. The previous delivery of the plane was delayed in fact so the seller could patch them (my previous post) at his cost. (Find not necessarily repair) Net net - my question is this - HOW do I determine if they are truly leaking - and where from - and is this something your average A&P can do? The seller and I (again, a really good man) are in a bit of a he-said she-said deal. I will not fly the plane or accept it until right, he feels he delivered a plane that was OK - but who knows - a slow leak could have been present during the entire delivery, yes? I feel we should split - 70/30, 60/40, etc the cost of a full strip and reseal. OR - he can just take the plane back - I'm in NC - he is in UT and says this is not an option - at all. So - power of the FORUM - please respond - how do I track down this gremlin of an issue and how do we make this right? THANK you all - so so - much... I really want to fly the plane! Joe K.
  14. cool - forgive me fore being naive - why are folks waiting for the tail beacon vs the one on the wingtip - looking to learn what I don't know...
  15. Can-o-worms?? What are folks thinking of this solution... seems hard to beat for easy and simplicity... the engineer in me likes both...