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  1. All these types of losses are sad and very unfortunate however he was alone, obvousy died instantly and had lived a very full life to the age of 85.
  2. It’s great when you have larger airports around you but in my neck of the woods we have 2 airports we use all the time, one is 2000 feet and the other is 1500 feet both paved. On the shorter one you don’t want to leave any asphalt behind you because there is water on both ends. In my mind you should be able to easily handle this size of runway and of course it does require some practice but one day you may lose an engine and that little extra skill will pay off in spades.
  3. Please forward me the link to the thread you were talking about. Much appreciated. R
  4. Thanks Yetti, the yokes are cream colour below the black finish so it really shows. I’m not able to post any pics right now. Wrapping in leather would be nice if I could buy a kit but with the finger grips built in I suspect it would be a pain. If I just spray new finish on the yokes I’m sure the nicks and deeper scratches would show in the finish. I guess I could lightly sand and put a very thin filler on and then more sanding before paint. What is popular these days for refurbing yokes??
  5. So I've done some looking on the forum for answers but mostly I see putting newer yokes on to replace the old ones. I'd like to keep the old ones, I like old. I'm looking for ideas on refinishing them. Maybe some of you Mooney Masters have good ideas. Ideally I'd like to do the work without removing them, if possible. R
  6. Now I'll admit to not flying a Mooney for close to 35 years but I did my share of everything from beach landings on hard sand to normal grass strips. It's best to avoid rough strips as you are not blessed with lots of prop clearance. i used to plan on around 70mph over the fence and I'd flare low and hit the flap switch which would immediately set it down smoothly. I'm sure there are other techniques but this always worked for me. Just don't flare high as a second after hitting the flaps the aircraft will be on its way down.
  7. Mooneymite, Yes for sure hot starts can be a pain in the IO-360 but with the right technique it happens. Never quite as easy as the O360 but the E and F guys can put good injectors in and operate lean of peak, burn less fuel and still probably pass us so they do have certain advantages especially on the carb icing side. It's all good though, they are all great aircraft and nothing produced is anymore bullet proof than a Lycoming O-360.
  8. Ned, I have to admit I Googled your caravan because I didn't know what it was. It so happens that we do plan on flying to Oshkosh this coming year. I've been flying for more than 50 years and I've never made it down there but all things being equal this coming year it's going to happen.It would be fun to meet other Mooney guys enroute but its probably a long shot from Vancouver Island.
  9. Worse than that Robert as I live in Canada and we have consumption tax on anything we buy. It varies by Province but where I live it's 12%.
  10. My first Mooney was a C and then 3 E's and one F. One of the E's was a quick flip so it hardly counts. It was a long time ago and while I'd like to say the C was my favorite I really liked all of them equally. I also have a real cute Piper Pacer which I was trying to relive my past in so it's been fun. Thanks for the welcomes....your site is a wonderful source of information. You guys should be proud. I'm in the prebuy stage so when it's finalized I'll post a few pics. It certainly has tons of gear compared to my old ones.
  11. I'm getting notifications but I don't know how to retrieve anything??? When I click on notifications the person's user name comes up but there is no message??? I'm sure I'm s brewing up but not sure what to do with them...anyone help me?
  12. I'm buying a pretty little C model from 1965, nicely equipped, I'm actually a bit excited and that takes some doing these days.