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  1. Owning an aircraft and the word investment do not belong in the same sentence. There are certain things in life that make zero economic sense. Booze, women ,boats, world travel , nice get the drift. There are times, if you can afford it that you do stuff just for fun and personal enjoyment and that's a very good thing. Simple things like raising a family which is seriously expensive we do because we get this thing called "payback"...It makes us feel good. Flying, if you have a passion for it gives you lots of payback and not just in doing it but also the other fliers we hang out with and even the comradery we feel on a site like this. Decide how much money you can do without and make the plunge, you won't regret it. Cheers
  2. Robert Sailor

    Original 1965 tanks haven't leaked yet

    Some wonderful information from you guys, thanks a million, certainly an educational experience for me. Robert
  3. I've owned several Mooney's in the past but that was in the 70's and leaking tanks were not an issue. Now it obviously my question to all you experienced folks is..I'm looking at another mid 60's Mooney and as far as i can tell it's very clean and well kept BUT the owner tells me that the tanks are original and have never leaked. From what I read on these forums it's nice to buy a clean Mooney that has had the tanks done recently..What are the odds that these tanks are going to start leaking sooner than later???