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  1. If still avail, I will take it for the 200.00 Not sure where you are at, but I’m at Speuce Creek
  2. Looks like they will fit. Do you want PayPal or check? Just let me know
  3. I will buy them if they fit a 1981 J model
  4. Thank you. Having difficulties downloading it
  5. Installing a JPI and need a wiring diagram related to the factory sending units and factory fuel gauges. A PDF or even an email to brienattorney@aol.com would suffice
  6. Anyone have any photos on where they located their fuel flow transducer for the JPI 900 install? Thank you David
  7. The following items are being sold as a package price for $1,000.00 plus shipping. All removed for dual G5 upgrade and working when removed from 1981 M20J 14V system. Again, sold as a package only. What you see is what you will get. 1. Precise Flight Standby SVS 450-200-3 2. AA D9-18-1 Filter 1J7-1 3. Airborne 3H Mosel 2H3-12 4. Tempest AA3215CC Vacuum Pump 5. RC Allen 14V RCA26AK-2 Electric Attitude Gyo 6. Sigma Tek Vacuum switch 22-1280 7. STEC 6401 DG 505-0023-913. 210-13A 8. Edo-Aire Attirude Gyro 23-501-06-9 Model 5000B-20 Contact David 818-903-6055 See photos
  8. Garmin at Sun N Fun appear to just rely on their reputation and think their units will sell themself. Eventually, some business will come along with a better product and better customer service and Garmin will loose their market share. They better get it together with customer service.
  9. Has anyone installed a G3 X in their panel and if so can you share some photos of the layout.
  10. Dave, was wondering if you still have the JPI 830 for sale? David 818-903/6055