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  1. X2 with Bob's comment. I made a glare shield for our '68C from lexan as I wanted it to extend a little further than the stock glare shield to install an LED light strip on. I also made a panel cover from lexan for the copilot side as the original copilot cover was hanging on it's last leg.
  2. We're going to install an engine monitor in a month or two so we can better track any issues before they occur. Picking it up this Saturday from Air Mods. They are top notch people, Brian has been great for us to work with and has went above and beyond to fix items on it that we didn't even request him to correct. We're going to take the risk and check the oil and filter every 25 hours. Hopefully we will be able to burn most of build ups out and have a great engine for a few more years. If not, we will be prepared to over haul it.
  3. Agreed, we're putting enough back to at least do a top overhaul in a shared kitty. We are going to go through with it and hopefully these will come down to average PPM. Thank you guys for the input.
  4. Thanks guys, I am not sure what oil the previous owner was using at the moment. The pre-buy shop recommended we run marvel mystery oil in the fuel for a while to try and help remove any corrosion. I would think that since we don't have any visible metal in the oil filter that there isn't a huge issue at the moment.
  5. There was no indication on the oil filter of an issue when it was cut during the prebuy oil change.
  6. My partner and I are closing a deal on a 68' C Model. The airplane sat in an enclosed hangar for 3 years up until this past year when Air Mods purchased it from a widow. I believe air mods has put around 20 hours or so on the engine since their purchase. We just received the oil analysis back (attached). It appears the aluminum, chromium, and iron have double the PPM than the average. Granted this is comparing a 12 hour oil interval against 30 hour averages. Do you guys think this is just corrosion/oxidation build up since the airplane sat or is there a higher chance this could be a much larger issue. The engine does have 1,478 hours on it so we are prepared to do a top OH in the next year or two.
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