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  1. It will help a good bit,also adding some static cling tinting on the rear windows helps a lot
  2. Carpenter Avionics are good to deal with, had an issue with a Garmin GPS. I pulled it, they checked it thinking they could repair it based on our conversations. They called and said it needed a Garmin repair,Off it went to Garmin. It was back in the plane in under 4wks. They didn't charge for their diagnostics after they couldn't repair it. Communication with them the whole time was VERY satisfactory.
  3. looks good so far,Metall polish is the "BeeKnees" when polishing Aluminum
  4. Thanks was unaware that there was one that close. Over the years I've done a LOT of work on my PA28 with my A&P/IA supervision and sign off so basic stuff I'm comfortable with doing,but realize a Mooney will offer other ,newer challenges.
  5. I've been a lurker here for a long time and flying a Pa28-160 for a lot longer.I've always wanted a Mooney. The mission is just the wife and myself with trips of 500mi or less which we have been doing in the PA28,would like to speed up a bit. There are a couple of older Mooneys' nearby and my A&P/AI that has helped maintain my old bird and has some Mooney experience but is by no means an expert.He is willing to take a look but may not be exactly what I need.I do trust him explicitly as we have been taking care of my old bird for 20+ years, just not sure about the Mooney I'm looking for recommendations of a shop/person to do a PPI after I look at these 2 aircraft nearby otherwise I'll expand my search and be asking some more questions BTW I'm near KCHA Thanks