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  1. The engine data plate is the approved data for non-experimentals.
  2. Ditto on dumping the primer solenoid. Your starts will be smoother and better. On my GB, the transducer is mounted a couple inches above the fuel pump on a 45, Away from the heat and makes a smooth transition to the flow divider without hardly any direction changes.
  3. While you have it open, might be wise to accomplish Continental Motors CSB 19-01 to remove the diverter (primer)valve. This removes a source of engine failure and at the same time improves ease and smoothness for starting both cold and hot. Phil
  4. You are correct on the fuel quantity. JPI sent me the procedure (3 pages worth) to edit. What is meant by IAT being a dead fish?
  5. Even for the Rocket, IAT is a LIMITATION . JPI normally requires all stc poh inserts before programming. They did miss the Monroy fuel tank stc when they set mine up.
  6. CDT is an engine limitation for the 231 so JPI is required to program. Don’t know about the Lycoming but your POH will tell you.
  7. Five of the seven gallons drained was not-usable. Attitude, variation of pickup tubes are likely accountable for the other two.
  8. Valves don’t know whose name is on the data plate.
  9. Bore scope is called for by TCM at every annual/100 hour inspection. Easy to do and best form of early warning. The final stage prior to coming apart is usually preceded with green coloration starting to show on the exhaust valve.
  10. Do you have the curser buttons that fit on the end of the rotating knobs?
  11. N231JC just popped up on Controller. Very well equipped, but needs some interior work. My experience with the GB is it performs well but requires careful, conservative handling.
  12. Your post was a pleasant reminder that the Continental installation requires a much smaller vocabulary while doing maintenance and repairs. (used to have a super21 so appreciate the difference)
  13. I complied about a year ago after a lengthy conversation with a Continental tech rep. At that time they had confirmed two failures in about a 40 year period. (Hence the discussion). In essence it removes the valve which can stick open and two primer lines and requires a rerouted or replaced line to the fuel distributor. Simplifies the system and removes several possible problems. As an operator you will not do anything different. A benefit is smoother starts since all six cylinders are getting equal distribution directly. A win win in my opinion.
  14. JPI uses the hole for the original since it is now primary. They have a sensor for the secondary hole used only with the 830 but resistance values are not compatible with the factory gauge.
  15. Know this question is a shot in the dark but.....I’m trying to find an oil temp sensor with the following characteristics that will fit a 1/8” NPT hole. Installed a JPI 900 which required the original 5/8” hole by the oil cooler on the TSIO-360 and would like to maintain the original gauge for redundancy and the alternate hole is the smaller size.
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