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  1. If I remember correctly there are two fuel lines on the back of the instrument. One to the instrument and one "vent line" back through the firewall which should end somewhere on the belly in front of the gear. In case the inner membrane of the instrument brakes and the fuel "passes through" it is then cleared through the vent line. When the EMS was hooked up, did you you use the same fuel pressure port for both instruments?
  2. As it is not yet running (interior is redone) I can only send the pic of the air filter bracket so far. On the side view (left picture) you can see the "non-optimal" fit (was the same with two different cowlings). On the other picture (right one) you can see where the oil "runs" after shutdown (shiny spot left) which is the side of the filter facing the front gear. Will take some more pics as soon as practical. Ingo
  3. One more thing.... Does it change when you turn the electrical pump on?
  4. Did you change any other connections? Both instrument are connected through the firewall and with the older Mooneys the fuel pressure may be taken from the distribution spider on top of the cylinder. There the pressure at the spider distribution port is lower than at the fuel pressure port, so if connectors or tubing were changed, there may be a wring pressure for the instrument and it goes on "max"? I had this issue when I got an EDM. When you connected it to the former pressure line of the instrument, the reading was minimal as pressure was taken from the distribution spider. Do you hav
  5. @carusoam Thanks for the input. EDM-Data is all good (EDM 900). Mag-Tests are smooth. No white smoke, neither with start, nor at any other time. Turbo is dry like a dessert. It definitely comes "from the top", so from the Rajay Airbox. I like this challenge also (even as it tends to be a little bit annoying) @N201MKTurbo Santa Barbara sounds like a good option. Cold and Rainy here in Nuernberg, Germany. The air filter has the inner bracket with the filtering mesh and an outer "mount" which with the Challenger consist of a rubber seal and a flat metal frame which is screw
  6. My Mooney M20E actually has an Astronautics Pathfinder Autopilot but will go for a Garmin GFC500 soon. As I already have the side panel out, I want to route the wires to the servos already, so that they are prepared and I do not have to take it out another time then. Can anybody tell me where in the wing the aileron servo is installed? Will it be at the same place where actually the Astronautics Pathfinder Servo is placed? I found how the ones in the rear are installed so it is no issue to prepare these cables already. But I wonder about the place in the wing. And concerning the Canb
  7. I think my connector of the ADF Antenne in my M20E looked like this. Do you have a fitting "hole" (which may have been covered) in the belly underneath? @N201MKTurbo was faster I guess Ingo
  8. I will check for the issue Jim described. But as is is the same filter as before, I can hardly imagine why it should drip now besides maybe that the temperatures due to the normalizer installation got higher and therefore the oil now partly drips. On the other side, I had taken the oil filter away and the oil was in the upper air chamber of the Rajay (directly oder the oil filter). As the oil may not "jump up", it has to come from the top. The engine has absolutely no "white smoke". It runs clean. Absolutely no oil on the belly and no oil at the tail pipe. So far I do not find any oi
  9. Thank you for this suggestion. I didn't have this kind of valve in mind. Will check for that.
  10. The Case My Mooney got a (pretty) new engine, IO360A1A with a normalizer which was overhauled about 42 hours ago. I love the engine. After 30 hours it was uninstalled from the former aircraft it was filled to the top of the crankcase with oil (about 14 qt) and then stored properly. It also has a normalizer. Between the disassembly and the new assembly in my mooney it was stored properly for about 16 months. I got it installed, added as surely and flew for about 12 hours now. The engine runs very well, besides it is a little bit rough at lower RPMs (magnetos and so on were checked). T
  11. I think so also. There was no contact to José before the order. I had contacted @Gagarin after the purchase hoping for some more information (e.g. if @Shaune ordered with him, as I was always told, that the order was placed but José could not yet deliver). Did not get a reply from José so far, but still I agree, that the guy who got my payment, ist responsible. Before ordering I did not have contact with José. I dealt with EMAPA and it should be admitted that firstly they only wanted to install the kit but finally (I think with some extra "handling" fee) we agreed, that the kit will be s
  12. I tried in december, but no reply either. Mailbox says, that it the mail was not even "read". Has somebody ordered sth recently with EMAPA? Website seems to be still online and I got the impression that it was partly renewed. But as there is no reply I wonder if maybe they are out of business?
  13. Sorry, to bring this topic back up. But again there is absolutely no reply so far, neither from Jose (contacted him by mail and by PN) nor from EMAPA / Blue Sky Aviation. Does anybody have some recent experience or contact with one of them? About two years ago, we had payed a little bit more then 8.000 $ so it is a real issue that there is absolutely no communication anymore. Now I got some Mail-Errors, when replying to some of the older mails ("Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 5.4.7 [internal] exceeded max time without delivery"). I am seriously thinking about legal consequences but also do no
  14. Thank you for your answers. It is the swivel joint of a M20E which ist used to connect Mixture and Power Lever to the fuel injection unit. Checkten the Lasar-Webpage but did not find that part. Will write to Dan and check the alternative. Ingo
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