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  1. Searching the part number brings me up nothing, but searching roll pin on AS gets me several options. Any details on the size of the roll pin? Or is one size "standard"?
  2. Hard for me to tell what's what from the assembly image, but is the pin #21 the one that is likely affected? Thanks
  3. Thanks, that's just the information I was looking for. The handle itself seems to be intact. The part that broke is seen in the picture snapped between the door and the handle. It looked like a metal material rather than hard plastic. Functionally, the handle can spin too far forward and doesn't operate the latch anymore in the securing direction, but will operate the latch to release it if secured.
  4. The interior handle snapped and a small piece of metal broke off. It's able to open the latch now but not close it (from the inside). I see the importance of keeping a vice grip in the aircraft now. Can anyone tell what's going on based on the part shown in the photo?
  5. Absolutely, different mechanic has been found and scheduled for next annual. With the original mechanic the work was completed and annual signed off. I approved around $6k in work and bill came to over $8k with no additional approval from me or alert that jobs were taking longer than expected. Additionally, some work that I specifically declined was nonetheless performed because the mechanic considered it airworthy issues, basically taking away my opportunity to use a different mechanic on the field or getting a ferry permit.
  6. I understand the above, but what about when an estimate is provided and work approved, then work goes way beyond (in terms of time/money) what was approved
  7. So I have a C model that just got out of a hefty annual. I haven't had a great experience with the mechanic and on completion of the work, I got a bill that was multiple thousand more than quoted. I was given no notice of the underestimation of work for each job as the work progressed. Verbally the chief mechanic told me he quotes on the high end and wouldn't charge the difference if work came in over time. Now that the bill has been issued, he is denying that was said. Lesson learned there. But on to my general question, what's to prevent a maintenance shop from quoting low and charging whatever they want. Based on the verbage of maintenance agreement, it just says quotes are subject to change, but what's to prevent a $3k quote being turned into $25k? (I know an extreme example). Just not sure how to approach a sketchy maintenance situation or what grounds I have to stand on.
  8. Looking for recommendations on where to get the ECI done nearest KROA. Thanks!
  9. Yes, that is the piping that I was referring to. My '?' before "exhaust piping" was meant that I wasn't sure what this piping was for. Still developing my aviation vocabulary and knowledge-base. Either way, it seems like this could allow exhaust fumes/carbon monoxide into the cabin. Correct me if I'm wrong.. Photo was taken after I reattached it and secured the clamp. I'll have a mechanic inspect it when he's working on the vacuum before I take it in the air again.
  10. I'm glad I took the cowl off. Fresh out of annual and noticed that this ? exhaust piping was completely loose and easy to pull off. I imagine this could have been an issue in flight.
  11. Actually, looks like it's right on top of the air filter. I don't see anything obviously disconnected.
  12. Cowl is off. Could someone assist in identifying where the vacuum pump is?
  13. Flying today and HI started spinning, attitude indicator rotated, vacuum reads zero. Landed uneventfully, but now for the repair: Is the vacuum pump the most likely item that failed? Could anything else cause this or should I go ahead and order the vacuum pump to expedite the repair? Recommendations on which pump to use? I'm going to take the cowl off and look at what's currently installed, but wondering what kind of options I'll have. No, not ready to go sans pump right now, but recognize that's the best way to go.
  14. Local A&P is not so flexible. Not willing to have it fixed, not willing to use the -501 part available here: Hoping I get lucky with someone on Mooney space