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  1. GH3

    Ownership costs

    Thank you everyone --all very helpful posts. Now all I have to do is convince the wife who has already been through the boat ownership thing with me!
  2. I am trying to decide whether to purchase a vintage Mooney, F,J or K probably, vs continuing to rent. The rental rates for a Cirrus, which is what I usually fly, are exorbitant. But ownership is expensive also with maintenance, insurance, tiedowns, engine reserves, etc. So, my question is what should I budget for reasonably (excluding gas of course) for annual operating costs, say for a $75k Mooney? Any ideas? Thanks,
  3. GH3

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    I spoke with Dynon Tuesday and was told they expect to have the STC for M20s by the end of the year.
  4. GH3

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    It is my understanding that Dynon's prices for certified aircraft are the same as they are for experimental aircraft. If that is the case, it looks like you could install a pretty nice panel for a lot less than $70-80k.
  5. GH3

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    Nice panel and great information. Thanks. I would hope that with Dynon Skyview components for certified aircraft a similar retrofit could be done less expensively today.
  6. GH3

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    I am new here and have flown most of my hours, including instrument training, in a Cirrus. But for cost reasons I am considering the purchase of an older Mooney E21, F or J instead of a Cirrus and then upgrading the panel. How much did it cost to do this panel upgrade, ballpark? Anyone know?