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  1. For sure I will have one of the above units for sale and probably both around the middle of June if anyone is interested. They are in perfect working order. Send me an email if interested and what you would be willing to pay. Thanks, Bob
  2. I am down the hill in Sacramento. I know it has been a few years since your quote but I am curious where you obtained it. More importantly, are you happy with the install? Thanks, Bob
  3. The idea would be for the control yokes to fit the original 3/4" shafts and look as close as possible to my original 68 M20E control yokes but (possibly) a bit larger in circumference to accommodate the the hollowed center for wiring. I would like to try an keep the same weight and balancing if possible. I may or may not incorporate the old PC system. I know my PC still works but I am not sure how many out there still do. My friend is a design engineer for a company doing all sorts of work for automotive, aerospace, etc. They have all the necessary equipment to make the parts. I certainly can appreciate the user supplied part idea as the paperwork and headaches are no doubt much less. I am certainly in the infant stages of the process and gathering information. Please send any other thoughts, ideas, brain farts, etc. Bob
  4. Hey Everyone, I am considering going after a STC for Pre-J yokes in partner with a friend of mine. Most certainly we would undercut the pricing for any other yokes on the market. After searching extensively for yokes for my M20E which would accommodate a PTT, trim switch, AP cutoff, etc., I just can't seem to find any or any which are reasonable and just bold on. I am trying to gauge interest and any insight on the process for obtaining a STC. I also just considered fabricating a pilot/owner part and having it field approved but then figured I may be able to help others. I am also going to make the release levers for the rear seats out of aluminum if anyone is interested in a set. Going to pull mine out today as I will see my partner tomorrow. Not sure of the cost as yet but when they are made, I will post a pic here. Let me know what you think and if it is worth the effort. Bob
  5. Funny, I would not ask FSDO for the time of day.
  6. Hi Everyone, I probably should have told you my end game. Currently, I have a G5,530W and GI-106B as primary, Secondary is another GI-106B and SL30. Also present is a vacuum attitude indicator and vacuum DG. My intent is to rid myself of the vacuum gyro and backup attitude indicator as well as provide for AP expansion. From what I know, adding a second G5 (in HSI) with the GMU 11 will allow me to disconnect the old attitude indicator and DG. Correct? Then by adding the GAD 29, will afford me the expansion for the TruTrak AP, if ever released. I am thinking my assumptions are correct but am surely wanting to verify. Thanks!!
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for clarification, advice, etc. I have a 530W and a G5 primary display. At some point, I want to install an autopilot, possibly the TruTrak if it ever gets released. Regardless, I do not have an HSi at this point but I believe I will have to install at GAD 29B for the eventual AP. I am confused as to what I will gain from adding the GMU 11 at this point. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks, Bob
  8. I just looked at the G5 configuration. Noticed that the internal GPS was enabled so I disabled it since there is no direct antenna connection. Noticed a couple of other issues as well so I’m hoping this resolves the issue(s). So much for a “Certified Garmin Installer” knowing what they are doing along with screwing up pins so the CDI doesn’t work. I hate to point fingers, but OBS/CDI was working before *Lasar” installed the G5 and broke my old vacuum attitude indicator in the process. Oops!! Did I say that in my outside voice?
  9. Absolutely correct. Not sure what you mean by "BK" though. Sounds like a really good deal for 5K. I think I have an email somewhere from TT saying the install should take 20-24 hours for someone who had not done one before.
  10. Not sure if you have an answer to this or not, but the G5 will still have attitude display if you lose the GPS signal to the G5. My G5, will occasional lose GPS signal when descending. Currently it utilizes the internal GPS receiver versus the 530W. I am going to change out the antenna so I can supply the satellite signal, via splitter, to both units. Hopefully this will solve the issue. Bob
  11. If anyone is interested, he is the latest from TruTrak Hello Bob, My name is Stephen and I am taking over for Corey as he has chosen to move on from the company. We are on track to release the Mooney STC at OshKosh 2019. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thank you, Stephen
  12. Alan, Still have the right side control wheel?

    Bob Randolph

  13. The breaker has probably not been pulled in a long time. Use a lever or sorts or pliers with a some rubber in the jaws and pull straight out. Once you free it, it will be easier next time. Bob
  14. Hi everyone, I have posted this before but never got a picture back from Alan. I'm looking for an original co-pilot control yoke for 1968 M20E. Anyone have one? Please send me a pic. Bob
  15. Hi Alan,

    Do you still have the co-pilot control wheel for a 69 M20E? If so, can you send me a quick picture to make sure it is the right one? If it is and you will still accept $100, I will take it.

    Bob Randolph 916-995-7811