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  1. Unfortunately that will be an issue. Previous owner lost that book somehow. As I understand it, when this bird went on it’s test flight at the factory, the initial landing had a nose wheel collapse due to some piece of hardware missing. Obviously it was completely restored to factory new but that is all I know. I did speak to the FAA about straightening this out, but they passed the buck to my local FSDO, who apparently does not know how to use a phone.
  2. I have a “1968” M20E according to the FAA. My airworthiness certificate is 1968. However, according to Mooney, they did not produce the M20E in 1968. They did produce the model in 1967 and 1969, as well as others obviously. My serial number indicates a 1969 model, 690007. Can anyone shed any light on this or am I wrong? If I am correct, I would like to get the manufacture year straightened out with the FAA. I appreciate any insight.
  3. That would be great and I truly hope we get a release date we can rely on.
  4. Might be worth getting the STC done on the short body Mooney's without raising the price. We have been promised them for almost 2 years.
  5. Terribly said. I have not even read the post in question, but all have a right to speak their mind IMHO. Frankly, I find it disheartening for a "BK" guy to attempt to censor. BR
  6. It is a long time and if you think the parts will actually come in the time frame quoted, don't believe it. Would have to look up the part numbers as each gear isn't stamped from what I saw. Must have seen 200+ actuators. All very similar but all use the same gear set. There are so many other parts that cross from manufacturer to manufacturer. I highly doubt any of these companies wanted to not did they ever reinvent the wheel. Way too expensive to do so. These components in particular, as well as many, many others, are outsourced. Mooney, for instance, purchases the gear set and reverse engineers the actuator to fit their application. Same with Cessna, Piper, etc. Mooney does not machine the 40:1 gear sets either. It's just a machine shop they hired. I'd bet on it. Bob
  7. Faeth Aircraft in Sacramento. You will need to have them pull the cover to check the gear in question. It's only 6 screws. I live pretty close so any issues, private message me and I can take a look for you. Any boneyard will have them though. Bob
  8. So here it what I came up with. Laser and others told me the 20:1 gears are no longer available. The 40:1 gears range anywhere from $1500 to $1700. Laser has had them on order for a month. I spoke to Top Gun aviation and they called the manufacturer. They were told 4 months from the time you order. REALLY? I could have the parts made as a pilot/owner manufactured part faster and cheaper. UNBELIEVABLE. I called Sarasota and spoke to a guy there. He told me a story about the actuators being interchangable and he had even used one certain type from a Lear. This got me to thinking. I went to my local bone yard and what did I discover? A plethora of actuators with pristine 20:1 gear sets. After calling my AP and verifying this would be okay, I gladly paid $165 for the actuator without motor, took it home, put those gears in my actuator. All that is left to do is check the pre-load and swing the gear. It's a sad day when a manufacturer is not only raping us on the cost, but can't supply the parts in a timely manner. Maybe they don't like spending $20 in steel and $100 for the machining. I'm thinking of making a set of 40:1 gears. BTW, Lasar indicated that for the 40:1 set to fit in the Dukes 4196 housing, most of the time they have to machine it.. I guess Mooney left that out if the Service Instruction. BR
  9. That is pretty much where my decision will be based since the airframe just hit 4000 hours and the gears just wore out. If the cost for the new gear set is in fact $1600 for the two gears, (5), yes 5, 2/1000" shims, a bearing and a seal, that's crap Just the cost difference of approximately $300 between the 20:1 and 40:1 ratio gears is a huge rip off. The gear sets cost the same to produce. Grade 8 steel and grade 8 steel is the same thing. IMHO, at a minimum, Mooney should be supplying parts at their cost. Heck, for that matter, I should go to the local boneyard and I'm positive I can find the exact actuator from a Cessna which used them for flaps. FAA is the monster here and they could continually allow this to happen. By the way, outside of overhauling the actuator motor, installing either set of gears takes just a general level of mechanical ability and a 6th grade education. I can't wait to see what the shop will quote just to install the gears. Should take about 30 minutes. I will post the quotes even if they come with KY jelly.
  10. Steel against brass? I'm not an alchemist but still being a hard metal and brass being a soft metal I don't think your gear is brass. I can see the logic in the 40 to 1 gears as the gear will come down slower and it won't be so abrupt. My issue is what happens with the ad does anybody really know? In addition, if I have to $1600+ in parts to gain 300 hours on the interval, I'm not sure it's worth it. The actuator in this airplane as I understand it, is underpowered and was meant to be a Cessna flap actuator.
  11. From what I can gather the 20: and gears are still legal as they're still being sold. The point I'm trying to make is why spend $1600 plus the cost to install them if I could just swap out the gears for $500. The cost savings pays for a lot of 200 hour checks and since those gears that are in mine now have been in there for $3,000 just don't see a big issue. Seems nobody's even sure if the newer style gears remove the AD or not. OBVIOUSLY I'M LOOKING FOR THE COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF THIS.
  12. Top gun in Stockton did the Dukes gears? I am curious what the parts and labor cost was. I have mine out and looking to find somewhere to have it done. Thanks, Bob
  13. First, I will say this has probably been asked and answered, so I apologize. Just looked at my actuator gears and they have to be replaced. Was looking on Maxwell's site and if I am reading them correctly, they charge $800 for the gear set and $818 for the seals and such? Can that be correct? I looks like I can get a set of 20:1 gears for less than $500. Can someone put me back on the right track? Also, if a shop actually has to do the work, although reading the AD it does not look like rocket science, anyone know a decent shop outside of Lasar? I certainly do no want to go back there after they broke my artificial horizon and never did repair it.
  14. Cannot overstate how utterly disappointed I am. I can only assume they have abandoned the STC.