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  1. Ok. So I have dual G5's I'm my M20E, obviously one is the AH AND the other the HSI with GMU11 and GAD29B. I am starting to hear that with the TT System, I will not have GPSS steering without installing some sort of switch. What will that do for ease of use and af course, safety of the aircraft. It most certainly does piss me off Garmin wants to NOT interface completely with other systems such as TT Can anyone she'd some light on this subject? Thanks, Bob
  2. Yes, I work you got my CFI and I possibly will use it for instruction. Bob
  3. I would like to put right side copilot brakes on my M20E. Anyone still have parts hanging around? Bob
  4. I say if Garmin does this and excludes TT, it's time to find an attorney as a group and Sue them. The GAD 29 is supposed to be the AP interface for non-garmin AP's. Garmin needs to be sued anyway. I'm sure we can come up with something. Breach of promise, false advertisement, attempting to control the market, etc. Any attorneys out there? Bob
  5. Hey Guys, I am looking for two either windup or electric clocks for the center of my yoke(s). I happen to have an extra pilot side yoke and since my copilot side yoke has a small hairline crack, thought I would put a pilot side one there with alterations for a PTT and such. Know where I can get a couple cheap? Bob
  6. Screw Laser, Baker Avionics, 3S8, Grant's Pass Bob
  7. Question gentlemen, has anyone found a device to accurately measure the amount of fuel in an M20E with 26 Gallon tanks? If so, can you post the measuring device you are using? Thanks, Bob
  8. You are won't believe this. but down in the bowels of this paperwork I have, I found what I was looking for. However I don't have the first couple pages with the equipment list but I have a different equipment list. I think it will get me by. Thanks for all your help I'm going to call Mooney on Tuesday and see if I can't get something from them. Great discussion though I learned a lot. Bob
  9. Does anyone have a flight manual dated July 1968 they can post? Thanks, Bob
  10. Well, if anyone would be so kind as to post the Flight Manual, I'd appreciate it Thanks, Bob
  11. No, I have the glide ratios. I've seen data, just like the climb and cruise data, which will give gph and such. I guess I could do the math as somebody suggested it'll be really close.
  12. I think the DPE is going to have to live with what I have. I've done the whole freaking flight plan, nav log, icao flight plan and all the WB by hand. He will either get over having to plug the numbers I have into GP or not. Bob
  13. That's not exactly what I said. Of course I have WB data. What I'm saying, is the POH has no envelope as one would expect. I created one in Garmin pilot but this DPE, wants to see it all by hand so the only place I can check the CG, is in my iPad.
  14. I'm taking my commercial on Monday. I just realized my POH not only does not contain a CG envelope, but no decent chart. Any one have one? The DPE is making me do this by hand only. Thanks, Bob