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  1. Yes, found a pair of R pedals. I’m pretty sure the right side master cylinder would be the same E model which off the top of my head is a 10-24D. Don't quote me on that though. Thanks for the help.
  2. I agree. I use mine on IFR approaches as wellI use mine on IFR approaches as well
  3. Must be the electric style. Someone is supposed to send one to me. Going to try to fix it but I don’t need it now that I found the manual style.
  4. If it is the one I pictured, it is supposed to pull out to open the vacuum. Maybe the vacuum lines are not correctly routed? I have the diagrams Brittian sent me if you need them. Have one for the panel mounted release and the electric dum valve. PM me if you want them.
  5. Misread your post. There is also the control wheel button to release the vacuum.
  6. Most certainly is. It’s the correct Brittian part number. This one mounts in the panel. Was found in later model Mooneys, pre-J. There as also an electric solenoid dump valves but not sure which models they existed on.
  7. Does it look like this? If so, it’s just a push/pull manual valve. I got lucky and found one on eBay about three weeks ago. It was being sold with some other Britain PC parts and I got to go to break it out.
  8. Possibly a Mooney dealer. However, when I was putting together a parts list to put J control wheels on my E, I was lucky enough to get Mooney to provide me the part numbers.
  9. That is certainly a good point on the relationship; I am sure it does make a difference. However, the DPE I used for my commercial did not have a relationship with my CFII and I do not even believe they spoke before my checkride.
  10. Hi, I did my IFR and my Commercial without right side brakes. I used two different DPE's and neither of them were concerned with right side brakes. In fact, to my knowledge, there is no requirement for right side brakes. I would consider either talking to the FAA or FSDO and get their opinion. However, the easiest might be to find another DPE. When thinking about this, you have no right side brakes when you solo? If you are in Commyfornia, I have some names for you.
  11. Happen to have found the logbook entry?
  12. I feel you. I do not like mine on in the pattern as well. Some have commented on using rubber bands, a 35mm film case, etc. I used to just pull the button out of the control wheel but that is hard on the o-ring but easily replaced. I am getting replacing my control wheels with J model wheels and new control wheel shafts. Goodbye AD. I was lucky and found one of the push/pull vacuum release valves. Keep looking I just got really lucky on ebay. While it might not be kosher, there is more than one way to skin a cat. There is lots of ways to dump the vacuum from the PC valve manually. I do have a line on the electric style. He is supposed to send it to me and if I can get it working, you are welcome to it. BTW, when I did not commercial in my E, I took the button out of the control wheel completely. The DPE did not mind at all nor did he care about right side brakes as someone else pointed out about their DPE. That whole PC system is not required for flight and can be removed to my knowledge.
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