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  1. Thanks! That's good to know. We're planning on staying pretty flexible so if we got diverted for a day that'd be ok too.
  2. All you OSH experts out there, do you think that airplane camping spots will be available? Is Vintage Camping the way to go? And, what's the deal with the judged competitions. Looking through the documents it looks like I'd be in the Contemporary Customized category -- We rebuilt this Mooney substantially over the last year, it is nice now but interior and panel needs work. Is the competition kind of a "just for fun" thing or is it frowned upon to enter something you know is not top notch?
  3. We did the same thing recently. Also swapped the original generator for a Plane Power Alternator. To my surprise the baffle modifications were all on the front -- had to remove some material to accomodate the alternator. Then riveted new silicone baffle seal to replace most of the felt that was in there before. All told it was not difficult and the seal is much better than before.
  4. We just finished this on my ‘62 C. All told the hours exceeded the estimated 70 by a fair amount, but I wouldn’t say anything was all that difficult. Lots of drilling out of rivets, and installing nutplates. The documentation isn’t bad. The most useful tool we had was the hole-finder my mechanic made out of a strip of sheet metal and a screw with a hole drilled through it — that helped us position the fastener holes properly on the panel. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Now we’re thinking about what antenna we can move to the belly. First flight should be Sunday.
  5. Seems like it was most likely disorientation when he'd climbed and turned near the end. This video is pretty good if you haven't seen it.
  6. It may not need a full overhaul, but it does need a prop strike inspection (johnson bar came out on touchdown, there's a thread on here that describes a similar situation). And, since the plane has sat for two 5-7 year periods (dry climate, hangared) I wouldn't be surprised if it does end up being an overhaul. I did ferry it (~30minutes) from the site of the incident (with a permit) and there was nothing unusual in the way it ran during that flight. The engine is already removed, the only reason I was thinking about it was that my mechanic was actually interested in the A1D as an option to put in a pacer he's rebuilding. If it was a straight-across swap it may speed my project along, and between what I'd pay for the engine and what I'd get for the current one it could save a little $$. Most likely I'll just continue with the expected rebuild on the current one.
  7. I see, reading through it now. Looks like you've done some comprehensive work to it!
  8. Obal refit? Is that a name or a thing?
  9. Yep. I'd lurked here a while a few months ago too. Thanks.
  10. Hello all, I was wondering whether there are any issues with putting an 0-360 A1A on a C model. The type certificate lists both engines as options (an A1D and A1A). I know the original magnetos were different between the two, but were there any other differences? I have an A1D that needs an overhaul but could get a 900hr A1A for a reasonable price but not sure if i'd run into any issues. My A1D had powerflow exhaust, which I'm assuming will still fit as the case is probably exactly the same?
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