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  1. Yes Sir @Brandontwalker, I set one up and the plane was in the shop. My buddy @Brandontwalker couldn't accomodate me hahaha. It sounds like Gulf Shores is the unanimous so far. I like the idea of beach, sun, and seafood for the summer myself. Does July 27th work for everyone? The destination isn't set but just saying LuLu's is winning so far! I am great at organizing and hoping to have a plane this time :-) I do like the new engine monitor and ADSB in the plane!
  2. Great replies! I am unsure where there is a milo's close enough but maybe someone knows. I can check the times the Bessemer restaurant opens. That one is a 5 minute hop for me :-) I will definitely put those down, so right now I have LuLu's in Gulf Shores and the Hangar Bar and Grille in Bessemer. Milo's is an option if we can find an airport in walking distance! Keep the ideas coming!
  3. Hey Mooniacs, I am thinking it is about time for another Mooney Roundup. I am thinking late July to early August. Give me some ideas for places to fly into for lunch and I will setup a poll. By the way, my new Mooney is in hand and I will make this one :-) Give me some places to fly into and I will setup a poll!
  4. My buddy and I bought an airplane together and got lucky. We got a C model fairly reasonable. It has a 3 bladed prop, climbs well, has decent cruise speeds, we are averaging about 145 KTAS. We bought ours from a Mooney Service Center and have been really pleased. Airmods was great to deal with! Even had a local guy do our prebuy, @orionflt and all were great to work with. I will say this, there are decent deals out there, but you have to be able to jump on it quick. I will also say, the 3 bladed prop is nice, it helps you slow down being your first Mooney, and you will learn that you plan your decents early but they are sure fun to fly. I start to get a feeling that the 3 bladed prop vs 2 bladed is as good as a subject as a Johnson Bar vs Electric gear :-) Good luck on your search and you will find the right Mooney for you!
  5. @PilotCoyote! I may have to look at that. I like the LED idea
  6. Does anyone know where I can get the black cover for the torpedo light. After the ADSB install, we have one that is missing. Don't need the entire light assembly, but need the cover with the red lens. This is for a Mooney M20C.
  7. Well guys, I managed to get the temps down 30 degrees. Used RTV silicone for all cracks and holes that I could in the baffling. Then used some metal tape around the doghouse where it bolts down. Flew it yesterday and the warmest cylinder was 428 degrees. I am calling that a good win. In cruise, they came right on down to the lower 300's. Thank you everyone for the help. I am sure there is a little more to do but at least it isn't cooking nearly as bad!
  8. We just had the JPI 900 installed in our plane! IT is a great choice. It took 40 hours of labor. I believe the total out the door is somewhere around 8k including the unit. It is hard to tell because we did our ADSB transponder at the same time. The only issue we are battling at the moment, is that the total gallons is off but JPI is working with us to get that corrected. It is a calibration piece. For a great engine monitor that is TSO'd, it didn't break the bank. Stark Avionics in Columbus, GA did it and is a very good group to work with!
  9. That is a great looking Cowl! Yeah it is sounding like I am battling a typical battle. That colw looks great!
  10. I will try that Hank! Yeah I am open to suggestions. By the way, are your cowl flaps riveted in or adjustable? Ours is fixed, and riveted.
  11. Mooneyspacers! Thank you for all the advice. Went up last weekend, it looks like I do have the high flow carb! on climbout, it is burning approximately 16 gph. I also checked the doghouse, and there are some holes that needs to be sealed up. I noticed a good bit of light coming through where the top of it bolts to the sides. Has anyone used anything to seal that up? I was thinking some kind of gasket material but wanted to see what everyone else had done. Again, thank you everyone for the advice. By the way, Cylinder 3 got up to 450 on climbout yesterday at 120mph and full throttle, 2500 rpm.
  12. Cliffy, Thank you for the information. Is there anyway you can send me the manual. If needed, feel free to let me know and I can send you my email address.
  13. I don't have any bigger pictures yet! I will get some next time I take it up. the bottom half of the guppy mouth is closed off too! Going out tomorrow to check the doghouse and if the weather clears, may take it up to see what the fuel flow is on takeoff. Sounds like from here, there is a possibility of having a carburetor which is restricting fuel flow on takeoff. I am definitely going to check the baffling and the doghouse and will take a better picture next time I fly!
  14. Looks like we have the same chart Hank!