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  1. I was trying the outside. I now see the nut on the inside. Definitely going to be a 2 person job. I'm going to have to pull a few contortions to reach the inside nut while somebody turns the outside. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Got back from a flight and noticed my ELT antenna got broke off by something(bird?) I'm not sure how to get it off as it seems that the cable is twisting with the nut. Also wasnt sure if I should turn off the ELT when replacing it? Andy Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  3. Nice! I closed on mine today. I will be ferrying it down from Illinois to Florida the week of Feb 25th. Yes it looks like ours was sitting on the assembly line together for sure. Thats a great looking plane you have, congrats to you as well.
  4. yep per @kpaul, its a December 75 model that the FAA calls a '75 but by serial number is actually a '76. I am so freaking excited to get her home I cant hardly contain myself! I hope to be able to get transition training with @mike_elliot when I finally get her here. I am ready to close any time. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks, then its weather permitting to get her home. Now isnt the greatest time for the midwest, but Florida flying is awesome this time of year.
  5. Thanks BK! I am very familiar with the location. That is about 35 minutes from me in favorable traffic, I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Just an update, the ppi is complete. Gene at Northwest Flyers said its definitely an "above average" maintained Mooney, which I suspected, but needed to hear from somebody in the know. He did find the control shaft AD had just come up since the last annual and the seller took care of it. The seller is checking into the ADS-B issue and has confirmed the AMOC is still obtainable, so just waiting to sort that out. In my "limited" experience, this is turning out to be the worst part of the purchase, waiting! I'm ready to get my new bird home!! On a side note, I am having trouble finding a hangar in the ST Pete/Clearwater area. Last resort is to rent a tie down at CLW until a hanger becomes available. I am on several waiting lists with fingers crossed. I figure if I have to put her outside for a little while, this is the time in Florida since the weather is normally mild this time of year. The only other glitch is, I discovered the back up AI wasnt working properly on the test flight. The seller is handling it and sent it off to Castleberry for repair. No word on a time frame for that yet. Andy
  7. It has a 530w. But as I understand the ads600b cannot utilize it's own internal GPS because of some problem with it, so the FAA requires a source from an approved device. I definitely could be mistaken about this but as I have read, you have to get an AMOC to be legal to use that unit. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah I definitely want the extra fuel capacity, so that will be something I look at pretty early on. Really other than that. There isnt much I plan to change. I have to figure out exactly what to do with the adsb out which is supplied by the ads600b. I believe I need an AMOC and the GPS signal supplied by the 530 and I should be good to go. Not exactly sure how to go about that, but I'm hoping it wont be too pricey. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah I noticed that too. She needs a little TLC for sure Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  10. Between the teeth chattering I actually didnt get that many pics. I'm not used to the 20s and 30s anymore. I spent the entire day with her though. She has original paint and interior. She looks great from a few feet away, but definitely shows her age. But dont we all!! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  11. Hello Everybody, I'm buying a Mooney!!!Not only my first Mooney, but my first airplane! Ive been lurking for many months and years and have spoken to a few of you off site during my search. Thanks for all of the expert advice on these pages and off. It is invaluable to say the least. I got my ppl/ir/comm ticket way back in the 90s with big plans, then plans changed. I havent really flown much since. Kids were young, I was young, life got in the way. I was ready to get back into it so many times over the years, but never did. I moved to a new neighborhood a few years ago and met one of my new neighbors who has an amazingly restored Cherokee and ive been flying with him every time I could for several years.One day I came to the realization, maybe owning my own airplane is the way to go, so I made the decision to buy. I want to be able to go for that Saturday morning breakfast run, but be able to fly to N Georgia or the Keys if I want from here in Clearwater, so I thought,what fits that mission? Back in about 96, I saw my first Mooney at SPG in St Petersburg FL. I knew when I saw it there was something about it. I couldnt keep my eyes off it, but didnt know exactly why. Weird feeling but as I have studied them over the years,I realized it isnt just one thing, its just the whole package. From the smooth wings, to that unique tail, I just kind of fell in love. I know, sounds weird to some,(maybe nobody here lol) but I never forgot that feeling. Then as I learned how fast and efficient they are, how reasonably priced they are and how far they can fly, I knew I had to have one, one day. So, as long as the pre-buy goes well, I hope to close sometime January on N6952V. The seller, Andy (great name, as its my name too, lol) is a very nice guy who has owned 52V for 3 years. I flew (commercial) last week from Florida to Peoria Ill to see and test fly her, and go over the logbooks and there were no surprises. She has an excellent maintenance history and has been flown 50hrs on the low end and over 100hrs on the high end per year smoh(900hrs since 2006 OH at Gann) with just shy of 2500TT. She has a gns530W, STEC60-2 AP, ST180HSI, EDM700,fuelscan450 and some other niceties like alt hold and GPSS. SB208 done in 2016 and no damage history. Pre-Buy is scheduled at Northwest Flyers second week of January. Fingers crossed, but I'm pretty confident all will be good. I am looking foreword to flying her to her new home in the Sunshine State!!! Andy