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  1. daytonabch04

    Bravo checklist

    Yes, we covered the elevator trim to TO position after landing, but was something I did not notice during post landing checks as I should have. The transition training with Bob was great and was more memorization of checklist items short and to the point. I did not back it up with the checklist, hence why I am looking for a checklist for myself. A small flip checklist came with the plane at purchase, but was not a POH checklist. I'm open to all checklist suggestions that people have.
  2. daytonabch04

    Bravo checklist

    +1 for Bob Cabe. He ferried my Bravo to Texas and we did 2.5 days of transition training. I'm interested in a Bravo checklist as well, as Bob taught me his ways, and some were different than the POH checklist. Upon landing checklist, he told me not to turn fuel boost pump on yet I see it on the POH hand book. Also, when flying the pattern I keep cowl flaps open the entire time. Believe the POH said to open cowl flaps upon landing, but I normally do it on the downwind as part of the flaps checklist item. I need to get a new checklist as I almost stalled my Bravo on takeoff last night doing full stop landings/takeoffs. I left the rudder trim in an almost full up position (didn't put back on takeoff setting) upon landing and didn't realize it. Noticed it on a squirrely take off and a very high nose up attitude and fighting to keep the nose down, lower nose rudder trim, and build speed. Luckily I felt the turbo helped, but was definitely a scary moment and emphasized the need for checklist in all phases of flight and post landing.
  3. daytonabch04

    Its been a good run

    Nice SR. I looked at that one a month or so ago before I bought my Bravo. PIREP?
  4. daytonabch04

    Bravo TIO-540 oil consumption

    My oil has been sitting right around 8 qts or so..what do you all normally keep it at? 9? 10? What is the recommended oil? The previous owner had Shell W100 and W100Plus in the baggage compartment. Just trying to figure out what level/type is best for the Bravo.
  5. Agreed with all. @AGL Aviation did the annual on the plane I just purchased. It was in annual when we did the contract and felt confident enough in their work I didn't need to do a separate pre-buy. Everyone there is great and their reputation is top notch along with the shop they run. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  6. daytonabch04

    Mystery Annunciator Light

    Anyone know if you can replace the annunciator panel glass without replacing the whole panel? Mine seems to be fogged up, but can be seen through it if lit up. Just wanted it to be clear...
  7. daytonabch04

    Mooney Bravo M20M for sale

    I didn't see any hand raising faces, but this was the closest one I could find. *raises hand*
  8. daytonabch04

    LED Position Lights

    I believe they are after looking on their website..always loved how LED's look once installed.
  9. daytonabch04

    LED Position Lights

    Interested in LEDs for a Bravo as well. Send your pics.
  10. daytonabch04

    Acclaim Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

    Beautiful bird and scheme. #1 was my favorite.
  11. So what is the best ForeFlight profile/settings to use for the Bravo?
  12. daytonabch04

    Chicago Demo Flight/CFII?

    Did it fall apart due to maintenance/pre-buy? Potentially going thru the same steps now with pending pre-buy very soon..
  13. daytonabch04

    IFR Setup

    Profile updated with location. Central Texas-Killeen area. Looking to buy Bravo/Ovation very soon. Any rides would be appreciated.
  14. daytonabch04

    IFR Setup

    I'm in Texas near Austin as well and want to fly in some Mooney's with different panels. I'm looking to buy now..