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  1. I have a Bravo, so should be the same as the Ovation.
  2. Where can you get replacement cowl camlock's at?
  3. Of course this happens when I have to go out of town...
  4. Anyone have a used recognition light/kit for a '01 Bravo?
  5. I'm interested in anything other than a normal towbar. Anything more than half tanks kicks my butt and is slippery on a hangar floor.
  6. Beautiful plane...keep the pictures and updates coming!
  7. Recommend @AGL Aviation as well. Had a pre-buy and no major issues (so far). Hassle free!
  8. Only did about 15 hours in my Mooney but owned since Sep. only about 20 hrs this year total.
  9. Interesting. I just purchased my plane several months ago and brought it to TX where I am a resident. Texas is exempt from sales tax due to occasional sale and have the state form signed by both parties if asked. I have no intention to pay sales tax to another state if I move after a state where I was exempt. I wonder how VA looks at that. No use tax either. I’m at the O4 level so I have a few more options on my list Guess I’ll try to avoid VA as much as possible
  10. The Bravo I bought was in annual when it was time to do a PPI. It was at a MSC it’s never been to before and I happened to know the MSC owners. I trusted them as a service center to do a thorough annual and didn’t do a separate PPI. They knew Mooney’s and gave me their personal opinion which I trusted. First annual after sale will be the test of time. No regrets so far.
  11. How is VA going to tax you if you’re a non-resident? I’m military as well and wouldn’t pay it if I’m not a resident of VA. Guess I’ll cross Virginia off my assignments list.
  12. Thanks...What about for cruise/decent/pre-landing/after landing checklist?
  13. Yes, we covered the elevator trim to TO position after landing, but was something I did not notice during post landing checks as I should have. The transition training with Bob was great and was more memorization of checklist items short and to the point. I did not back it up with the checklist, hence why I am looking for a checklist for myself. A small flip checklist came with the plane at purchase, but was not a POH checklist. I'm open to all checklist suggestions that people have.