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  1. When I got my transition training, the well known Mooney instructor insisted I add him as a named pilot and he is still on my policy today ( I forgot to remove him after training complete). With his hours and experience there was no increase in premium to my policy as a named pilot. I also have an open pilot policy/clause.
  2. +2 for Bob. Great guy and knocked me out in about 2 full days.
  3. Wonder if this year will be any different....
  4. My JPI700 is set LOP. I just looked at the last panel pic I had. 26.7”/2225 1530TIT 359CHT in my Bravo. Around 16GPH with closed cowl flaps. Had a nice tailwind too... Another flight 28.8”/2228 1599TIT 371CHT closed cowl.
  5. Where do you see the gph at? I have Fuel Pressure on my Moritz gauge. I can pull up gph on my JPI700 but never pay attention to the gph on take-off.
  6. Interesting...on my Bravo it's on the back wall in the luggage area...right below the upper storage compartment.
  7. I've had FF time be 0.5 hr higher than my tach on flights before. I have a JPI700 which doesn't log time, but I do have a hobbs/tach (not sure which one is installed) time in the back of my plane. I've been going with the hobbs/tach then realized the FF time is start/stop. I need more hours in my Bravo so sometimes I'll just use the average of the two.
  8. I have a Bravo in Temple. Don’t need a turbo but it’s nice to climb out at 1000+fpm. Haven’t flown in the FLs yet with O2 but have it. No TKS or AC and was under 200k. Easily can do 170-200kts. Can’t beat a Bravo for the price.
  9. Looks like this plane made it to Kerrville for repairs...
  10. I have a Bravo, so should be the same as the Ovation.
  11. Where can you get replacement cowl camlock's at?
  12. Of course this happens when I have to go out of town...
  13. Anyone have a used recognition light/kit for a '01 Bravo?