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  1. AGL Aviation is only about 1hr 20 min flight east...great resource or Cole Aviation is an hour south...both MSC's.
  2. Interesting trip but I’m sure it was a blast. Glad you trusted your instinct at the end. Did you use TKS at all?
  3. I’ve had readings from 50-200 ppm from my Sentry in climb...
  4. I emailed them in October because I couldn't renew online..this was the response I got back: We are creating a new PayPal account attached to a new bank account. We had to close that account in order to create a new one. I am sorry for the inconvenience and would be happy to help you. You can call me at 830-315-8008. Thanks. Peggy at MAPA I have yet to sign up myself as I'm waiting for the new 'site.'
  5. I bought my Mooney without ever sitting in one or flying in one...go big or go home!
  6. My first annual for my Bravo was 4100 and that included a new $800 ELT which failed the AD test... I've attached an aircraft ownership spreadsheet that one of our members graciously provided. AircraftOwnership.xlsx
  7. They've been sharing stories mostly..not necessarily posting new pictures.
  8. They have been somewhat active on Instagram sharing phots of Mooney's as well...
  9. I bought my plane at the end of 2018 and in 2019 had 90.8 hours. A little less than my goal of the "owned" 120 hours threshold. 48 flights, so average flight length 2.5 hours. This is what the Mooney was made for! Most exciting flight was definitely flying into OSH. Was glad I had a relatively low first annual costs from DMax.
  10. Update: For my airport integrity database error I was able to email Garmin support and they reset my database download so I could read-download the airport database again. Might want to try this for the terrain one as well. I had the same integrity issue come up but for airport database instead.
  11. I had this happen 2 days ago to my aviation database for my 530W. My computer somehow restarted during the database installation. When it came back up and I tried to reinstall, I got the debase integrity issue. Haven’t solved it yet but was told to call Garmin and they can issue a one time license to reinstall the same database on the card again. Of course they are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I must wait. I hope with a new database cycle on Jan 2, it won’t be an issue.
  12. Go with the’s a great airplane!
  13. Active duty Army here. Stationed in KY. 14 years down, 6 more to go. Unfortunately, we couldn’t squeak out a win today.
  14. I remember seeing it posted on Facebook...wonder if any took the bite?
  15. Parker, I know we talked at Mooney Summit about this..still sounds interesting and intriguing. Count me in for more details. -Dustin