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  1. Fly2lunch has been pretty accurate and updated when I want to go fly and get a bite. It's my go-to if I want food on a flight.
  2. I have a Bravo and in the Indy area now...also need an IPC. Denver is a bit far to travel for one though. I bought mine without a ride and barely knowing what a Mooney/Bravo was.. Best decision so far until I find an Acclaim or Bravo with FIKI.
  3. During runup, my Bravo oil pressure is around 91psi. After runup, during flight it's back to 72-74. Not sure what normal range is at 2000 rpm during runup.
  4. What system is it connected to? What XM system did you have to buy? I have a XM weather receiver in my Bravo, but not hooked up/functional/activated from previous owner. I believe mine fed into the 430/530..
  5. What about a Bravo? I'd sell mine at that price point. I need a reason to upgrade to a TKS plane myself.
  6. August 2020. Looking at my logs it was an overhaul exchange.
  7. AGL in Morganton...KMRN. Second choice, Cole Aviation in GA. Both great MSC's on the East Coast.
  8. I had a KFC200 roll servo replaced at Thom Duncan Avionics/AutoPilot South in TN. 833-838-6226. Not sure if it was a OH unit or a new one, but was out and replaced in a matter of days...no issues since and fixed right up.
  9. The Bravo is great, but would love an Acclaim with TKS/FIKI. Something to poke through some layers..
  10. Go Bravo Both are within the same price point...Turbo is nice to have and wasn't needed for my mission, but not sure I could go back to NA now. Only thing I am missing is TKS/FIKI which will be on my next plane when I upgrade. DA and UL will need to be the two things to keep an eye on.
  11. I had good luck at Thom Duncan Avionics. Located in TN, but a short Mooney flight away. https://www.thomduncanavionics.com/
  12. The picture in the article does look like he made it to the fuel pumps...but did he get fuel is the real question...
  13. Saw this in another forum. I would say this pilot was lucky! Hitting steel power lines on short final can only end one of two ways. No injuries, just maybe a bruised ego. https://www.heraldchronicle.com/news/local/pilot-avoids-crash-landing-after-colliding-with-power-lines/article_1903c806-66d5-11eb-991d-6b6311c10ac5.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share
  14. I got voluntold to join Operation Warp Speed being a US Army Logistics Officer. I know nothing about vaccines, but here for the distribution and ensuring supplies are needed at the right place at the right time. My job everyday is an LNO to watch the Moderna and soon to be Janssen vaccines being filled into vials, inspected, and packaged for shipment. I'm no MD, but been involved in many meetings with senior leaders and do not feel any shortcuts have come about this process. Has there been challenges...of course, but the approval process and decision making has been based on science. Ever
  15. Looks like Jonny hit 290kts in his M20T this morning! Cruising along! https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N705SE/history/20210122/1400Z/KERV/KDRP
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