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  1. That's similar to my Bravo as well and what I plan for. I'm 17-18.5 GPH and normally run 28-29/24 depending on headwind or tailwind. The long range tanks definitely assist in extending those Mooney legs even farther...makes it tempting.
  2. I talked to a guy on BT that is selling his 1987 A36TN with typical cruise around 175 burning 15 kts. Only advantage I see is the 6 seats which comes with a higher UL but it’s a TN not a turbo like the Bravo. He’s asking 335k..I’ll keep my 200k Bravo as the 135k isn’t worth the 2 seats and moderate UL gain with the same cruise or higher in the Mooney.
  3. I’m out by Louisville. Short trip by Mooney.
  4. Can I be a friend? This is on my to-buy list eventually...
  5. Where is the best place to put a CO reader in the plane?
  6. In cruise I normally see 190-198 29/2300 ROP. Never seen it above 200 in any of my panel pics.
  7. I normally fly MAP 28-29, RPM 2300, TIT 1550-1580 and CHT 325-350. Gets me around 17-18 GPH...No clue what power setting % this is. I set the JPI 700 on Lean Find ROP and then go -75 from peak. I need to figure out how to do a GAMI spread check...
  8. That's why the FAA put in a temporary TFR over both MDW and LAS to keep the smaller traffic and T&G's out...
  9. Different insurer. My underwriter is IAT. Last year it was London. At renewal I had 350 total hours, 90 hrs tt, IFR rating. My hull is 240k and rate went from $3600 to $2330.
  10. I think I’m the only one that had a rate broker new underwriter. $1000 decrease...I’m not complaining!
  11. If you ever come down to the SDF area, let me know. I’d love to check out an Acclaim.
  12. Definitely agree with the above...before buying the prebuy was done in conjunction with an annual (at the sellers expense). No cost for me for the pre-buy as the plane JUST came out of annual at an MSC. First annual (a year later...) no major expense except for an ELT that failed the AD and had to be replaced...still a manageable expense. Only first year expense was an alternator for my Bravo..
  13. AGL Aviation is only about 1hr 20 min flight east...great resource or Cole Aviation is an hour south...both MSC's.
  14. Interesting trip but I’m sure it was a blast. Glad you trusted your instinct at the end. Did you use TKS at all?