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  1. Don, Mid, Rag and Car, thank you all so much for this help! The fog is clearing and I am fairly certain I wont be flying a GPS approach and wondering why I haven’t captured the GS (which has sadly happened). This has really helped!!
  2. I was so excited to see those that I didn’t I look close enough. I do believe your both right. They serial number is different that what is required. Sorry for the false alarm!
  3. Rag, So go from “Load” to then hitting “APR” without hitting “activate” on anything with a Glide Slope (when cleared)? Everything without vertical guidance needs “Activate” then “APR” or even just “Nav”? Greatly appreciate all the help here too BTW!
  4. Don, That makes sense but i am confused regarding the GFC700. They have a third option which is a button on the autopilot that says ‘APR’. According to Martha (King) she says if you hit that it will activate the approach. When I watched the Garmin video on the GFC700 they say you need to still hit ‘Activate’, then hit ‘APR’ . Honestly this G1000 seems incredibly complex and I have at least 40 hours study time on it so far!
  5. Just saw this: I know nothing about them other than what is listed. I did buy one of my GIA63’s in Italy and that worked out great! These are from an air salvage shop in Brazil so may be worth a look.
  6. New to the G1000 and have watching the King videos. They say to “load” approach and when cleared you can just hit “Approach” on the AP (GFC700) to activate it. When I watched the Garmin tutorial they say to hit “Activate” and then hit “Approach”. My question is will hitting “Approach” on AP activate it or do you need to hit Activate first and then Approach? Thanks in advance.
  7. Robert, Could you explain how to insert holds? Very interesting thread BtW!
  8. Going to try to cut back on MP (item1) and see if that helps. Also will try opening CF’s (item 4.3). TIT staying very low due to CHT’s being close to 400 so haven’t been able to lean out much. Which of course is causing me to burn 20+ GPH:( All in all great info as usual Car!
  9. Not sure exactly what the temp was now but it wasn’t a particularly hot day I don’t recall. Sounds like I should go to 29 instead of 30” and maybe open CF’s a bit? Would like to see my FF go below 20 for sure!
  10. Car, I never thought I would need to leave the CF’s open at 16,500. Just assumed at that high altitude the OAT would be cool enough?.
  11. Now I am wondering if I have the same issue! Can’t seem to get FF much lower than 20 GPH. This is a pic at 16,500 with cowl flaps closed. I am 97 ROP and if I went much leaner CHT’s got almost to 400. Any thoughts greatly appreciated (sorry for hijacking your thread).
  12. Wow this is incredibly useful info! I wonder if it is different due to the software update? That actually makes the most sense. Never heard of the big pull method but I plane on trying it!
  13. Car, How far do you lean in relation to TIT before you see it peak out typically? Maybe I am not going far enough? Just scared to get it too hot!
  14. I am still fairly new to the G1000. When I first got my plane I had no problem with the lean function. I would hit lean and then turn back mixture until it peaked. I could go LOP and it would show a minus next to the number that would increase if I continued to lean. If I wanted ROP of peak it show a plus sign after turn richer after hitting peak. However, I recently had the GIA 63W (WAAS upgrade) installed and now I am not able to use this feature. When I now hit lean now I can’t seem to ever get to the highest point where it would start counting back. I don’t want to get too much past 1650 but I wonder if someone could explain the best technique for using the lean feature? Thanks in advance!
  15. KPDT but used link to the archived recordings and that isn’t one of the options:( Thanks for the help anyway!