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  1. KPDT but used link to the archived recordings and that isn’t one of the options:( Thanks for the help anyway!
  2. Had an interesting situation yesterday when on a missed approach I had an almost zero oil pressure reading. Wondering if it is possible to find and listen to that call to tower? If anyone has any info I would be interested to listen to that:) Turns out it was a problem with the gauge and not the engine. Amazing how anytime you do an upgrade there can be these issues..
  3. Looking to purchase a single GIA63W. Please DM me if you can help. PN ending in 01. Thanks in advance!
  4. I do have the stormscope as well as active traffic both on the G1000 already so maybe I could save a few bucks with the Stratus and FF combo? Not as clean but I am so familiar with FF and am still getting used to the G1000 so I am torn...
  5. I had the Stratus with FF on my prior Mooney. Now have a G1000 Bravo and was wondering if Sirius XM weather is worth the extra dough? Thanks in advance.
  6. Needed to read that a few times to comprehend but great info Ben!
  7. DVA, interesting read for sure, thank you. The author mentioned running 100df rich of peak on the way up. I have read where others don’t lean untill established on cruise altitude. Wondering what others do? In my J I always leaned as I climbed out but was thinking now I would leave it rich in my Bravo. Any advise greatly appreciated.
  8. Could you break that down in layman’s terms?
  9. Car, This is my first turbo so no I am not very experienced with them. Have read a lot about it and actually ran LOP for the first time ever from Las Vegas to Central Oregon a few days ago. Was down as low as I could be due to strong headwinds. Flew back at 10,500 and 20 degrees LOP. Running at 29 & 23 I saw FF at 12.8 which seems amazingly low. TIT was just over 1600 and CHT hightest was 385.
  10. Once you have set LOP and your altitude, MP or RPM have not changed is it necessary to recalibrate LOP after say an hour or so or can you just leave it alone? Just wondering what changes in OAT would do to settings and if that requires readjustment?
  11. Mike, It says ‘Stall’ loudly. Not sure what the gear warning says?
  12. Actually will sound before wheels leave the ground. Interesting thought about the spring however. I do keep thinking about how common this issue is with the TKS equipted Bravo’s also!
  13. Car, Spoke with Jerry Jordon and CAV and he said up till yesterday he has never heard of any issues with his system and this issue. He did also say that he had heard of this happening with the long body and recommended calling Mooney (waiting on a call back now). He thought the problem could be fixed simply by adjusting the stall vane housing slightly.