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  1. I’ve planned it out a couple times and looked at a few different routes. And yes, it’s long, no doubt, but there are some grandparents to visit along the route so thats plus. Good way to start/end summer break maybe? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. That would be great! Thanks for the add / invite! -Jonathan
  3. So my wife got her wish and we've uprooted and relocated from the pacific northwest to the east coast, more specifially the DELMAR area. Without getting too into the details, that meant leaving my daughter of 7 with her biological mother in Washington state. The goal now is to get a couple bills paid off, knock out my PPL checkride ASAP(written already passed & all flight requirements met), start my I/R and get into ownership so we can pick her up and take her back as we want in our own mooney. Is there anyone in the area willing to let us get more familiar with their plane before we get into a purchase? In appreciation, if you take us out, the least we can do is cover your gas/fluids and probably your lunch/dinner too
  4. Hank, I think you're looking for @Yooper Rocketman
  5. Great looking use of panel space here! My only question would be, how do you find having the transponder that far over? Do feel like you miskey codes more because of the reach for it? It’s still a really great update to this older bird, I’m just curious.
  6. Noob question inbound...I always see details of for sale mooneys mentioning having done the brake rotation when it comes to listing speed mods...is the extra drag in the stock position that bad? Does it make the brakes any easier/harder to work on? What kind of increase in numbers are you guys getting from this?
  7. You forgot to mention my all time favorite...the three 2.2 billion dollar power towers in California that instantly cook 3500-6000 birds midflight annually. They are so bright, they can been seen from the air on the California desert floor from above Las Vegas. Where is the activist outcry over these monstrosities?? The more you know! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivanpah_Solar_Power_Facility
  8. Awesome work! Love seeing these birds brought back to life. Long live the Mooney!
  9. This is gold would love to see one mounted below the hat shelf
  10. A couple witnesses said they saw it spin before it came down, though I'm not sure if they really know what they are describing. Not saying that it isn't possible, but I thought Mooney stability made it pretty hard to get into a spin
  11. Probably not the best time to jump in the plane and go for a flight when you're feeling that kind of instability in your life. ...Just my
  12. I've reached out via FaceBook once again in regard to the Kings/Colemans (this time to some of the San Juan Pilots Association members) and left Mikes/Alices emails from MooneySummit. All I've seen is that the Colemans started a gofundme to help cover expenses