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  1. JRam

    65 M20C 25K

    @DanM20C is close-ish in Minnesota. He knows the C very well and he met me in Florida for my transition in to my K. His maintenance knowledge even saved us a wasted trip. He also has some amazing stories.
  2. JRam

    AZ Mooney

    I feel your pain. I had an M20E for a while and sold it before I had to go overseas. A few years later and I recently went to purchase a plane. I knew i wanted the larger cabin, so i started searching for an F... I bought a K model! I love it and am happy I did, but that slippery slope is real. All that said, I'm convinced that perfect aircraft picks you and you'll end up with a great one!
  3. JRam

    Seem reasonable..?

    Honestly, that would have been my way ahead as well, except that I cannot make that move today because the Garmin is not quite ready and I have quite a few trips coming up.
  4. Auto trim servo on my King 150 autopilot going to cost me $3200 on a factory reman. Does that seem reasonable?
  5. Oh, I wish I was smart enough to know. I was guessing all of that would connect in to the new 900. I'll let you know when I have some better info!
  6. JRam

    What do you think of this M20K?

    I'll also caveat and say that I'm learning every day and have zero mechanical capabilities. But if I was to share the collective insight from everyone on this board that I have read over the past few months it would be this: Unless you are an A&P just looking for a project and have a lot of spare money...run away.
  7. You can zoom in and see the gauge in the top left of this pic. It's part of the string of gauges up there, I dont see a part #. The plane is technically a 1983, it was one of the last ones to come off the line that calendar year so it has many 1984 features.
  8. Thank you all for the insight, this helps a lot!
  9. I'm working through my ROI brief to the CFO here at the house related to getting the JPI 900 done. I'm wondering what I should expect to get for a return of working gauges I remove from the aircraft if I were to resell them. Specifically, what do you think I would get for these on here or eBay? Is it worth even considering other than the 700 which I may have to turn in for the rebate anyway? 1.) Engine pack (Oil temp & Pressure, Cyl Temp, Amps, Fuel L/R) 2.) EDM 700 (Assuming no probes) 3.) RPM 4.) TIT&CDT 5.) MP 6.) FT101 Fuel Flow I included pictures for 3/4/5/6
  10. Btw, she's my favorite. I keep asking for her number and she always gives me 2 separate numbers. One is 4 digits and one is 5 digits with a period after the first 3 digits. Those numbers work out WAY better for me than any numbers I got from women before I started flying!
  11. I am at KHEF. I dont think that controller is here anymore. Usually it's a lady in the tower when I fly out.
  12. Wait for me! I'm in Manassas, VA and while I am flying K instead of an F, I would love to be bored to tears with combustion theory and application!
  13. JRam

    Anyone use Savvy MX?

    My questions were just around the clarification on how Savvy operates its MX product beyond what their website discusses. @kortopates was an amazing ambassador for them by walking me through their product offering and expected results from using the product.
  14. JRam

    Anyone use Savvy MX?

    Thanks to all, I got my questions answered and am good to go! Really appreciate the Mooneyspace community!
  15. Is anyone using the full savvy maintenance product? I'd like to ask a few questions of other users.