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  1. wow , someone is really confused or something.... the $ 14,250.00 is the installed price,( kit plus installation) NOT just the kit That would have been an approximate $20,000 ………….all considered I wish you would have called The kit alone ready for installation is $8875.00
  2. send me an email at

  3. Send me an email and I will get the docs out to you asap
  4. The tech says approximately 5 lb weight gain Griggs Aircraft charges $1500.00 to install 10 gal add on
  5. sorry got cut off for a second Mooney 6 Bag 54 gal 1 set = 6950.00 2 set or more = 6650.00 Mooney 8 bag or 64 gal 1 set= 8875.00 2 set or more 8475.00
  6. Mooney 2-Bag add-on 1 set =3250.00 2 set= 3150.00 5 set = 3000.00 Mooney 6 Bag/ 54gal 1 set = 6950.00
  7. well.. the offer was if you or you and a friend ordered two or more I would offer a discount..are you asking for one set of 6 bag ? the two ordered together do not have to be the same set of bladders
  8. $3250 but I can help a little
  9. well the offer is if you buy (you and possible a friend or Mooney Owner place an order together) two or more sets but if you would like to call I can give you the pricing for a two bag add-on
  10. If a couple of owners want to get together to order two or more sets of bladder,(2-BAG,6-BAG OR 8-BAG) give me a shout I have an OFFER for you..