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  1. PilotCoyote

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Following this thread with interest as I see no way to inspect a cam on these engines without pulling out a cylinder a little bit to get a scope in the case. Doc is right, but oil filters might be changed prior to a PPI, invalidating the results of a filter inspection. The discussion with Bill Wheat is priceless - thank you for sharing that!
  2. PilotCoyote

    64 or 65... That is the question

    What year did the aileron design change? I thought it was 1965?
  3. PilotCoyote

    Sheepskin opinions

  4. PilotCoyote

    Sheepskin opinions

    Unrelated and don’t want to hijack the thread, but the plastic trim panels in that plane have some kind of trim edge on them against he window- anybody know what to use to get the same look on an older model?
  5. PilotCoyote

    Play in trim shaft, normal?

    It’s too bad that so many of these were not serviced properly, causing grime to sand the tubes down.
  6. PilotCoyote

    Play in trim shaft, normal?

    Ok, I should have read the entire Bulletin. Older serial numbered aircraft can be converted to the nylon style bearing. Thanks for posting that bulletin- I thought I had read them all..
  7. PilotCoyote

    Play in trim shaft, normal?

    Thanks Doc. Unfortunately will not apply to my ‘64,....
  8. PilotCoyote

    Play in trim shaft, normal?

    My rods also have play (nothing like in that video), but there are no nylon rings installed..was this a change in design? They aren’t in the parts diagram either... are wear sleeves available for earlier models?
  9. PilotCoyote

    changing oil pick-up screen

    And after you install a remote filter, you now have the expense of replacing 2 more AN 8 flexible oil lines with fire sleeves every 5-8 years (depending on your IA). Figure more than $400 for both lines. Airwolf is now under new ownership and will not re-certify the Teflon hoses they sold anymore. Something to consider. Although the ease of oil changes probably far outweighs the extra expense.
  10. PilotCoyote

    Seemingly Stiff Elevator Control

    What should be used to lubricate the yoke bushing in the panel? My manual shows a symbol (circle with cross inside) but doesn’t specify what that particular symbol represents...
  11. PilotCoyote

    Does an F Nose Bounce more than a C?

    Makes sense. Thank you.
  12. PilotCoyote

    M20C Cabin Water Leak

    I assume you guys are using foil tape, and not duct tape when replacing the wing root seal? Or have you found a duct tape to use without any cloth in it?
  13. PilotCoyote

    Does an F Nose Bounce more than a C?

    Are any of you retracting the flaps while the nose wheel is being held off? Curious as to what is recommended re retracting the flaps. I haven’t flown my C yet.
  14. PilotCoyote

    M20C Cabin Water Leak

    A Poorly sealed overhead antenna will also leak.