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  1. I’ve got to go see the locksmith again- I used an existing key for my plane for this experiment, but if I made them with key blanks, I’ve got to be sure that there’s enough room for him to clamp the key + cap in the cutting machine. might be a fun weekend project to punch out a bunch of them. No time till mid oct though- airplane is going through annual this weekend, then family stuff for three weeks. If I do make some, I’ll post here to see if anybody wants them. They’d be available in red or black and probably won’t cost much.
  2. Well, it work s and actually looks pretty cool... Plenty of room to push start- one pic with it pushed all the way in for start.
  3. Hmmm...You’re correct. Perhaps I will make more friends this way. This key would stay in the plane though..
  4. I can’t have anything hanging on my key because it will obscure the instrument below... your ign switch location is definitely much better than mine!
  5. Thanks. Yes, there will be more development....I’m still looking for the right knob- I just had these laying around. I want something like this, but it has to have a diameter small enough not to obscure the Bendix ignition placard markings. I like your idea regarding the thermoplastic elastomer.
  6. Made a little cap for my ignition key....I’ll post a pic in the plane the next time I go to the hangar. Should be easier to push for start!
  7. This as well? Gussets LASAR will do both
  8. Engine mount AD- does it apply to your aircraft, and has it had the gussets installed to terminate the Ad?
  9. Oh, I wasn’t knocking your process, Perhaps it’s the bourbon speaking, but I was merely making a point about true value, as opposed to perceived value- the former can only be known after you actually buy it and find all of its warts. And then I was pointing out that my point is kinda pointless, because- To answer your question, I think that there are too many variables to consider- different buyers want different things. So, We wait for a buyer who subjectively values our plane over the other.... I don’t believe that a showing of hands will determine who buys which plane or for how much, or even what it might be worth. I think that cash buyers will fork over eyebrow raising amounts of money if the object of their desire speaks to them. Now, if you’re financing a plane, then of course the joy of determining the value is out of your hands. Yours is a really nice plane, and I can honestly see someone desiring it enough to pay a premium for it. I’d be salivating all over it, except for the fact that after laying underneath mine, being curled up in a ball inside of it for over a year, and going slowly broke while not having the joy of flying it, I have little saliva left to give... A hangar neighbor of mine has a Tri-pacer. It’s pretty, but not an Oshkosh champion plane. He’s got over 130k in it, and it doesn’t even have a moving map gps. He loves that little plane. He knows he’ll never get the money back out of it, but none of that matters to him. He’s truly operating outside of the box. There are plenty of passionate flyers/cash buyers just like him. It’ll happen!
  10. It’s really all about the bones...and you can’t see all of them without making a maximum effort. And few will want to invest the time and/or the money to do that. After going through my plane, I cannot even imagine how one could draw an honest comparison between two planes without having gone completely through each of them. Anything less is just a beauty pageant...but that’s what sells planes. regardless, I’d trade my D for yours in a heartbeat! Lol
  11. Somebody ought to buy that right side brake setup!
  12. Do you have brakes on the co-pilot side as well? If so, brake bleeding with the shuttle valves in there is a slightly different and potentially aggravating endeavor...
  13. When you say “push down a lot”, can you clarify whether you mean increased pedal travel or relatively high pedal pressure, or both? As far as salvage yards go, a reputable one will refund 100% if part doesn’t work.