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  1. I don’t have a drawing with me of the pump, but regardless of which way it moves, a negative pressure in the reservoir should raise the handle, since raising the handle draws fluid into the cylinder during normal operation. I could have it wrong though..I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet
  2. If the flaps truly stay down, then My SWAG is that the vent tube on your reservoir has a restriction..? Remove the filler cap and pump the flaps down to check..
  3. Thanks... mine is showing about 0.5 psi... what did it cost for an overhaul?
  4. For those of you with carbureted lycomings, what kind of fuel pressure indication are you seeing when you switch the electric fuel pump on prior to cranking the engine? I’m troubleshooting mine.
  5. I learned he hard way...however you choose to install it, do NOT cut into the edge binding on the carpet- it will unravel and then take far too much time to make a passable repair. If you want to install it without removing any rods- cut a slit up the center of the carpet from the firewall side , stopping short of the flap rod, from there, you branch out with cuts to each rod that protrudes through the carpet. This way, The binding stays intact all the way around the wheel house. After you glue it all down, the slit up the center will not be visible if you join the edges of the slit together carefully. Just one of many ways to do it, I am sure...
  6. If I can’t wiggle them out, I’m going to be left with using a pick to clean them and a needle fitting on my grease gun to service them, and then duct tape to seal them... not going to remove the main gears now- the plane has been AOG for too long already and this will set me back another few weekends. It’ll go n the list for next annual.
  7. Turns out I was wrong - there is a broken off fitting in each of my trunnions... They had been primed and painted over. I used Scotch Brite and there they were. Now I've got to get them out of there!
  8. Out my way, Leases for Shop space at airports are getting as rare as saffron.... and if you do find a space available, the airport management is asking something insane to lease it. The overhead is too much for what most shops are charging for an hour of labor to remain competitive. It’s a recipe for indifference towards customers, I think... I am seeing this more and more. And airports on the west coast don’t seem to be expanding on the ramp at all- no new structures being built. Massive waiting lists for T-hangars. Something isn’t right...
  9. There is a shortage of shops everywhere...especially avionics shops. People line up for the kind of experience you just had. It’s crazy.
  10. I’ll get some pics his weekend...perhaps the hole was clocked up on top during the install- I only checked with a finger so far. I’ll get a mirror and check to be sure. Right now I suspect that the trunnion was never changed.
  11. Yes, that’s the one... I don’t have a pic handy, but I cleaned it up and here isn’t a hole there... I’m going to have to drill one. Gotta get some guidance on the proper size bit...already bought the install tool for the fitting.
  12. My aircraft has no fitting or hole in the front trunnion...it never had one. Could it be because it was originally a fixed gear?