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  1. It looks fine- you just need to install a little tow strap ring on your front cowl to go with the fart can.
  2. You outta try Pig Latin on them- it has been my experience that anyone who speaks English as a second language (no matter how well) cannot follow Pig Latin. Itsay ethay uthtray, i-ay earsway!
  3. I’m curious whether anyone has ever attempted a mod for the guppy mouth that changed the contour/opening at the top/ sides of the cowl inlet... and whether someone has taken the existing cowl enclosure mod one step further by extending the bottom of the inlet all the way to the front cylinder baffling in an effort to reduce back flow/turbulence in that area?
  4. My god, is that a 201 window mod on a fixed gear D? Incredible.
  5. It’s only a couple of serial numbers from mine.... and he doesn’t have the vertical stab fairing, but I do- was the fairing part of the retract conversion? That’s a very tidy looking D !
  6. iPhone leak finder- brilliant!
  7. Fixed mine today- it was a bad connection at the probe
  8. In my limited experience with the Mooney, a leaking door seal is a huge source of noise...I cannot imagine how loud it might be with no door seal at all!
  9. My CHT is staying relatively constant in cruise. Only the EGT is moving up and down.
  10. Mine is doing the exact same thing...strangely, also on cyl #1. Weird. But I was just in there installing an Airwolf oil/air separator, so I am guessing that I inadvertently mucked up a wire on the harness.
  11. Oh, perhaps your later year mount was not subject to the SB regarding cracking?
  12. fuel injection, exhaust system, engine mount upgrade, oil cooler flush, hoses, throttle/prop/mixture control cables...