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  1. Every aircraft tire I have put up on a spin balancer has been well out of balance, whether new or worn.... if you believe it's the tire, then pull it off and get it balanced- that would be an easy fix!
  2. Excellent solution.....just don’t put it on a vented cap and forget to remove It on your preflight!
  3. I'm far from the hangar and am trying to prepare for a prop balancing session- does anyone know whether the bolts that hold the spinner back plate on are AN3 or AN4? And the length possibly, as well? Any help appreciated. I 've got the factory Hartzell two-blade CS prop, as pictured...
  4. +1 on jacking the plane- grab the wheel and move it side to side...
  5. My wife is horrified every time I reach over to crank something on the wall before we start the engine....
  6. Yes, but the step won't go up and down...
  7. Anybody ever try these? Way cheaper than pedal extensions....
  8. I also have the sb202 spacer installed and have never flown the plane without it (the plane came to me that way). I am curious if anyone has noticed (before-after) a difference in the amount of back pressure required to raise the nose for take-off.....the SB202 spacer lowers the height of the nose, thereby lowing the AOA during the initial part of the takeoff roll. The spacer also decreases prop-to-ground clearance, which is an undesirable side effect.
  9. Hmm... how do you find roads that are exactly 30 degrees apart? Or are you interpolating everything in between N and S?
  10. When mine goes, that means it's time for a vertical card compass...
  11. I poked my $40 Amazon iPad borescope bough one of the manifold outlets to help me see the wire while I was threading it through the little clamp fitting... Made it go a lot faster, as I couldn’t see what I was doing otherwise. Pop the cap off the side of the box and you can access the wire clamp.p with a long screwdriver.
  12. If you're truly obsessed, you can order up an inner wire that is Teflon coated. It Costs more to ship it than to buy it. Mine works great, and is actually a slightly larger diameter than the stock wire. Probably a total waste of money, but I was prepared to do anything to never have to replace that wire again