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  1. Thanks. Hopefully I’ll get the plane flying again soon
  2. PilotCoyote

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    Oops, I was wrong. These guys had one: Beegles Aircraft Service Tel: 970-353-9200
  3. PilotCoyote

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    Texas air salvage had one unused LASAR pma link, back in July. Might be worth a check.
  4. PilotCoyote

    ISO main gear shock link PN 520010-1

    16 weeks? They told me back in July that they had an order for a bunch that was going to be fulfilled in December..something must have changed. I got a nice set from Alan. Hopefully he has more
  5. A video tutorial would be great. I would volunteeer my camera and my time, but I’m on the west coast with a grounded plane right now... I have the equipment installed, but have not yet had the opportunity to fly the plane. I need to learn how to use it to learn to run LOP ROP.
  6. PilotCoyote

    Fuel transducer routing in an M20C

    Not sure whether these will help, but here is mine
  7. That is not the way to preserve a lycoming engine...and it kills me every time I encounter yet another plane that sat for years but nobody bothered to preserve it properly. Especially when they had a hangar for it..makes no sense. It’s simple, easy and relatively cheap to properly preserve an engine- so just do it!
  8. PilotCoyote

    Advice on Airtex Interiour

    I recently received my orders of carpet, panels, headliner, extra vinyl and insulation. My only gripe is that whoever boxes their stuff up for shipping must not like their job very much- I had one plastic backed panel that was literally shoved into the box and bent over to make it fit, permanently deforming it. None of my panels had any type of padding or stuffing- it was just all thrown into boxes... loose, with a pma card thrown in the bottom. For what I paid, I expected better care. I’ve done m own car interiors, but opted to stay legal with the plane and so ordered everything from them. My overall impression is that the side of the panels that faces you is average at best in regards to workmanship, and the quality of construction is below that. I’m sure that nobody will notice but me though... it all just looked slapped together. $3k Hopefully my experience was not the norm.
  9. PilotCoyote

    Hydraulic flap problems

    Lasar has the kits for the master and slave- they are pretty cheap, just o-rings. A long time to pump them down coupled with a really Fast retraction time, even after adjusting them, might indicate air in the system? Regarding weak springs- I think that weak springs would have the opposite effect of what you are experiencing (it would be quick to pump them down and slower during retract). Did you pressure bleed them from the bottom?
  10. PilotCoyote

    Resurrection of a 1964 M20D

    There are a couple of YouTube videos on trimming and installing scat hose, as well as what my A&P explained...if I understand you correctly. All the ducting has been replaced, and an epoxy worked well to repair the holes in the vent box. We bought a slightly more stout stainless inner wire with a Teflon coating for the vent control- it works very nicely now. Cost more to ship the wire than to buy it... I can see that operating the roof vent during flight will put a lot of strain on that wire because the door wants to snap to full open when the airflow catches it, which will try the bend the wire at the vent door end. Exactly where it broke. Might make sense to decide prior to flight whether you want to have the vent open or closed and just leave it in that position whenever possible.
  11. PilotCoyote

    Resurrection of a 1964 M20D

    Yes, it had some holes between the outlets...a little salt air apparently can do a lot of damage to that box.... Also, The amount of dried crud that came out of those duct hoses was amazing. Glad I went in there and replaced them- the spiral wire was completely rusted out.
  12. PilotCoyote

    Resurrection of a 1964 M20D

    Not flyable. Out of annual for several years. Taking the time to fix all the things that were never addressed during previous “annuals”....
  13. PilotCoyote

    Resurrection of a 1964 M20D

    Cabin roof vent pics
  14. PilotCoyote

    Resurrection of a 1964 M20D

    Here is a pic of the pinched right side fuel line that passes in front of the Johnson bar that someone asked me for a couple of months ago. We are replacing the fuel lines due to pitting, so I won't know just how pinched the line is until it is removed. It might very well be within spec....we’ll see.
  15. I’ve decided to start a single thread on my M20D, rather than posting a new topic for every issue that we are tackling while bringing this plane back to life.... I’ll post my progress and any questions I have right here, from now on. I don’t use social media and don’t really take a lot of pics when I’m working on the plane, but from now on I’m going to take some time to document some of the things we are doing, because it might end up helping one of you down the road. So today, apologies- I’m just dumping some pics here. Future posts will be more organized. The plane has been sitting for several years and we’re slowly going through everything, since I have encountered signs of neglect at nearly every turn. Right now we are working on re-sealing the right fuel tank, the interior, landing gear, steering, brakes, flap hyraulics, finding all the wasp mud, looking at previous wiring fixes, and everything else imaginable. One project that we finished last month was replacing the control wire for the cabin roof vent without cutting open the box...there are a few pics below on that. It can be done! If anyone is interested how to replace without busting the box open, just ask. I posted a question about fuel tank sealing in another thread, so I will continue with that here... I just got off the phone with the Flamemaster tech rep and he advised me that the CS-3600 topcoat should NOT be applied on top of the CS-3204 sealant until the tank is completely CURED.... something that the MSM and Flamemaster’s own tech bulletin fails to state. If the topcoat is applied when the 3204 sealant has only reached its “tack-free” state, you may end up with the 3204 sealant not cured properly. I thought that this informai on might be valuable to others. Here’s a few pics: Tank partially stripped