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  1. Thanks, I had heard there was one in Troutdale, but didn't know the name of the business. Pete
  2. I'm looking for a place to get a tank resealed on my M20M Bravo. Any good places out west to have it done?
  3. Is that a user name? Can you post a link to the list? Thanks
  4. I've called them. Most of their stuff is under contract.
  5. Thats what checklists are for. Years ago as a copilot on a DC-10 we did T & G's in Stockton. (Before certified simulators). Use a checklist and you'll be fine.
  6. Thanks, didn't know that.
  7. The link show the airplane is in Johannesburg.
  8. In addition to the deer strike in 2013, the FAA says there was a gear up landing short of the runway in 1984. Were you the owner then?
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