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  1. I haven't had the 345 removed and tested but occasionally I have asked several ATC facilities if it is working and their answer always is that it is working. It will get it's 2 year test in a few months. Tom
  2. My 345 stopped transmitting when the shop forgot to reconnect the wire to the antenna after the belly was removed. Only way I knew there was a problem was ATC said I was not transmitting. Tom
  3. No. I am asking what is the electronic screen in the copilot window 27 seconds into the video. It looks like a huge deviation card. Tom
  4. At 00:27 in the video, is that an electronic deviation chart in the copilot window? I have up to 11 degrees of magnetometer deviation in the air with my new Garmin magnetometer/GI275. Garmin doesn't have a fix, so I am having to use a paper deviation chart for my new magnetometer. What system are you using to display the deviation? Tom
  5. REALLY! Just spraying lots of water on the windshield will scratch it? Same with rain?? NOT!
  6. I have 3 GI275's and I am glad I kept my old ASI, VSI and Altimeter. The ASI and Altimeter are hard to read on the 275 and the VSI is almost impossible for me to read on the 275. Tom
  7. Anyone have a set of 3" extensions they want to part with? My M20K didn't come with Mooney legs.
  8. Just had to replace my throttle cable in my 231. McFarlane promised to build and send a new cable within 4 days but It took 7 weeks. Didn't seem to be any other choice.
  9. My GI 275 HSI's have 2 bearing pointers. Each HSI can accept signals from 4 sources (2 VOR's and 2 GPS's). I have a Century 41 autopilot and I cannot adjust AP altitude with the 275; I have to use the UP/Down button on the AP to adjust altitude. I believe the 275 altitude bug is to alert you when you get to the set altitude whether by hand flying or autopilot.
  10. Looks like a compact solution to mounting an iPad. Do the magnets interfere with the compass?
  11. When I practice in my 231 I pull the throttle back to 100-120 knots. Same as I did in a 172.
  12. How did you get an annual done in less than 2 weeks? I have never found anyone who could do it in less than 3 weeks.
  13. That is a great diagram. Looks like my culprit is the gate that shuts off the air from the muffler. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the info. I get warm air with both closed so something is wrong.
  15. Good to hear that I am suppose to get cool air when the heat is shut off. My annual is coming up and I will have the mixing box looked at. Thanks
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