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  1. CG Roger

    Engine Start Issues

    I did review the POH for cold starts. It just wasn't clear to me that the pump should stay on when I advance the mixture to rich. They were listed as two separate steps, I read it as complete the first one (pump on momentarily) then move the mixture to rich. I see the error in my ways, I'm looking forward to trying the next cold start.
  2. CG Roger

    Engine Start Issues

    Everyone, Thank you for the recommendations. I feel like an idiot for not realizing that I need the mixture to full rich when I run the boost pump. That will probably make the difference. Cheers, Roger
  3. CG Roger

    Engine Start Issues

    -a- I appreciate your thoughts. I did receive 4 hours ground and 3 hours flight transition training from a CFI when I first got the plane. But we focused more on the in flight performance of the plane then on basic GA issues like starting a piston engine. I have also been doing lots of reading on this forum to enhance my knowledge more. -Roger
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum (also knew to airplane ownership). Since I bought my 77' M20J a month ago I have been having problems with starting it. When I follow the POH, the engine doesn't start on my first attempt. After letting the starter cool, I cycle the throttle and mixture and it usually starts on the second or third attempt. Most of my flight experience has been in CG helicopters - with digital engine controls, and I've never had starting problems. My problem might just be my limited experience with GA aircraft. These are the key steps I follow in starting my Mooney. Can any of you give me advice? Am I doing something wrong? 1. Electric boost pump ON (1-2 seconds, to establish fuel pressure) 2. Mixture full forward for 3-5 seconds. (when I do this, the fuel pressure drops) then IDLE CUTOFF 3. Throttle 1/4 forward 4. Engage starter 5. Once the engine starts, Mixture slowly to full rich 6. Throttle - 1000-1200 RPM Thanks, Roger