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  1. CG Roger

    Weird gear retraction issue

    The fairing alignment was not adjustable. There were two bolts holding it to the gear, and no room for adjustment.
  2. CG Roger

    Weird gear retraction issue

    Carusoam, I am in a cold climate (Northern Indiana), and this has been a problem only in cold weather ... so I can see the logic there. I do have a squat switch, but no bypass. I'm not sure how old the donuts are, I'd have to look back in the airplane records (I've only owned the plane for one year). The gear starts retracting fine, so I don't think it's the squat switch from preventing it from retracting. Something just isn't letting it get all the way up. Thanks for your thoughts. -Roger
  3. Hello everyone, I'm having a strange problem, and I'm looking for your collective thoughts. On takeoff, when retracting me gear, my gear unsafe warning never turns off. After I cycle the gear 3-4 times, the unsafe warning goes away. There are no problems while extending the gear. I took it to the shop, they jacked it and cycled the gear. No unusual unsafe warning indications. They found a small portion of fairing was catching on the fuselage, they filed that down, hoping that maybe that little bit of catching and the air pressure in flight might be causing the problem. I test flew it today ... same problem. Tower reported the gear appeared fully retracted. My maintainer and I are thinking the next step is the uplock switch. But that switch both turns off the motor, and turns off the unsafe warning light. However, the motor turns off when the gear gets "up", even though the unsafe light is still on. In my opinion, if it was the switch, then the motor wouldn't turn off. Thoughts? Thanks, Roger 1977 Mooney M20J N201MR
  4. CG Roger

    Engine Start Issues

    I did review the POH for cold starts. It just wasn't clear to me that the pump should stay on when I advance the mixture to rich. They were listed as two separate steps, I read it as complete the first one (pump on momentarily) then move the mixture to rich. I see the error in my ways, I'm looking forward to trying the next cold start.
  5. CG Roger

    Engine Start Issues

    Everyone, Thank you for the recommendations. I feel like an idiot for not realizing that I need the mixture to full rich when I run the boost pump. That will probably make the difference. Cheers, Roger
  6. CG Roger

    Engine Start Issues

    -a- I appreciate your thoughts. I did receive 4 hours ground and 3 hours flight transition training from a CFI when I first got the plane. But we focused more on the in flight performance of the plane then on basic GA issues like starting a piston engine. I have also been doing lots of reading on this forum to enhance my knowledge more. -Roger
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum (also knew to airplane ownership). Since I bought my 77' M20J a month ago I have been having problems with starting it. When I follow the POH, the engine doesn't start on my first attempt. After letting the starter cool, I cycle the throttle and mixture and it usually starts on the second or third attempt. Most of my flight experience has been in CG helicopters - with digital engine controls, and I've never had starting problems. My problem might just be my limited experience with GA aircraft. These are the key steps I follow in starting my Mooney. Can any of you give me advice? Am I doing something wrong? 1. Electric boost pump ON (1-2 seconds, to establish fuel pressure) 2. Mixture full forward for 3-5 seconds. (when I do this, the fuel pressure drops) then IDLE CUTOFF 3. Throttle 1/4 forward 4. Engage starter 5. Once the engine starts, Mixture slowly to full rich 6. Throttle - 1000-1200 RPM Thanks, Roger