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  1. Jake@BevanAviation

    Trutrak replacement for KFC200 on the cheap

    Well if you have 2 KC 295 flight computer you could possibly make one good one out of the two if they are the same dash number. I would have to check specifics on board compatibility. If you have any questions just give me a call.
  2. Jake@BevanAviation

    Trutrak replacement for KFC200 on the cheap

    If that is the repair for just the KC-295 flight computer it seems excessive.
  3. Jake@BevanAviation

    Century IIb not following new IFD 440 in NAV mode

    Good to hear that the adjustments to the radio coupler worked for you. If you have any additional issues just let me know.
  4. Jake@BevanAviation

    IFD not talking to KI256?

    It sounds like you were in a nav track mode where it limits the banks to 10 deg of correction. This is completely normal for nav track mode. The computer was designed to compute intercept angles for proper nav track. If you refer to that attached file page 40 it will outline how to set up the system for a RNAV intercept/capture. As long as the computer has the proper setup for intercept/capture you should not experience the shallow bank limit. KFC 200 Pilot Guide.pdf