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  1. A yoke mounted disconnect switch is optional equipment per the factory maintenance manual. Might be worth a call to Century to see if the optional part is still available.
  2. Ideal startup voltage after overhaul or cleaning and bearing replacement is around 800mvDC. Typically anything above 2VDC is getting in the area of high startup voltage especially on a 14v system.
  3. So the best way to adjust the roll threshold is to max out the pot until it produces a slight roll oscillation and then back it off until the oscillation stops. There is a product that Bob has suggested to me and I have started using that works wonders with connector pin issues. Stabilant 22, you can find it online. I have been using it for about a year and had great results.
  4. Winchester connectors used to have a machined 4 pin female connector that worked great but I have not been able to locate the connector for some time. Using a small pick you can push the female split pins back together. Sometimes this will fix the intermittent issues that are connector related.
  5. For the sticking solenoid I would have the tech check the travel of the solenoid and possibly adjusted the solenoid alignment so it doesn't get stuck when releasing. I have seen this happen in the older style of solenoids but in the revision they added a plastic insert to try and prevent this.
  6. Double check that the gyro alignment was done on the new KI256 and have them look at the tach feedback from the roll servo. Tach generators in the roll servo can go bad and produce roll oscillations.
  7. Seen it happen before in a JetPROP with a KFC 150 system. Turned out to be something wrong with the pitch servo. The aircraft flew fine the bars would just bounce all the time for pitch. Swapped the pitch servo out and the problem went away.
  8. If the drive motor is running (pins C and D) the solenoid is on (pins A and B). A simple voltage check with the servo connector with a multi-meter will show where the issues is. With the meter on the ship side pins A and B (ground) when the roll rocker is pushed up the solenoid should get buss voltage. You can also test the servo with power-supply if needed. The 4 pin connector are notorious for being intermittent. If you are still having issues just give me a call and I will help with troubleshooting as much as possible.
  9. If the attitude source has been change by replacing or repairing the KI256 the gyro gains need to be adjusted. This is done with the KTS 158 test set. Any shop that has this test set should be able to set the bank back to 20 degrees.
  10. The KC 295 is still available for field service and is not required to be returned to the factory for repair. There are some components in the KFC 200 system (KS271A,KS272A) that would need to be repaired at a authorized repair center. Duncan Aviation, Mid-Continent Instruments, Southeast Aerospace and Precision Aero are the approved repair centers for certain components
  11. Well if you have 2 KC 295 flight computer you could possibly make one good one out of the two if they are the same dash number. I would have to check specifics on board compatibility. If you have any questions just give me a call.
  12. If that is the repair for just the KC-295 flight computer it seems excessive.
  13. Good to hear that the adjustments to the radio coupler worked for you. If you have any additional issues just let me know.
  14. It sounds like you were in a nav track mode where it limits the banks to 10 deg of correction. This is completely normal for nav track mode. The computer was designed to compute intercept angles for proper nav track. If you refer to that attached file page 40 it will outline how to set up the system for a RNAV intercept/capture. As long as the computer has the proper setup for intercept/capture you should not experience the shallow bank limit. KFC 200 Pilot Guide.pdf