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  1. Installing the M20J Edo-Aire Mitchell electric trim on a '63M20C is an easy power-trim upgrade since the 2A3 Type Certificate is the same for all models. Problem: the equipment lists obviously changes from year-to-year. So, if there is an Edo-Aire Mitchell electric trim STC out there (or even the STC #) it would be a huge help with the paperwork. Any PM's are appreciated. Cheers! jt.
  2. JETmachine

    Instrument cluster

  3. Aggie, How do you change the order of pictures in an album? jt
  4. JETmachine

    pic of scrap m20c

    Sorry, I don't. Call Paul Loewen (‭(707) 263-0462‬). He's retired but has a used parts business. jt
  5. JETmachine


    The ACK 406 ELT w/GPS installation nears completion. Plans are developing for a remote the ADS-B (out/in) remoted to these rails and bootstrapped to a GARMIN GTN 750 while pulling the 2-NARCO 12D+s, Apollo GX55, and Bendix audio panel.
  6. JETmachine


    The BatteryMINDer pigtail is shielded, tethered, and operational. Extra caution is called for in protecting the pigtail from chaffing even though a fuse protects the lead. The utility and convenience are good but installation-caution is gold. NOTE: This is a valuable site for all of us Mooniacs, however, installing an album of pictures or pictures within an album is hugely challenging. All suggestions about how to insert pictures in sequence and how to present them right side up are appreciated. The "image" rotation tool (left) consistently flipped this picture 180 degrees when clicked once seeking a 90-degree rotation. And, this picture is not the lead picture of the album. It needs to be moved downstream 6 or 8 pictures. grrrrr
  7. JETmachine

    BatteryMINDer and external power plug

    Roger that! This picture is from a Mooneyspace illustration. 175KT is wrapped, tied-off, and fused for safety given the potential exposure of a short that could lead to a catastrophic electrical fire in the aft-compartment. ty for the heads-up. (:
  8. JETmachine

    BatteryMINDer and external power plug

    175KT went this route. BatteryMINDer works as intended. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Case closed. jt
  9. Roger that: Cmd +R/ Cmd + S in Preview before uploading. jt
  10. Roger that! Several flipping iterations resulted in the picture posting properly. It's unclear which change worked. Back to the drawing board. At this point, getting the pic to post right side up is trial and error. Keep hope alive. jt
  11. FOR SALE: M20 starboard flap and two late model ailerons w/counterweights and 201 wingtips LOCATION: Delivery from KHWD possible within reason. The flap will require ($$$) freight. KHWD installation is possible. Additional pics of ailerons and 201wingtips to follow. All parts are leftovers from the 175KT restoration 20-yrs ago/summer hangar cleaning. PM for prices.
  12. JETmachine

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Spike, What max manifold psi do you plan as a limit to keep from over-boosting the O-360? My RayJay experience is nada. Some here no doubt have critical #s below 5K' with that RayJay. It sounds like fun. Keep us posted. jt
  13. JETmachine

    pic of scrap m20c

    You know, four bolts plus the controls and the wing comes off?! 20-yrs ago an M20 wing from the dismantled was $7K.
  14. JETmachine

    BatteryMINDer and external power plug

    Roger that! One more thing. When you create an album, do you use a photo editor to change the order of pictures in the album? Cheers, jt