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  1. CharlesHuddleston

    Grounded... Repair Advice?

    OK, so I'm saddened to report that I grounded my plane last week. Landing in the rain, at night, I feel like i carried too much speed into the landing, and after touching down a little long, tried to brake to slow down. My assumption is that the left brake either caught or locked, but the right didn't brake well or at all, and I yawed off the runway and hit a taxiway sign. Got a couple small dents in the leading edge of the left wing, the biggest one right on the stall warning vane. FAA paperwork, insurance adjuster, etc has been a little bit of a headache, but doesn't hurt near as bad as not being able to fly. Mechanic has it in the shop now, and is giving it a very thorough eval. His first reply was that it might be cheaper/easier to simply replace the whole wing with a salvage wing rather than re-skinning. I get his point, but at the same time, I have long-range tanks, and electric speed brakes that would have to be transferred. As long as all the measurements are square (no wing warping, etc), can you not simply pull the dent out and replace the stall warning system? I have read through the Service Maintenance Manual and it describes the structure of the wing and all the components, but I could find any recommendations regarding repairs. Appreciate any thought or guidance.
  2. CharlesHuddleston

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    I thought it was cool to be able to look back and watch the shadow gear retract! Definitely checking out the tech...
  3. CharlesHuddleston

    Gear Safety Bypass

    My mistake. Yes the floor indicator was DARK, as it was supposed to be. It turned GREEN when I cycled the gear down.
  4. CharlesHuddleston

    Gear Safety Bypass

    Yes, both annunciater light was off, and floor mounted indicator was green and lined up. And, this happened about 30-45 mins after take-off.
  5. CharlesHuddleston

    Gear Safety Bypass

    So I went out flying today, sight-seeing with a friend, and all of a sudden I hear an alarm. It was a constant, high pitched sound. I start scanning all the instruments, annunciators, radios, Sentry CO2 monitor, EVERYTHING!!! I powered off all the avionics and it quit while the avionics master was off. Fortunately we were flying straight and level at roughly 3,000' AGL. I immediately started scanning our location, as I turned back towards an airfield that was just a couple miles away. I kept checking and double-checking everything, and then started to question when I might have heard that specific sound before. Then, in a flash of my memory, I reached up and pushed the Gear Safety Bypass button, and low and behold the alarm went off!!! We were moving slow enough, so I cycled the gear, and they went down, and then back up fine. Turned back to home base, and landed without incident or any other alarm. Anyone ever experience this before? (While the airplane was in the air, not on jack stands!) Appreciate your thoughts!
  6. CharlesHuddleston

    Add GPSS / Roll Steering Converter???

    Thanks for everyone's input. The plane had a King HSI installed when I got it, so adding the GPSS to the KAP 150/G530W combo was the easiest solution. When I searched on MS, I actually found the information about the GAC module. From there, have found a used one at a decent price, which was removed during an upgrade. From the DAC paperwork that I've read, the unit has a MTBF of 50,000 hrs, so I not at all worried about it being used!
  7. CharlesHuddleston

    Add GPSS / Roll Steering Converter???

    Hello all, I have an '82 M20K, with a G530W and a King KAP 150. Works great, still learning how to fully use it as I get my IFR training. I have been looking at possibly adding a DAC GDC31 roll steering converter to add GPSS capability. When I talked to some of the local pilots, they mention that they usually only fly heading mode anyway, so didn't know if it would be worth it in the long run. Thoughts/Ideas/Suggestions? I found a used one for under 1 AMU, but wasn't sure how bad the install would be. 1. What benefit will it add other than following the magenta line? 2. Guesstimate on install time/cost? Thanks in advance for the comments!
  8. CharlesHuddleston

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    I got my 231 with about 100 hrs, mostly in a Cherokee and Archer. The hardest part for me has been learning engine power settings and management, but I have enjoyed learning! It is a great airplane. Are there better ones out there? Yes. Are there cheaper or more expensive ones? Yes. It all depends on what you are looking for as far as mission and budget! After all, the thing that makes most airplanes fly is money! Bottom line is making sure you get the help and training to transition into a high-performance/complex airframe. Good luck!
  9. CharlesHuddleston

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Count me in as well!
  10. CharlesHuddleston


    My story is quite as price-intensive... as of yet! I bout my 1982 M20K from the US Marshals Service after it was seized. No logs, so got into it cheap. Had the prop overhauled, mags inspected, installed the "stolen" avionics to include a G530W, a G330 transponder, and a G340 audio panel. That and a VERY thorough annual to get her back in flying shape. Then, I have seen countless hours buffing the paint, scrubbing the interior, repairing some interior plastics, etc... But I was looking for a 'forever' plane, and had already figured out that this is an expensive hobby! My only achilles heel at this point: not knowing the engine time. Fortunately the compressions are great, its not making any metal, and it is running strong. All that to say, now that I have spent the money, I am still findings things that I could/would like to spend more on!!!
  11. CharlesHuddleston

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    Stainless was my first thought. That way, it would be one and done! I have been reading about turning it on the lathe, and will try to see if I can come up with a piece to try it on. I also considered just using a piece of aluminum bar, but wondered if it would be strong enough to last.
  12. CharlesHuddleston

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    I could easily be persuaded to make another one (or two). The piece of stock I bought was only about 3 feet long, so I might have a little extra! Shoot me a msg and I will see what I can do.
  13. CharlesHuddleston

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    Turned the shape on the lathe, cut the length, and then threaded with a die. Made a second one tonight, so now I have replaced both. Second one went a LOT quicker, and actually looks better.
  14. CharlesHuddleston

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    Happy Labor Day to me. So, Harbor Freight had a 25% off coupon... Here's take one. Threaded portion is a little longer, but that part is not the critical part. I have to say, I am very pleased with myself.
  15. CharlesHuddleston

    Fuel Cap Rehab

    So, after reading through the issues/costs associated with metal printing, I think I will just invest in a micro-lathe, and turn the pieces from some bar stock. That way, I can make one or a dozen, and if it works out, I will offer them to those here on MS. After all, the community has been a great help for me. I like making things, and certainly like to be able to give back to others. I will keep everyone posted.