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  1. CharlesHuddleston

    Wife’s pic

    Awesome pic!
  2. CharlesHuddleston

    Mag Overhaul v/s Inspection

    Good idea about the prop inspection. I am not commercial, by thought that prop times had to be tracked, and unlike an engine TBO, were more mandatory. Without logs, would an IRAN inspection work to start a new prop log?? Thanks again!
  3. CharlesHuddleston

    Mag Overhaul v/s Inspection

    Ok ladies and gentlemen, looking for some more advice. For those that haven’t seen any of my earlier posts, I just moved to the ‘owner’ category. N1157L was purchased after a government seizure, and as of yet I don’t have any old logs or records. Annual is done, squawks are being addressed, compressions were great, and prop is being overhauled. The last inspection item are the mags. Would it be more cost effective to just get them overhauled or simply ask for the 500hr inspection? Trying not to be frugal, just want to be cost-conscientious! Mag failure rates??? I have found some online overhaul estimates, but don’t see any ‘inspection’ estimates. Thanks for the guidance. It has always been so easy to just check out the rental and fly away, but so looking forward to having the freedom, increase in speed, and range!!!
  4. CharlesHuddleston

    Cleaning the engine

    Hello all! We are getting closer every day to bringing N1157L home to Tennessee. Mechanic is sorting through the last of the squawks, and prop is getting overhauled and boots replaced. When it gets home, I’m going to give it a good wash & wax. Is it ok to wash the engine components? On my automobiles, I will use a degreaser and a pressure washer with a low pressure tip. Will this work on an aircraft engine as well? Excited about becoming a new owner!
  5. CharlesHuddleston

    Garmin Stuff

    Just saw this, kinda new to the forum. Do you still have a 530W available?
  6. CharlesHuddleston

    Leaky Fuel Selector Valve

    Mechanic found a leaky fuel selector valve. While looking through the illustrated parts catalog, I noticed O-rings at each connection. I would assume (you know what they say...) that you could remove the selector valve, clean it, and likely just replace the O-rings to resolve the leak. It appeared to leaking at one of the connections on the valve. Ideas? Common place to have a leak? Thanks for your thoughts and comments!
  7. CharlesHuddleston

    Propeller Shop Info

    Hello Florida Flyers. I am much closer to getting to fly N1157L 1982 M20K home from Fort Lauderdale to Tennessee. Annual inspection actually went well. The shop is working on some squeaks now to bring everything up to shape. As I still do not have any logs, and there was some vibration during the run-up, I am likely looking at a prop overhaul as well. If nothing else, it will get it to a point where I can restart a new log! Does anyone have any dealings with Palm Beach Propeller? They quoted me roughly $2500 for the overhaul, and an additional $600 per blade should I want them to replace the heater elements (they have been removed). From what I've read, this sounds like a pretty fair market price for an overhaul. Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? As I am planning to use this for cross country flights, I will likely have the heater boots put back on. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. CharlesHuddleston

    Help With Records! New Owner

    Just an update, and a thank you to all who replied and gave lots of good advice! Shop in Ft Lauderdale has the plane as of this afternoon, starting an annual inspection +/- ferry permit paperwork. Im still waiting on the official packet from the FAA (with records, 337s, etc) so I can track ownership and any old maintenance. Mailed in the new registration. And, I actually sent the prior owner a letter in jail, to see if he is willing to communicate about it. I also sent out a blast of emails to a lot of the Florida maintenance facilities, and as of yet have not tracked down any leads. But, Im still excited about the prospect and project! I realized today when my mechanic sent me a pic of the dash that it has speed brakes installed! That's a nice plus that I wasn't expecting! Now we just wait and see what all maintenance needs to be made up for. I have a hanger space and mechanic here in TN that is going to help me do a lot of owner-assisted work, as I not only want to be able to fly the plane, I want to "know" the plane, inside and out. Having worked through many other projects in my past, I have realized that more often than not, no one cares about the outcome as much as you do! Having said that, I am not willing to take any short cuts!
  9. CharlesHuddleston

    Help With Records! New Owner

    Thanks for all the helpful advice and leads. I am still awaiting the FAA packet with their paperwork. I’ve got to say, I read DAVIDWH’s reply and had to laugh. Partly because it is funny, and partly because it is spot on! I’m still on top as of now, but know when and where to fold, and recoup without taking a loss! I guess it goes back to that old adage, that there is no free lunch, and if it sounds too good to be true... Charlie
  10. CharlesHuddleston

    Help With Records! New Owner

    Hello to the Florida group! I just purchased a 1982 M20K courtesy of the U.S. Marshal’s service. Tail # is N1157L. It was seized from Alejandro ‘Alex’ Amor on Jan 11, 2016. Right now it is secured at Ft Lauderdale Executive KFXE. Apparently it was based at KTMB, Miami Executive. I was able to speak with his ex-wife who said that her oldest son apparently absconded with the logs. Attempts to contact him have been met with ‘they were lost in a fire, stolen, etc’. I did offer a reward! I have scoured the internet and sent out lots of emails along the southeast Florida coast and made lots of phone calls trying to find a maintenance facility that would have any records, at this point with only minimal results. If anyone here has any guidance on trying to find records or has any specific information, I would greatly appreciate the help! I am planning to use this as a personal aircraft, so want to be sure everything is on the up and up before I put the wife and kids in it. On that note, anyone have any dealings with MobilAero out of KFXE? I have a bid from them for an annual and then to give me a list of discrepancies with associated costs to repair. If I can’t come up with logs and times, obviously this could be a costly endeavor. The group that had seized it has run it up on a monthly basis. Thanks in advance! Charlie Huddleston (931) 434-1915
  11. CharlesHuddleston

    Mooney Mod Squad

    I actually spoke w Coy this week. I'm new to the Mooney scene. I just purchased a 1982 M20K that was a government seizure. The Ex-wife was kind enough to point me in some directions, as her husband is now in jail. She mentioned Mod Works as having done some work in the past (I'm trying to track down and recreate logs that are missing - again the ex said oldest son was instructed to grab them and stash them). I found him by calling a place called Mooney Mart. He answered the phone with a 'hello'. Alas, he didn't seem to be able to offer me any help, but I was just seeking records.