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  1. FWIW, the JPI 700 can/will display %Power, but I think you have to add RMP and fuel flow modules ??? Mine displays it. Check in the User's Manual
  2. Thanks! I had tried the sales email, will hit up the other two as well!!!
  3. Help!!! In the midst of avionics upgrade. Moving from a JPI EDM700 to an 830, and moving locations as well. The old harness is to short to make the transition seamlessly. I had spoken with JPI prior to the shutdown, and do know they make and offer a harness extension. I’ve obviously tried to call and email, but haven’t heard back. Does anyone have an inside connection that I can reach out to to order one? Otherwise I may be waiting until California allows them to go back to work. I posted this both here and to the Mooney Owners’s FB page, hoping to reach someone!
  4. Looking at you pictures again in admiration, and wondering what your placard says under the transponder regarding the 430 and 530?
  5. Nice! I'm on for the 18th to drop mine off for a much needed upgrade to an Aspen 2000 system. Can't wait. And, I will be removing some similar equipment, so it's nice to see that much in weight savings!
  6. I had a somewhat similar situation with the steering horn pivot point (blue arrow) on my '82K. Only on the newer frames, the design was a little different. Instead of a bolt through a bushing, it was a welded pin which broke off the frame. Regardless, LASAR sells a beefed-up kit and steering horn. I'm sure they can address that if you are already planning on sending in your nose gear truss. look under the MODS section on their website. It is currently listed as "unavailable", however, they had the part I was needing on the shelf, just didn't send the entire kit. They priced it accordingly and included the STC paperwork.
  7. My '82K has removable seats! But, it also has the one piece belly, which I know was added on...
  8. Did you remove them to recover, or recover in place? They look great.
  9. Is it me or is his/her canopy gone? Wonder if that is standard protocol...
  10. It has an external battery, but I'm hoping that there will be more incentives coming as well... Regarding the listing regarding @Avionics Source, what is the BT that you are referring to? BeechTalk??
  11. To date, I have purchased a 530W, a PMA8000BT, a 430(non-was), and recently an Aspen E2000 system that is now in line to get 1. MAX upgraded with 2 yr warranty, and 2. installed by the avionics shop. Almost got scammed once, but caught it, and didn't end up losing any money. Again, as mentioned above, you have to use a little judgement and possible some luck! Likewise I have sold some stuff on eBay as well, most recently a Garmin 480. Turned out the guy was close to me, and his wife was a little skittish, so I flew to his airport (good excuse to fly), and we made a cash deal in person!
  12. If you can check and let me know, I would definitely be interested. Thanks
  13. That just looks sweet...
  14. Just curious, how does the plumbing run from the seal to the bulb? Do you have to drill a hole in the edge of the door where the seal mounts? Are there drain holes that are already there that are utilized? Likewise, I assume the second coiled tubing in the above pic would allow the tubing to cross the door gap. Do you happen to have any pictures of the system(s) installed? TIA! Charlie
  15. I have a K with the intercooler, Merlyn waste gate and Gami's, but if I had a reasonable option, I would upgrade to the Rocket. But, it's because I like to fly fast to get wherever I am going! Just my opinion, for what its worth!