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  1. CharlesHuddleston

    Factory O2 Valve Connection

    I have spoken with the guys at Lasar several times already on the plane. They were a great resource. Will start there! anthonydesmet, I appreciate your insight, and will add that to the checklist. Mooney pilots are a great resource, and MooneySpace in particular!
  2. CharlesHuddleston

    Factory O2 Valve Connection

    This is perfect, thanks! Confirms the slotted hex-head screw that holds the wire in place. I can remove that piece and find a bolt/screw that fits the threads.
  3. CharlesHuddleston

    Factory O2 Valve Connection

    When I picked up 1157L (purchased from US Marshal's service, no logs), the A&P had removed the O2 tank because it needed to be re-certified. Fortunately, he put it back in to do the W&B. He did not hook anything back up, including the valve actuator. She is now ready to be hooked back up again (what a pain to take out and re-install!!!), and I am having a little trouble figuring out how the actuator wire connects to the valve arm. Doe anyone happen to have a picture of that connection that they could share? It looks like there might be a tap where the pull wire threads through that would tighten down to hold the wire in place, but there is not a set screw there. Ive looked through the service manual and can't get an answer. Appreciate any help!
  4. CharlesHuddleston

    Paint the panel?

    I do have a new Sentry that I use for ADSB-in, which is awesome with FF. And, it has a CO2 detector! The mechanic made me install that one during the recent annual... $3.00, so I really couldn't argue with him too much.
  5. CharlesHuddleston

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    Just flew out of KFXE weekend before last. Worldjet is the small business on one side. Fuel was $6-ish a gallon. Banyon is the FBO on the opposite side. Fuel was $7-ish, but the facilities were luxurious. They also have a huge Pilot shop next to the FBO, which they brag as being one of the biggest in the country. Enjoy the trip!
  6. CharlesHuddleston

    Paint the panel?

    Ok, I have started the interior rehab on our new-to-me plane! Seats & carpet out, getting scrubbed up. Taking out the plastics to repair some cracks and re-paint. Is it possible to remove the panel pieces and repaint them as well, or is this something I should refer to an avionics shop to do??? Some of the instruments, like the DG and HSI appear to have screws on the outside and be surface mounted whereas the others appear to be back-mounted under the panel with screws. What about the post lights? Searched on the forum and online, and haven’t found what I’m needing. Also wondering if the hanger elf can clean the glass on the airspeed indicator and the altimeter. Thanks!
  7. CharlesHuddleston

    Sentry or Stratus ADS-B In

    Bought a Sentry a couple weeks ago before we picked up our plane. Very pleased with it, and has a great price. Its small, comes with a Ram suction mount, and charging cord. Uses WiFi, and works flawlessly with ForeFlight. You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Will work on iPhone, but Synthetic Vision part only works on the iPad version of FF.
  8. CharlesHuddleston

    Welcome Home, N1157L!

    I thought the strippers were a nice touch, and they certainly served their purpose: lure unwitting young men (or women?) to sign on the dotted line! Final bid was $35k. Yes, there is a JPI 800 on the left. I have been reading all about the performance settings and adjustments, and how important it is to watch those temps. Fortunately, the original POH and the JPI manual were in the back of the plane. Now I get to read up on all the details and how to get the most use out of it!
  9. CharlesHuddleston

    Welcome Home, N1157L!

    Thanks to all. Yes, the price was unbeatable! I had been looking at a couple of well cared for F models, when I found this online. It was a huge leap of faith jumping in sight unseen, but as of now, it is paying dividends. The back story is kind of entertaining to read. You can Google Alexander Amor or Fast Train school and get all the entertaining details. He got 8 or 9 years in a federal pen. Oh, and if anyone has a line on a 530W 12V, please shoot me a msg!
  10. CharlesHuddleston

    Welcome Home, N1157L!

    So I have posted a lot of questions on the forum about a few different topics that I encountered along the way, but I'm prod to announce that N1157L, a new-to-me 1982 M20K was finally able to be flown home this past Sunday from Fort Lauderdale. The original bill of sale was signed off on May 17, and it took until August 5 to get all the kinks worked out. If it looks familiar at all, it was up for auction by the US Marshal's service. I bought it sans log books, so that was the beginning of the journey. It was missing the audio panel, the transponder, and a GNS530W. I had the proper overhauled to 0-time, 500hr mag inspection, replaced a few lights and the left wingtip lens, had to replace the fuel selector valve (that booger was $2k!), replaced a couple of gas caps, and replaced all the wheel bearings and races. Completed a full annual inspection, and all the ADs had to be re-checked as well. After finally getting the new registration, a new airworthiness certificate, and all the proper documentation in order, we flew home to KSRB. It was a nice, smooth 4.5 hr flight. We stayed at 10,500' as the O2 tank still needs to be recertified. But, found some awesome surprises along the way. It has long range tanks installed, has working electric speed breaks, has a storm scope behind the dash (wired to display on the 530), had a merlyn waste gate and intercooler installed, one piece belly skin, and was hard-wired for Bose headphones in all 4 places! At this point, the only thing left to do is to keep hunting records to try to determine the engine total time, although the compressions were really good, and replace the 530W. That, and she needs a really good wash and wax! This place is a great resource for Mooney-holics, as my wife has basically compared my behavior as of late to that of an addict!!! Thanks to all!
  11. CharlesHuddleston

    Stratus 2S stolen

    That really sucks! I hope you get your car back, in one piece!!! I know this won't help replace anything, but I just bought a Sentry receiver to use with ForeFlight. Works great and is cheaper. You can check it out.
  12. CharlesHuddleston

    M20K Fuel Selector Valve

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am seeking some assistance. Again, my new-to-me M20K N1157L is closing in on flying again after being sold to the highest bidder (me) by the U.S. Marshal’s service. Due to the lack of log books, we have been going through a rather extensive annual/overhaul period. I have ALMOST everything fixed/ordered/inspected/overhauled... except for the leaky fuel selector valve. As many of you may know, the K model valve cannot be rebuilt/overhauled as the company that made them did not release any service manuals related to the valve. My mechanic is not budging on installing a used ‘as removed’ one unless it would include an 8130 or ‘yellow tag’ assuring to its serviceability. In his opinion, as this is a rather critical component (and I agree, don’t want it to fail at 15k’) I am in need of a replacement. I found a company in Fort Lauderdale who could acquire an ‘as rekoved’ But would not include an 8130. Per the Maintenence Manual it is ‘recommended’ to be replaced every 500hrs or if it appears to be non-functioning (duh!). A new valve can be ordered for close to $2500.00. So, what I’m asking is: does anyone have a source for a used valve that might come with paperwork, or do I just poney up the $$, and buy a new one. Thanks, in advance, for your wisdom! Charlie
  13. CharlesHuddleston

    Wife’s pic

    Awesome pic!
  14. CharlesHuddleston

    Mag Overhaul v/s Inspection

    Good idea about the prop inspection. I am not commercial, by thought that prop times had to be tracked, and unlike an engine TBO, were more mandatory. Without logs, would an IRAN inspection work to start a new prop log?? Thanks again!
  15. CharlesHuddleston

    Mag Overhaul v/s Inspection

    Ok ladies and gentlemen, looking for some more advice. For those that haven’t seen any of my earlier posts, I just moved to the ‘owner’ category. N1157L was purchased after a government seizure, and as of yet I don’t have any old logs or records. Annual is done, squawks are being addressed, compressions were great, and prop is being overhauled. The last inspection item are the mags. Would it be more cost effective to just get them overhauled or simply ask for the 500hr inspection? Trying not to be frugal, just want to be cost-conscientious! Mag failure rates??? I have found some online overhaul estimates, but don’t see any ‘inspection’ estimates. Thanks for the guidance. It has always been so easy to just check out the rental and fly away, but so looking forward to having the freedom, increase in speed, and range!!!