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  1. Progress! Re-Assembly complete. New nose truss, clamp-on pin, and new nose pucks. (They were over-due!) Now waiting for all the TN rains to pass to try some taxi runs and then take to the skies. I huge thank you to my new local A&P, Ted Tippon (son of the country music star). They are Mooney owners as well!
  2. Lady LuLu just rides in the bag in a lap. Easy peasy. Had a great trip to the beach with her this summer.
  3. Asking because I honestly do not know, but why do you need to join EAA in order to take this on? I would honestly love to do something like this, but would want to do it the right way!
  4. Better yet, have you seen some of MY landings!!!
  5. Work is getting started. Actually had to get a new nose truss as the back attachment bracket of the ‘doghouse’ was broken as well. We removed the front nose well panel to expose the cross member. Next up, going to support nose with an engine hoist, remove the nose gear, and grind the old welded pin off. Only upside is that I can do a good thorough cleaning of the nose well! That, and I’m replacing the pucks all around. In the pic, the red circle is the broken pivot point and the blue represents where the steering arm would live. You can also see (or not) the absent pilot’s side turn limiting tab. Love to do and learn, hate to do it at the expense of flight time.
  6. Ouch!!! I hope that the gear was the only thing damaged. Was this a towing mistake as well??? I can image lots of other important moving parts that could have hit the ground as well... I’m certain that was a BAD day for everyone involved.
  7. That was the first place I looked after noticing the damage. Fortunately, just a little paint rub, but no indentation.
  8. Quick update for those following this thread. I had to order a rebuilt nose truss. And I believe I now know the root cause. On our way to the Bahamas, we stopped overnight in Miami. The next morning we had been towed to a different spot. I believe it was a towing incident. The left turning limit flange was broken off, and one of the two mounting points for the steering horn on the top of the nose gear is broken off. I am 100% certain there was no damage to The turning limit flanges before we departed. Again, as mentioned in many other threads on MS, that is now on the preflight checklist... ESPECIALLY after stopping at a foreign FBO. Think I will adopt the ‘I will pull it myself’ sign and attitude. Too much trouble, time, and expense to repair. unless I can develop a free-castering STC!
  9. Wanted to share this one with the crowd. When we were flying back from the Bahamas through FL, we got diverted due to some loitering military traffic that was out playing. ATC had no clue what it was but wanted us to give them some space! Clipped this screenshot:
  10. WOW. There is much more to this part than just a clamp with a post... See pics below. Willing to take measurements for anyone that may want them, but I know there is no way I could re-create this thing! It came temporarily mounted on the wooden dowel.
  11. Ouch! that's $10.22 per gallon! I cry when traveling abroad to the big city FBO's and pay $7 a gallon for 100LL...
  12. Absolutely. Will get pics, measurements, etc. and post as soon as I get it. Again, I was so excited when I got off the phone this morning. She did mention that they were looking at finding a new machinist to possibly making some more of the machined steering horns.
  13. Oh, Happy Day!!! Spoke with Corrine at LASAR this morning. Although they did not have the entire kit mentioned above, they did have the clamp-on stud! It, and the STC are going in the mail today. Because it was no the entire kit, they gave me a deal on the clamp and paperwork. I danced a little jig! Again, I cannot say enough good things about the people on this site, and the Mooney community in general. Now if we could just get the factory bank-rolled with an unlimited supply of money... I did wonder if they would cut me a deal on a partially completed new airframe??!!
  14. That is the ticket, hank you!!! LASAR website says out of stock, but I will be calling them first thing Monday morning!