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  1. I did something similar with our K, but it hadn't been sitting quite that long. It was a seizure by the US Marshal's service, and sat outside in Ft. Lauderdale for about 1.5 yrs before I got it. Got about a 100 hrs or son on the engine before a full overhaul, but then again, I had NO clue on the times, as I got NO logs! I've been able to do a lot of the other things you mentioned myself, and in stages. Could I have spent the same amount on a flying plane and not had to mess with it??? Almost certainly. But, like you, I have loved doing a lot of the work myself. I even did the leather seat upho
  2. Adding to old thread: I was looking to move my speed brake switch to the yoke as well, and found the switch housing difficult if not impossible to find. Lasar sells them, but it is still listed as out of stock. Had the yoke off to paint, and so turned to "owner produced part" method, and a desktop CNC, along with a pice of HDPE. Ive got to say, it turned out pretty good.
  3. So, can I have your wife call my wife??!! I got the panel done last year, so trying to get her on board for the paint this year!!!
  4. Oh, for me, this is absolutely more of the long-term play. I have loved the process as much as the simple ownership and ability to fly when I want to (weather and wife permitting!). I know everyone has very different opinions regarding maintenance and operations, but for me, the more I am involved with the maintenance, upgrades, and restoration, the more aware of the plane's 'personality' I am. I am more in tune when something 'feels' off or sounds different. Plus, I have always loved mechanical work and working with my hands. Doesn't mean its right for everyone, but its right for me!
  5. Having purchased an '82 K without ANY logbooks due to a government seizure, I can give you my story and my take on it. I saw it as a way to get in to a very desirable airplane that I intended to keep and fly. I bought mine from the US Marshal's service (and can recount and document the circumstances surrounding its seizure, and thus loss of logs) should I ever want to sell. After getting it airworthy and an AD list confirmed for around $3500, I flew it for a year before slipping off a runway and suffering a prop strike and a small dent in the wing. Insurance helped, and I paid to turn it into
  6. We are in middle TN (KSRB), and always looking for a reason to fly. What airport are you taking your lessons at? You can also add more info to your profile that can help (location, etc...)
  7. And I would say if you don't want to go for it, let me know, and I will give it a shot! I had looked at this similar topic when installing an Aspen 2000 MAX system. I do know that you can't just take any 'ole KFC and swap out the box, as there are 'chips' inside calibrated to the different airframe models (Mooney, Piper, Cessna, etc...) That and the voltage difference as mentioned above. If you don't want it, tell them you know someone who is.
  8. I will agree whole-heartedly about the above-mentioned @DonMuncy's 'owner-produced' set. I recently got a set for my '82K and they are great. Certainly less expensive than Rosen, and leaps above the OEM design.
  9. During our last annual, I went ahead and had the mechanic remove the vacuum system and cap the mounting location as our instruments are all solid state now. I was a little stumped to find this... I’ve been trying to do some research on my own, but would appreciate other’s input. Can I not just have him replace the intake manifold pipe coupler, and get rid of this whole tubing assembly/valve/and vacuum regulator as well? Tried to peer under the dash, and believe that the vacuum filer is connected to the large tubing going through the fire-wall. Thanks! IMG_1922.MOV
  10. So I will add in my own personal experience here. I bought N1157L from the US Marshal's Service, without logbooks, roughly 2.5 yrs ago. It had sat for a little over a year in the government's possession. Having said that, the prior owner had installed almost every option available to the airframe for an '82 K model. It had the LB engine, intercooler, Merlyn waste-gate, electric speed brakes, long range tanks, gap seals, one piece belly, etc... I had just over 100hrs and only had my PPL. After spending around 10k to get it in the air and flight-worthy, I have since dropped a LOT of money into i
  11. In my experience, with a standard installation, you will not have GPSS unless you have something wired between the 530 and the autopilot. If you have the standard Bendix-King instruments, there are a couple options to add GPSS in between the two such as a DAC GDC31, but this usually has a switch mounted on the panel to toggle between HDG mode and GPS mode. I looked into this a while back. You other option would be digital flight instruments (Aspen, G5, etc) that have built in converters to follow the GPS track.
  12. Last year, we were fortunate to get an Aspen 2000 Max system installed. I still have a GTX330ES transponder for ADSB out, and was interested in displaying weather on the Aspen system. I know I could upgrade to the GTX345 and get ADSB displayed on the system, but I got a great deal on a new (old stock) XDM050-01 XM data receiver. I was planning on having it installed and getting the XM subscription and trying that route out. I am now on the search for an Installation Manual for the XM receiver. I reached out to Aspen, who politely told me "no" (due to not being an authorized dealer) as well as
  13. I will add my research to this thread. I had contacted and discussed a potential project with PBS Aerospace, looking at their 200+ HP turboprop engine mated to a Mooney airframe. Overall the technicalities would be easy enough to overcome, but it basically came down to a cost/benefit deal. Given their quote on the cost of an engine and the current TBO, it came out in the negative column. The increased fuel consumption and capacity could easily be negated with LR fuel tanks, and the increase in cruise would certainly make up ground in the cost per mile segment. Based on my figures, if the TBO c
  14. Jake, thanks for the above info. Reviving an older thread. I do have a follow up question as you seem to be the subject matter expert. Are the modules interchangeable between the flight computers? In other words, could I remove the module from my KC-191 and install it in a KC-192? From the installation modules I have read, it looks like the modules were initially sold/shipped separately from BK corresponding to the specific airframe. I know there would be some wiring that would need to be added for the Flight Director, but just wondering if it would be economically feasible to move from the 19
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