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  1. In a small way, airplanes are like boats.. they are all for sale... if the price is right. I club here on the Suncoast was looking for a K model, but then chose (wisely - in my opinion, since it's a club) to look for a J model. They didn't seem to have any trouble finding aircraft to do homework on when looking at the big 3+1 (TaP, ASO and Controller, with eBay being the +1) Hopefully you can find one with the LG and not the GB engine. Good luck.
  2. Thanks. Good to be here. Mooney's always bring a comfortable familiarity and a smile to my face.
  3. Hi Victor, I'm a newbie to the group and was just checking out our Florida page. I'm a newbie to the Suncoast and can probably help if Mike E above isn't available. I took my Comm/CFI rides in a J model over 30 years ago, although I don't actively instruct any more. More just for part time fun. Most of my M20 experience is in J and C models, but I can help if you don't find anyone else. Griff