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  1. Tampabay

    IA Needed

    67 M20E and my fair offer was $1000 for the annual inspection only.
  2. Tampabay

    IA Needed

    Well finally i have found an IA and yes I like him and he is familiar with how a Mooney ticks. No C-17's landing on Peter O Knight recently, did see one line up but pulled up way out and went on to MacDill... LOl... I have had good experience and also very bad experience with taking a plane into the shop. Either I was gouged or it had taken an overly long time to accomplish an annual with no squawks or replacements needed. Besides once found I have told others and they are seeking his services. I understand that this day and age IA that is willing to travel a little is hard to find. But just ten years ago this was the norm if one had the proper equipment already in place. I had inspections in my hangar since I messed up and bought my first drug, er, airplane... (is there a difference?). From radial engines to turbines they have all become good friends but as someone pointed out, they are retiring and now reaching 61 myself I see more and more retiring.
  3. Tampabay

    IA Needed

    Hi group, new here but not to aviation or Mooney's.... however I have lost a good friend and IA and it is time for Annual. I have a full hangar at Peter O Knight and wish to do an annual owner assist or have someone that is willing to do it in my hangar. I have jacks and willing to pay a fair price. If anyone knows of a local IA willing to do this it would be appreciated for the contact information. There are no known issues going in so it shouldn't be any problem and I am in no rush as I want to do it right of course... it's my butt in that seat! :)