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  1. David Lloyd

    ELT going off

    I've had several so-called landings where I was shocked my ELT did not activate.
  2. David Lloyd


    Good folks everywhere! Sometimes a battery may be a little weak, maybe crank a little too long and the volts sag almost enough for the starter solenoid to drop out. Contacts arc and weld.
  3. David Lloyd

    Polar Vortex Flying

    Soon after buying a Bonanza, we had a door pop open one 5 F night at altitude. Wind chill was incredible. Quick descent to shut the door, wife was shaking. Scared? No, freezing! You can bet I personally checked the door from that point on. Had it adjusted too.
  4. David Lloyd


    I know a lot about nothing. Ask my wife.
  5. David Lloyd

    Retractable step

    Got pictures of your finished install?
  6. David Lloyd

    Dented Nose Truss

    Only if you caught it on the pre-flight.
  7. If it is an Interav alternator conversion, I and someone I know had occasional OV trips that a reason never could be found. I replaced the OV relay with a B&C, never another trip.
  8. David Lloyd

    Dynon Certified thread

    Uh, I think that is $750 per servo. And then you will also want to throw in the buttons and knobs panels, another $700. But I agree.
  9. David Lloyd

    Flying in the rain...

    Used to travel somewhere pretty much every Monday morning, early to arrive and be driving a rental car by 8AM. If it was raining, I went. Every now and the in the rain won't peel paint unless it is defective. It will over time as others have said wear paint from the leading edges. 1500 Hours of flying in Monday mornings' weather would have the paint on the leading edges of the wing looking a little thin. 2000 Hours would need the leading edges painted. It's almost like tires, if used it will wear. If it leaks water anywhere, fix it. Vents usually don't leak much by design. Water either passes by the vent or there is a drain. Rain, just not a big deal to fly in.
  10. Speaking of Skyview, for the money spent for some of the other autopilots you could also have a glass display. But it may be a year before that happens.
  11. David Lloyd

    End of an era

    D. B. is that you?
  12. David Lloyd

    M20J Instructor in NC?

    George, yes we have a couple hangar spaces open. If interested I will send you the manager's phone.
  13. David Lloyd

    Original W&B missing items??

    A lot of the old weight and balance was done before cheap calculators. Go through every change, every computation and find all the errors. In my 1971 Bo there were ten or so. 2+2=5, 3x6=19, add rather than subtract, etc.
  14. David Lloyd

    Removal of annunciator panel

    Bonanzas from day one had only one gearbox, one motor to actuate the landing gear and doors. Yep four bar mechanism sounds like a good description. Had a motor go out one time and had to crank the gear down. Usually almost as dependable as Mooney's Johnson bar.
  15. David Lloyd

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    I've heard the semi-synthetic Aeroshell 15W50 was bad for the Continental starter adapters causing them to slip. But, I ran a couple IO-520's past TBO with no starter problem, or any problem. One IO-550, a factory reman was crap and I replaced 8 cylinders (worn exhaust valve guides) trying to get it to 1500 hours, never a starter problem. An IO-550 Superior overhaul to 1200 hours when I sold it, never a starter problem. All on Aeroshell 15W50. The Bo I am flying now, about 300 hours SMOH, Aeroshell 100W, starter slipped during a hot start a couple weeks ago. I suspect something more than slippery oil is going on with CM's starter adapter.