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  1. David Lloyd

    P-Lead Length

    Don't know if ACS or the video mentioned, use 18 shielded, anything smaller is difficult to pull the center through the braid.
  2. David Lloyd

    P-Lead Length

    I have made and have seen an A&P make new pleads. Actually the A&P did not do as classy a job as this: nuts, why can't I copy & paste a link. Go to eaavideo.org and search p lead fabrication. Watch the video. Oh, and there are about a 1000 other videos on that site you ought to watch.
  3. David Lloyd

    GPU Mishap

    Years ago, having some radio work done the shop pulled this same trick on my 12 volt F33A. Blew the top off the battery. Bent the cowling door and latches. Battery box shaped like a beach ball (beech?). Lied about what happened. All radios worked initially. Over the next two years I think everything electrical needed repair. Smoke and sound from behind the panel is sickening on the ground. You need to have them check everything before flying. Everything. Anything that got the wrong voltage is suspect. They check it and sign the logbook. Do not fly away until this is done. Tspear is correct, read his comment again. I have had a jump start only once in 40 years. That one time, the generator on my M20C quit as I leveled off at 9000. In the dark. That weak battery was dead as a doornail real soon. Glad I had a flashlight. Fortunately, in the Mooney there was not enough room to kick myself in the rear.
  4. David Lloyd

    Dry vacuum pump poll

    Not a matter of if, but when. Got some full ones you can have.
  5. David Lloyd

    Dry vacuum pump poll

    About 10 pump failures over the years, only two were IMC, two in the dark. My real heartburn was electrical failure. Especially IMC.
  6. David Lloyd

    Dry vacuum pump poll

    Only way to avoid pump failures:
  7. David Lloyd

    Dry vacuum pump poll

    Had a couple die at less than 100 hours and one go 1200 hours. All the rest failed around 600 hours. Only one gave notice of impending death, low pressure for a couple hours on a trip. Next start it worked normally (ordered pump, VFR weather) but failed on a four hour trip home. Once on the ILS into Little Rock, my wife elbowed me, tore half the cover off an NOS book, handed it to me to put over the AH. Now that's a co-pilot!
  8. David Lloyd

    Mooney has been sitting

    That 6 position selector switch looks like one for the EGT.
  9. Not so much a shopping cart wobble as darting one way or another uncontrollably. Spent a lot of time, money and effort before the internet trying to figure out what was wrong with my plane. If you need the spacer there will be no doubt later. A mechanic that sold himself as a Mooney expert replaced rod ends and steering horn to no avail before I learned of SB 202. Same mechanic later tried to kill me. Twice. Back then I trusted people.
  10. David Lloyd

    M20B nose landing gear parts

    Many of the parts and service manuals are available to download. Look at the header bar, Forums...Gallery...Downloads.... 16 is an AN bolt, washer, nut. 20 is a female thread rod end (the F in the part number F31-14) Those are for the main gear retract. Nose gear retract are figures 6 and 7. It appears you have a male thread rod end (the M in the part number M34-14 is a male rod end).
  11. David Lloyd

    Dynon Certified thread

    I have Dynon's roll and pitch servos in my Rv7, manual but no electric trim. No electric trim in any case means no auto trim. When the autopilot is engaged both servos will do their thing holding altitude and heading (or whatever is selected) as any modern autopilot. If a downdraft is encountered the pitch servo will hold altitude but at some point there will be a message on the PFD, "Trim Pitch Nose Up". A big enough downdraft and out of trim may cause a message on the PFD, "Pitch Servo Slip" simply meaning the force required to maintain altitude exceeded the capability of the servo. No biggie, usually this message will flash a few times on a bumpy day. Flying a coupled approach with a lot of speed changes will generate a bunch of trim advisories. If I built another today, would I include electric trim and therefore auto trim. Nope. Would I buy Dynon again versus Garmin? Yep.
  12. The official Mooney PC troubleshooting info is found in the download files, I think the fourth from last. I incorrectly called it a shuttle valve. It is actually a piloted valve. What great info available on this site! Enjoy.
  13. I had a '65 C with the PC inop when the plane was purchased. Previous owner said the same. I checked vacuum to the gyro, lines, servos, everything seemed good. Eventually found the shuttle valve under the panel to be stuck. Disassembled, cleaned, a little light oil and all was good. Look at a schematic of the system and start checking, soon you will know more about your simple wing leveler than your mechanic. I suspect the reason the spool in the piloted valve was stuck was the valve on the yoke was pulled out or held down with a film canister or rubber bands to continuously disable the PC. A small static vacuum is always on that line unless the button is pushed. It then draws in a small flow of unfiltered air, dust, grease and cat hair to clog the piloted valve spool permanently disabling the PC.
  14. David Lloyd

    Vne adjusted for altitude?

    I think some certified sailplanes also have true airspeed VNEs. Don't know of any GA piston aircraft that have true airspeed limitations. Thanks.
  15. David Lloyd

    Vne adjusted for altitude?

    Many EFIS displays will display VNE as either a true or indicated airspeed. Have my Dynon Skyview set for true.