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  1. I can look at a can of MEK on the shelf at Lowe's and have a pounding headache the rest of the day. Somehow I can never keep a respirator tight enough to keep the odor away for an hour of work. The 3M-38987 does work pretty good if you follow the directions.
  2. Thanks for posting the video. If you don't understand how a fuel pump works, you will after watching. If you don't understand why either fuel or oil is coming out your old and failing fuel pump's drain, it is explained at the 10 minute mark. Good stuff.
  3. I doubt there is any more maintenance being tackled by owners than years past. Just more seen via the internet.
  4. Seats, headrests, carpet and most of the side panels done. Still need to do a little repair to two panels that's why all the screws aren't installed. Still have the windlace to install but I have had it with hot an humid. It'll be a cold day in...uh, where was I going with that? Several little questions, Dodd Stretch, owner of Airtex phoned me with an answer. Once, over the Labor Day weekend, by the pool with a drink in his hand. Terrific customer support. One of the questions was how to put a 12x8x5 block of foam with a 3x7 piece of sheet metal glue in it into the headrest cover. Can't be done. Dodd said just get it all prepped, put it in a garbage bag and stick a shop vac hose in the bag. Turn it on and it sucked the foam block down to about half size. Put it in the cover and turn the vac off. Rip out the plastic bag. I'm old and have seen some neat things. That ranked up there. Okay, maybe it was a slow week. In case you're wondering, the carpet is easy. Headliner, intimidating but not too bad. Seats were unexpectedly easy. Repairing the old brittle plastic side panels, then repainting, most of the time was spent here. Next job, instrument panel redo.
  5. Landing gear, Torpedo lights, Mooney yokes? Looks like a bunch of Mooney parts.
  6. So many times we read that an attitude indicator or directional gyro acts weird and then the vacuum gauge is discovered sitting on 0. Or the radios quit working and then the volt or amp meter is discovered to show a power loss. If the vacuum gauge (or other instruments) are not in your scan, install an annunciator panel and/or backup power sources.
  7. Anything listed above or possibly a worn exhaust valve guide and the valve not seating consistently. If this is the case, it will get worse. Eventually the face of the valve will break and you will definitely notice rough running.
  8. Still in the process of installing the Airtex interior. Seats, carpet, and carpeted lower side panels are supplied with a P.M.A. label. I did buy some foam insulation and headliner material. These were supplied with a copy of the burn certs for those materials.
  9. Not much of a picture, maybe you will see what you need. Do you have a picture of what you are questioning?
  10. Your Mooney will handle pretty much any crosswind you are comfortable flying. Your recent experience was most likely a matter of new airplane feel versus old airplane and muscle memory. Several thousand hours in a F33A and due to it's tendency to weathervane into the wind during takeoff, I was always more apprehensive when taking off than when landing. Mooney, I never noticed that tendency.
  11. The timing curve used to be on their site but was removed recently.
  12. If it is a King KCS55A system, there is the unit in the panel that is probably good. The magnetometer is probably good. The gyro/control box (KG102??) in the radio bay is usually the culprit. First flight in my airplane, this failed. HSI needle worked, manual slaving would turn the card but the card would not follow either a turn or compass. If this is the case, pull the KG102 out and have it bench checked. I was lucky and had a friend with a recent overhaul before being replace with a G500 system. Someone offered a KG102 for sale on this site a couple months back.
  13. The doors do overlap the wing skins at both the front edge and rear. The picture posted by Captnmac shows a door with bent hinges. He fixed that. He only posted the bent hinge picture. This pic is what I asked about. Rear, 3/4-1" gap. Don't see any adjustment. The front edge is flush, even, tight on the wing skin.