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  1. Last week my plane was on jacks with the gear raised. From the front, the main gear doors on both sides were even and tight against the wing skin. At the rear edge however, there was a 1" gap between the door and wing skin on both doors. I don't ever recall looking at this in the past. Maintenance manual only directs to adjust the leading edge. Does this gap seem correct? Am I missing something (other than knots)?
  2. Yes, I read last week CQ will be at OSH.
  3. About 35 years ago, I flew into an embedded thunderstorm near San Angelo, TX. This was while receiving vectors from ATC to avoid. Wife said later that day we weren't going to do that again. Next week we ordered a Stormscope. Summer in the south and east coast, if you don't plan to weave around activity, you won't be doing much flying. What worked for me, learning over a period of time, was to avoid any area of convective activity as indicated by the Stormscope. Cumulus clouds that were 12000 feet tall or so, I would fly through. Taller they are, the bumpier. Wife's tolerance was less than mine. Other passengers, more so. I used that Stormscope for 23 years and staying away from convective activity, never got more than moderate turbulence. Look up the definition of light, moderate and severe. Many people overstate the level of turbulence. Light, the approach book stays on the seat. Moderate, the approach book levitates, then falls to the floor. Severe, the approach book leaps to the windshield, bounces off your head and hides in the baggage compartment. Severe, I had my car keys come out of my pants pocket. The OP said towering cumulus. To me that indicates a tall cloud my airplane can't climb over. 18000 Or more, if not a building thunderstorm will still have up and downdrafts and be more turbulent than you will try a second time.
  4. I remember a few years back a C150 “cut off” an F16 over Monks Corner, SC. The Cessna wasn’t talking to center during their climb out. Poor SA on his part... Go read the report. C150 was pretty much going straight. F16 was being vectored but slow to respond to turns given by ATC. That slow response resulted in the F16 hitting the Cessna. If that 90 knot Cessna driver had known what was taking place, it is unlikely he could have taken any deliberate action to get out of the way of a 250 knot jet.
  5. Best gift for him would be a year from now telling him that thanks to him, your instrument rating is one of your most useful of tools.
  6. Bob, I'll stop by Ace Hardware and ask for some more scraps. Will bring tools, supplies and make you a couple lenses when I'm up to see Lynn and Tamara on July 11 to have a nose truss installed. https://mooneyspace.com/topic/30224-landing-light-lens/
  7. Bleep! Didn't think of that. Maybe. I don't think the crank had been adjusted in years. Scared I would break the handle if I tried too hard. Works great now after a little TLC and grease.
  8. I recently removed some late model articulating possibly undocumented seats from an older C model. Front and rear cotters removed, front rollers off the rail...what the heck. Could not remove the rear rollers from the rail. Seat backs are about an inch thicker at the base than the original, preventing the seat from sliding back far enough to be removed. Only way to remove the seats were to remove the seat back at the hinge.
  9. 1975 M20C with the individual rear seat backs. Missing one lever that fits up on the sidewall. Would like two so they will match. Any ideas? Pics of the lever and post it is mounted.
  10. I used 15w50 in my Bonanza all the time I had it. I0-520 1950 hours, the next 2350, both replaced because they were getting old and I did not know better. I0-550 1550 hours, the next 1250 when sold. Never, not once had a starter adapter problem. Never slipped even once. I know people blame the oil but maybe something else is going on. As an example, the engine that only went 1550 hours was a Conti reman. Valve guides would wear, cylinders replaced. Replaced 6 over a few years one or two at a time. Two needed repair when I gave up and bought an engine with Superior cylinders. Never touched a cylinder on the other engines. Was that a manufacturing problem or should I blame the oil?
  11. A well known couple in the experimental world have decided to improve on the in-the-ear sets available. I like my Halos but a better mic is needed. They address that. Hmm, maybe the wifey will get a Halo for her birthday. Their site is cqheadsets.com.
  12. What Andy said. I had a custom interior put in my Bonanza when I was flying several days a week on business. Several thousand hours later, the front seats were worn out again. Had Airtex install an interior that looked just as good as the custom job. For thousands less. Some shops do beautiful work but I would not spend more than 10% of the aircraft value on an interior. Airtex is a great value for our older airplanes, that is why I am in the process of installing one in my new (to me) ride right now.