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  1. David Lloyd

    M20B Average Empty Weights?

    I went through the paperwork on my 30+ year old F33A when I saw an obvious error in the weight and balance. Found about a dozen more errors. Weights added when something taken out, addition errors, multiplication errors, etc. In the end, you are responsible for the weight and balance. Doubt the paperwork will ever match reality. Call around, someone has scales and knows how to weigh a Mooney.
  2. David Lloyd

    Power flow exhaust?

    Kinda like instrument flying, ignore your feelings, what are the numbers. Before, after.
  3. David Lloyd

    Shadin Miniflo-L malfuntion

    For a year I had one that sometimes worked fine, sometimes zero. Wasn't the wiring. Replaced transducer and everything great.
  4. David Lloyd

    Plane Power Alternator Ideas anyone?

    About half my electrical failures were wiring related. Old planes, lot of hours, one generator, two alternators, three voltage regulators (one may have been a faulty mechanic). One alternator (Interav) failed at 50 hours due to the brush assembly being installed crooked at the factory. One broken B lead at the alternator, several broken field wires mostly at the alternator. Twice the field wire was incorrectly crimped and was loose in the terminal. Most of this involved different mechanics over a 35 year period before I started doing my own work.
  5. The Dynon also does not compensate for CAS. My RV7, the IAS is pessimistic by 2.5 to 3 knots therefore I know my TAS is a little more than what Dynon calculates. The calculated wind and direction is also off because of this. It is only noticeable when the wind is very light. Compass deviation must be accurate or the calculated wind and direction will be off quite a bit. More of a factor than the small diff in CAS/IAS. Every few months, someone with a new Dynon system will be alarmed at wacko calculated wind and direction. Did you calibrate the compass? No. Once done, no more complaint.
  6. Antenna? Back in the day, I paid a bunch of money for one of these including the slaved indicator. Great ADF!
  7. David Lloyd


    I blundered into an embedded thunderstorm one morning in west Texas. Shook us like rocks in a beer can. Wife said we weren't going to do that again. Next week ordered a $3400 3M WX8 Stormscope. Put 5000+ hours on that sucker and never asked help around weather although I requested a lot of turns. If the Stormscope did not show weather in front of me I continued straight ahead. If weather did show ahead, I asked for a specific heading until clear.
  8. David Lloyd

    Drain Test

    Bayern, today the featured article on Wikipedia is the Bayern class battleships. I had wondered about you name.
  9. David Lloyd

    FYI sanity from the FAA

  10. David Lloyd

    IO-360-A3B6 JPI EGT Reading Low

    CHTs normal, one EGT out of sync indicates probe. Probes go bad. Cheap. Replace. I have had several instances of poorly crimped connections causing either no EGT temp, erratic temps, or low temp. Check the connections of the #4 EGT probe. Might get lucky.
  11. David Lloyd

    Fuel leak?

    10+ Gallons over two weeks should be pretty easy to smell and likely see the stains. I have had fuel recently evaporate from my boat in a similar fashion. So have my neighbors. Hmm?
  12. David Lloyd

    Ooops. This isn't Kansas, Toto!

    Heck, I had to read a third of the article before being certain about what the were trying to address. No wonder we get confused as to what airport we're looking at.
  13. David Lloyd

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    Bought 3 airplanes over the years, each had minimal flying and deferred maintenance for a couple years. Each took two years and many dollars to massage out the kinks. Brand new, just built RV, same. The 3 old planes were a 1968 Cherokee purchased 1978, 1965 C purchased 1981, and 1971 F33A purchased 1984.
  14. The only safe answer would be to pass. Otherwise the only accurate answer is maybe, maybe not.
  15. A chafed wire for the master switch could short to ground and turn things on. If wired with power, a chafed wire could short to ground and pop a fuse or breaker turning everything off. The starter switch if shorted would pop a breaker.