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  1. David Lloyd

    Check Gear!

    6000 Hours between Mooney and Bonanza, the landing gear always went down entering the pattern (little airport) or at 1000' above touchdown (big airport). Always. Now after 8 years in the RV, I have finally got out of the habit on short final of checking, then saying out loud, "three in the green." Hope it doesn't take that long to get back in the habit!
  2. David Lloyd

    Help with an engine problem

    Had #4 stick a couple times for several seconds in flight before it stuck one morning at startup. Found it then. Had to drive the valve out of the guide with a 7/16" wooden dowel and hammer. Like knee replacement surgery, best not to watch.
  3. David Lloyd

    Help with an engine problem

    Intermittent stuck valve.
  4. David Lloyd

    ILS vs LPV

    Actually did that in VFR conditions a couple months back just to see if I could still remember how. Yep.
  5. David Lloyd

    ILS vs LPV

    Recently been flying with a Garmin GTN750. Either ILS or LPV, this thing makes an approach so easy, a piece of cake. If an ILS minimums are 200 & 1/2 and LPV minimums are 300 & 1 and reported weather is 400 & 1, I will go for the ILS every time. Reason: Far to many times I have flown an approach and found the ceiling to be lower than reported. If I'm flying in low weather, I'm going to play my best card first.
  6. David Lloyd


    Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Tax Collector $624.46 this year bas on an assessed value of $60,000 on the RV7. Pretty much the same each year since Charlotte annexed the airport. Before it was a little over half that.
  7. David Lloyd

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    I'm retired. Thinking of trading the RV for a Mooney.
  8. David Lloyd

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    Someone on another forum said, "Never feel sorry for a man with an airplane."
  9. David Lloyd


    And sometimes city taxes too.
  10. David Lloyd

    Avionics upgrade underway For 2PT!!!

    That is going to be a nice looking panel. Please give a pirep later on the PAR200A audio panel/com radio. Jesse Saint & crew will do a terrific job, they are really nice people. From the VAF site, a number of times when someone was AOG in Florida, Jesse offered help, went and repaired. Side note, google Nate Saint, Jesse's either grandfather or uncle.
  11. David Lloyd

    Parking Brake Locked Up in Flight??

    Exactly what I did in a Bonanza with the same problem in 1984. Was working fine without another lube when I sold it 24 years later.
  12. David Lloyd

    Mooney down KSAF

    Rusty airplane, rusty pilot, high terrain, ending in the dark. What could possibly go wrong?
  13. David Lloyd

    Attitude Indicator Question

    Ach! "inclined." Gyro humor.
  14. David Lloyd

    Attitude Indicator Question

    It isn't acting odd. It is just an indicator built for a 8 degree tilt installed in a 0 degree tilt panel. Look at the way the mid-sixties panel are made with the bend in between the top and bottom row of instruments--8 degrees. That bend is what makes 0 degree where the AI mounts. Mooney must have got a deal on a ton of 0 degree tilt military surplus gyros when they were making decisions on their panels. The right side panel appears to be 8 degree tilt. Anyone that modifies their old Mooney with a one piece panel (ala Bob Bellville), the entire panel will be 8 degree. Most instruments can be rebuilt for either. Will work fine in the meanwhile, just looks odd.
  15. David Lloyd

    Alternator switch on or off?

    Toilet paper over or under? Big time opinionated electrical engineer buddy does what you do, wants me to do the same with his airplane. His reasoning is there is more of a chance of a large power fluctuation at startup than any other time. I've always tuned the master and alternator on prior to start and turned them off last.