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  1. My airplane is headed for the radio shop next week. When I get it back it will have the old KX-155, new GTX375 (driving the old HSI and Stec AP) and a PAR200B audio panel/comm radio. I too was concerned about keeping an ILS receiver. All the other old stuff will be gone: audio panel, Mac1500, KR87 ADF, KN62 DME, KT76 transponder.
  2. I had two mags OH'd on a Bonanza many years ago. Timed, run, leak checked, I departed CLT about 5:30 the next morning. Wheels up, suddenly the engine ran awful. Power down, backfiring, shook so hard it tore a metal baffle. This started just about even with the tower. Must have had flames shooting from the exhausts or something, they cleared me to land any runway before I could ask. One of the mags was loose and adjusted it's own timing. Check behind your mechanic.
  3. If you lease a tiedown or hangar at many airports, part of the lease agreement may require liability insurance. Small airports may have no such requirement.
  4. Are you certain fuel is being pumped to the servo? Problem is either dinosaurs or sparks.
  5. You guys are making me feel bad. My much modded C drags along at 146Kts max. Everything but the lower gear doors. A full rigging is in order. Maybe next year.
  6. See what I mean about IFR being mostly easy. Loved the static in the clouds.
  7. Not every Mooney is the same For the older Mooneys, I don't think any two are the same.
  8. For 40 years home base is less than 3000 with displaced thresholds. I have been flying the Mooney at 70 MPH at light weights on short final. When I flare, it does not float. Like it that way. Do it the same every time so it is easy at night. At higher weights, add 5 MPH. Keep it simple and do it the same every time. With the Bonanza I could land, roll out and only touch the brakes to stop at the hangar. Haven't quite gotten there yet with the Mooney. Yep, 2200' is not too short. Learn how to do it and you can fly to pretty much any airport. Sit around and watch others that don't know how.
  9. When my 3 blade McCauley was installed many years ago, the battery was moved from the firewall to behind the cargo bulkhead. Solo, at light weights, the CG is right at the forward limit.
  10. Did you have the Interav rebuilt or buy another? The Interav system (Motorola) is set up different from most other charging systems. The Internav voltage is always on the low side and varies a fair amount with load. So, what do you have now?
  11. Nosewheel misbehavior could be summed up in three areas: Shimmy, sloppy and marginal control/darting. Shimmy could be caused by a worn or imbalanced nose tire or worn and improperly adjusted parts. Most likely caused by a combination a couple of otherwise marginal problems. Sloppy steering; worn or improperly adjusted parts. Marginal control and darting is most likely caused by improper caster of the nose gear as so well described by Don Maxwell as the 8 second ride. Most Mooneys that are actively flying either have not experienced this problem or have already complied with the service bulletin. The stress of attempting to control either a shimmy or darting will wear other parts rapidly, and sometimes outright break things.