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  1. I ran one on a Bonanza for about 4500 hours. Always worked. Once it alerted me to a broken P-lead, a nice safety related benefit.
  2. Looked at that first pic an thought: That's not Portales. Green grass and trees. Wife grew up in Belen, brothers in Clovis and Hobbs. Many trips to Carlsbad to visit her parents (now passed). Welcome.
  3. There is a certification requirement that running a tank dry, then switching tanks, the engine restart in 10 seconds for a normally aspirated, 30 seconds for a turbocharged. I think those were the times, don't remember any other action such as turning on the fuel pump is mentioned. I bet those would be a long 30 seconds. I would expect higher altitudes would take longer to restart than lower altitudes. Many years ago, Richard Collins wrote in Flying magazine, ATC gave him an unexpected turn while at FL190. He was told a Mooney had run a tank dry and would be descending thru his alti
  4. Check. Check. Check. 2.5 Months to go. Got a very thorough IPC with a recent ER grad that wants to check all the boxes. Bumpy day with a lot of wind, what a workout! Also got a very thorough flight review with the same instructor. It was more intense than the previous several reviews put together. Overboard, but I really needed a good stretch. Next thing for 2020 is add a couple G5s to the panel. That might go into January 2021.
  5. Send it to Dawley and it will come back looking brand new.
  6. Maybe it was done 50 years ago when there were a lot of field approvals with little paperwork. Once done, it was done.
  7. A velco pad to hold a couple vecro wrapped flashlights and pens/pencils.
  8. Two fairly new LS series had a problem with the starter mounted solenoid failing to work. Wouldn't pull in and engage the circuit to run the starter motor. Whacking the side of the solenoid with a big screwdriver did not get any results. Maybe I should have used the recommended hammer. Many other people have had the same problem with the LS series. O'Reilley's had a solenoid for the F-350 that fit and worked fine. Keep in mind, the LS series has a starter mounted solenoid that once it has power, pulls the engagement lever and closes a set of contacts to power the starter motor. Both tim
  9. There are several different series of Skytech starters approved for our M20C. What series do you have? Could affect the correct answer.
  10. Switches and buttons on the yoke are anyone's guess if they don't don't match the POH. A lot of them are added or changed without documentation.
  11. Before shutting down, set the idle for 1000 RPM, don't move it until after it starts. To restart, brakes on, fuel pump on, engage starter. When it fires, advance the mixture. I think this is what the POH says, it works as well as anything. Edit: Looked in the POH and it doesn't say anything about a hot start. Maybe I read that here. It works.
  12. Vance, good reading, thanks for posting that.
  13. Flightaware now shows planes on IFR flightplans and ADSB out. Well the ADSB out if is 1090hz, sometimes 978 if there is a receiver in the area. Maybe flight following, not sure.
  14. A few days ago I looked during the afternoon and right then there were 102 M20P and 27 M20T in the air!
  15. Years back, an instructor wanted me to demonstrate a full power on stall with my IO-550 powered F33A. Really! Yep. Really? Yep. Snug that belt down and hold on! Didn't ask for a 2nd.
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