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  1. sdflysurf

    Vegas anyone?

    Are you going in to KLAS, KVGT, or KHND? I just went into KHND with our mooney for the first time - looking to hear from anyone who has landed and parked at KLAS to know if it would be worth it.
  2. sdflysurf

    Power Settings?

    Thanks all for the advice - the trip was great! I was able to climb nicely at near gross weight (4 people bags and 35GAL fuel) to 11500 at about 105-120MPH with the oil and cylinder temps looking good. Got over the big clouds in our area and pitched down to maintain altitude for about a minute or two and then double checked instruments and then closed cowl flaps, set RPM to 2500 and leaned. On descent I just pushed forward and reduced throttle and watched my temperatures and pressures and everything seemed fine, adding a little mixture every couple minutes or so until close to my airport then opened cowl flaps and GUMPS at pattern altitude and greased the landing. Same thing both ways (except 8500ft on the way back). Thanks to you all, thanks to Bob Kromer for that article, and thanks to Don Kaye for his landing videos, and thanks to Paul Kortopates for the great instruction (looking forward to more!). My brother caught one of the landings on video - besides letting my crosswind move me a little left of center line - I kept to the mooney numbers in the pattern and across the fence, "flared" at ground effect, then let it rest nicely so that the passengers didn't even feel the wheels touching the ground. I'm so happy we bought this plane!!! I love that we could actually fit 4 people and some bags and a decent amount of fuel for a short trip (as opposed to the Cessna 172 I was renting) and it is really fun to fly! IMG_2172.MP4
  3. sdflysurf

    Power Settings?

    Hey All, I found this thread while researching best-practices for power settings. I am about to go out on a cross-country trip about 250miles in our fuel injected M20F. Altitude will be 9500 or 11500. It is just about 10 degrees F over standard temp at sea level tomorrow, and we are about 50lbs shy of gross weight. I plan on using the advice that I am quoting from Hank like this: Climb at WOT 2700RPM with cowl flaps open at a little over VY watching oil temp. Cruise - Level off at altitude and do nothing except gain speed for 2 minutes, then close cowl flaps, pull throttle back just enough to see MP needle move, then set Prop at 2500RPM and lean mixture until I feel it get a bit rough then 2 screws forward (CFI taught about feeling the mixture lean - please comment if this is ok - I do not have an engine monitor yet!) Descent - Descend at 500ft/m, reducing throttle as necessary to keep MP number where it was in cruise, and advancing mixture slowly over the descent. Besides that, when I start to level off to slow down close to the airport, is there any other trick to slowing down besides reducing throttle further and extending gear/flaps down when appropriate?
  4. sdflysurf

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    I thank you for your stick measurement and I find it extremely valuable that you posted it for the 26Gal guys/gals out there. I think you missed that the CIES guy was replying/pointing to "ALL" of us for using a stick.....and that is his sales/marketing "schtick". Don't let it get you flustered....we have enough distractions as a pilot right! :)
  5. sdflysurf

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    YES! Thank you!!!!! I have an M20F which has 32Gal tanks on each side. This is EXACTLY What I was looking for in this thread. A measuring tape right next to a Gallon representation of what is actually in the tank and explanation of where to rest the wooden stick to measure. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now since it is "my" thread I'll make a couple of soap-box comments: 1) Thank you all for posting, I love that I can come here with mooney specific questions and get a ton of advice. 2) I don't think the Fuelstik option will work for me because it only has the 27Gal per tank printable scale. :( 3) CIES is doing a great thing and makes a lot of sense! I mean, when I tell non-pilot people that I use a stick to measure a wet tank of fuel on my plane they think I am a caveman. When was the last time you saw anyone using a stick to measure a tank in their car at the gas station? exactly. Now do I want to pay the price of a used car to get that rocket-science technology? Its on the short list...but I'm hoping the cost will come down some how. (I know I know - low volume production in the aviation industry combined with FAA and insurance hurdles in a sue-happy society doesn't seem to allow for low-cost aviation products so we'll just hope for some change later down the line). 4) Why do people feel the need to be rude in this forum toward anyone? I mean, if CIES wants to put a plug in for a product that works for the aviation industry/mooney pilots whats wrong with that? If you don't like the post then don't get butt-hurt, just move on, don't whine, keep it to yourself and keep the conversation clean. We can all agree to disagree politely if need be. 5) For now, I will be measuring with this stick from Browncbr1, then adding fuel to accomodate my flight plus 1.5hrs - setting a personal minimum, if I need more fuel then I schedule a stop in my trip, that works since I have long legs and need to stretch anyway! In the future, I am hoping CIES or someone will be creating an accurate fuel sending system to replace my current system (which I don't trust) at a more manageable price than what is currently advertised. I am new to this industry but I am a control systems engineer so maybe I'll come up with one even. :)
  6. sdflysurf

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    Thank you guys - I will work through these options and report back!!!
  7. sdflysurf

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    Question for you on this - do I have to do the whole "empty the tank and then add 1 or 2 gallons at a time and make a sharpie mark then rinse repeat" thing with this stick or do they have the measurements for an M20F already dialed in??
  8. Ok I know it has been discussed, but I can't find exactly what I am looking for - Mine is the M20F Model with 32GAL tanks on each side (no bladder). Anyone have a measurement stick they could show me next to a measuring tape so I can make my own? And yes, when the money is there I will be going the Cies route. Probably in 2019.
  9. sdflysurf

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    So Cal Here - Got my PPL this year at over 40 with a flight club in a 172 (the way to go unless you could buy a plane first!), then Bought a Mooney M20F and I hate to say that I don't think I would want to squeeze my surfboard in. Haven't tried, but each time I get in feels a bit of a squeeze. I am 6'4" 200lbs. Any guys I have talked to here that have made a baja trip with boards have rented out a Piper Cherokee 6. Also keep in mind the plane needs the updated ELT for Mexico frequency. I am very happy that I bought a mooney for my plans of flying up and down the west coast with the wife or maybe another couple....long range (64gal fuel), fuel efficient, and fast, ....but I know that for the infrequent trips where I need more room (or to fit the whole family) would require a rental of a cherokee 6, so I plan on getting a checkout and rental arrangement for one of these. Where are you located?
  10. Oh - Paul has spent 4 hours with me - I don't mean to name drop but I recommend him highly and I will be spending more time with him, but he isn't available for this trip. My insurance requires I have 25 hrs mooney time before solo (I only have about 4hrs mooney time right now - everything else is in Cessna 172)....I happen to have a project I need to check on in Colorado and it would be a great flight, either direct or pitstop at Grand Canyon and get me about 10 of those hours. The two guys that were offering to fly with me got called for a charter.....and I'm hoping I don't have to fly commercial now that I own my own plane!!!
  11. Looking for a Instrument rated CFI with: 1000+ total time, 250+ complex time, 25+ Mooney M20 time, In San Diego Available for a round trip flight Tuesday Morning returning Wednesday morning (OR Thursday morning returning Friday morning). I know I know - tall order on short notice....but Message me if you're interested. thanks!
  12. Sorry for the delay, just picked up the unit from the shop and took pictures. Contact me if you are interested and I'll send copies of the parts removal tag.
  13. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Annual signed off! Just got it washed and waxed and ready to fly. Looking forward to some fun flying this summer and then updating avionics, interior, and maybe paint down the line!
  14. Hi All, in the pursuit of upgrading our (new to us) Mooney I have aquired a Garmin GNS 530 (non-waas) unit that I will be listing for sale since I decided to only use the 430. This unit is in great condition and it came from a professionally maintained sheriffs aircraft. I have a parts removal tag listing where it came from and that it was professionally removed for an upgrade to newer avionics with no known issues prior to removal. Price $6500 OBO - includes tray and backplate. I'll add pictures soon but you know what they look like! :)
  15. sdflysurf

    Fuel Senders

    1968 Mooney M20F, have a couple of fuel senders that are not as accurate as we'd like, took them out and cleaned them as best we could. Wondering if anyone has a working set they are sitting on and would like to sell, or if it is best to overhaul them (got a price of $165/each + shipping), or if there is an after market part that is readily available as a replacement, or other options? Inboard Fuel Senders Part number: 610168-001 Outboard Fuel Senders Part number: 610242-001