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  1. Sorry for the delay, just picked up the unit from the shop and took pictures. Contact me if you are interested and I'll send copies of the parts removal tag.
  2. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Annual signed off! Just got it washed and waxed and ready to fly. Looking forward to some fun flying this summer and then updating avionics, interior, and maybe paint down the line!
  3. Hi All, in the pursuit of upgrading our (new to us) Mooney I have aquired a Garmin GNS 530 (non-waas) unit that I will be listing for sale since I decided to only use the 430. This unit is in great condition and it came from a professionally maintained sheriffs aircraft. I have a parts removal tag listing where it came from and that it was professionally removed for an upgrade to newer avionics with no known issues prior to removal. Price $6500 OBO - includes tray and backplate. I'll add pictures soon but you know what they look like! :)
  4. sdflysurf

    Fuel Senders

    1968 Mooney M20F, have a couple of fuel senders that are not as accurate as we'd like, took them out and cleaned them as best we could. Wondering if anyone has a working set they are sitting on and would like to sell, or if it is best to overhaul them (got a price of $165/each + shipping), or if there is an after market part that is readily available as a replacement, or other options? Inboard Fuel Senders Part number: 610168-001 Outboard Fuel Senders Part number: 610242-001
  5. sdflysurf

    Updating/Fixing Mooney Avionics/Instruments

    Thanks all for the replies. I am working with an A&P but just wondering what all beyond an A&P would be required to sign off for the avionics stuff, also he is very cool with me working along side him to assist as he knows I don't get in his way. I'm researching and learning a bunch because as an engineer with electronics background I get how some of this stuff works and it is exciting to learn about the stuff I don't know (which is a lot!) We do know its the airspeed indicator because we had an avionics contact pull it and check the Pitot-static for the IFR cert and he told we'll go ahead and overhaul it. Looks like in addition we will need a new or replacement fuel sender - one of them is grounding to the chassis - so if anyone has an old fuel sender collecting dust let me know. I'll be talking with the avionics guy more about the garmin stuff and panel. sounds like even if I wanted to change to a new transponder we might as well open up the whole panel and put in the wiring for the garmin gps/nav/com/audio panel/new ADSB transponder/etc and start designing a new panel layout $$$$$. Regarding the WAAS/Non-Waas - let's say that I am ok with LNAV/VNAV approaches at best - what else would I want the WAAS for? (totally noob question since I am not IFR yet)
  6. Ok so I am a new pilot and a new owner of a plane that is getting annual for the first time in several years so I'm pretty much a beginner but learning fast. My Airspeed indicator (I think it is the original) is not working properly, doesn't register until higher speed. My transponder (Old Narco AT50A) failed the IFR cert. Wondering if I should have them overhauled - or just buy good used ones and swap them out until I can afford a new panel upgrade. I have a 1968 M20F - What model number airspeed indicator is that, and is there a OEM or other manufacturer replacement? So - can I buy one (Airspeed indicator or transponder or both) off of EBAY or BARNSTORMER or HERE with or without a "yellow tag" or a "8130 form" and have my avionics guy put it in and sign it off if it works? Also correct me if I am wrong but, I am allowed to remove the instrument/avionics but I cannot re-install them, I would have to have my avionics tech do that right? I did buy a used Garmin GMA340 Audio panel without a tag and Garmin said they could overhaul it through a dealer for around 200-300 and provide a serviceable tag with warranty. I also bought a Garmin GNS430 (non-waas) with a serviceable tag (both of these to be installed later), and I bought a GNS530 (non-waas) with tray and a serviceable tag that I am not going to use after all so if someone needs one let me know. Thanks for your advice! -Matt
  7. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Good news! We got a ferry permit and flew the plane close to home! I confirmed the not-labeled indicators and instruments were: low/high vaccum, radio knobs, and the EGT selector in the above posts just as we thought. The engine sounds great, and the ferry pilot who happens to be a jet check-pilot with a lot of mooney time, said everything seemed fine! Here it is for the last time at the Barstow Desert, and its new temporary parking spot closer to home: IMG_7632_TRIM.MOV
  8. sdflysurf

    New Mooney Driver

    Congrats! I'm a new owner too, but we haven't finished the annual yet so I haven't flown in it!!! Pirep soon. Look forward to a mooney meetup.
  9. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    I still think the 6 position selector below my yoke is for EGT as some have mentioned - I'll find out Tuesday when we test fly the plane. Browsing trade-a-plane I found a panel that had the "speaker" controls I was trying to figure out. Thinking this is pretty close to what I have.
  10. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Yes - this is a screen-grab from the video I took while doing run-up and instrument check.
  11. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Sounds like the best explanation for is right below the EGT instrument after all and I confirmed that there is an EGT Sensor on each cylinder's exhaust.
  12. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Thank you! not sure what the extra vent tube in the footwell is for either. Looks like we don't have a squat switch - just airspeed safeguard - got the gear down!
  13. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    Excellent thank you. so you think the switches between the knobs are actually to turn those lights on as well? I am not there to test, but I'll have the A&P check. My next guess on the 1-6 dial is for me to select how much cabin noise I want - maybe some 20 year old noise cancellation experiment. Or maybe a cruise control?
  14. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    HA - I forgot - Warp drive of course!
  15. sdflysurf

    Mooney has been sitting

    THANK YOU ALL! Blew in the pitot (gently) and gear came up! The mechanic has been at all of the checklist items and AD's and we have an IA lined up to sign off on the ANNUAL when we are ready for him, so no ferry permit necessary! No need for Pitot/static/transponder test until we get it back near us (outside of mode C veil where we are going next). Now - I have figured everything out except for some lights and buttons that are not labeled - can anyone help me with these? Left to right - Above the airspeed indicator gear up and gear down, then above Attitude Indicator I think that is vacuum pressure low (because I saw it go off when I got to 1700 RPM) and I'm just taking a guess that the next one is vacuum pressure too high?? Then to the right of that I think that has to do with the 2 place intercom... knob on left for pilot volume, not sure what the switches do and then knob on right is passenger volume. Guessing this is just a 2 place intercom because I haven't found jacks in the back (yet). Then there is this: What the heck is that 1-6 settable dial for? it has gears behind it that drive what looks to be a 6 relay kind of device.