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  1. sdflysurf

    New to forum, re-starting my PPL

    I had a similarly long hiatus - had about 40 hrs and almost got my license and then we started having kids... started back up about 16 years later and got my ppl and then bought a Mooney. do you already own a Mooney? I feel like getting my PPL in a 172 and then transitioning to a Mooney was the best way to go for me...but I’m sure others here can point to someone who has done all their training and checkride in a Mooney so it’s all just personal preference. good luck and pm me if you need any PPL resources.
  2. sdflysurf

    Mooney M20F Avionics Upgrade - ADSB

    @Ragsf15e - on another note, your panel looks awesome! Engine monitor in the future - I'm hoping our next upgrade is the EI CGR-30P with their magnetic float fuel sensors.
  3. sdflysurf

    Mooney M20F Avionics Upgrade - ADSB

    I am already used to seeing traffic on the GNS-430 screen from getting my PPL in a club owned Cessna 172. However I'll only be ADSB Out with the solution I am talking about right?? so for my GNS-430 I will only be able to use it as a nav/com with GPS navigation - correct? That all on its own would be very useful though, having waypoints with distance and heading info on that size of screen is plenty fine. So for my ADSB-In I'll continue to use my IPAD and STRATUX I am assuming...and I'll get WX and traffic on the IPAD that way. Regarding ADSB OUT and WAAS, from what I was told, If I get the FreeFlight FDL-978-TXL, encoder SAE 5-35, and the Garmin GTX327 - then I will have the ADSB-Out with WAAS (WAAS Antenna connects to the freeflight and the freeflight connects to the Garmin GNS430 and Garmin GTX327. Please correct me if I am wrong about that......misunderstanding here would be costly.
  4. sdflysurf

    Mooney M20F Avionics Upgrade - ADSB

    Thanks that makes me feel comfortable. My current solution is super budget and gives me a lot of upgrade for the money - I am ok with the non-waas GNS430 with GPS non-precision approaches for the money vs not being able to afford anything similar (nav+comm+gps+nice display). Cool. Also - I heard something about needing ADSB out in order to trigger ADSB towers nearby to continue to send data - like they only respond when they see a transmission - sound right?? Thanks for confirming for me the usefulness of the GNS430 for my appllication (budget), Now for the ADSB-In to find a way to make the stratux or sentry a little more part of the hardwired system (ie more permanent mount, power on trigger with the aircraft MAIN switch, better IPAD mount with charger on the co-pilot panel, etc)
  5. sdflysurf

    Mooney M20F Avionics Upgrade - ADSB

    Yeah - I'm here in So-cal. Noob question: I can use the 430-nonwaas to do ILS precision approaches? ILS precision approaches are widely used at airports enough that I could do without the WAAS at this time? Could you explain the avionics components I would need to make sure I have working together for the ILS precision approach? (Ill do some googling also. THANKS!
  6. sdflysurf

    Mooney M20F Avionics Upgrade - ADSB

    If I cannot do LPV approaches - are there other common approach types that I can use my GNS-430 for - or will I be limited? I honestly don't need to do LPV because I dont expect to fly in weather that would be that low of minimums.
  7. sdflysurf

    Mooney M20F Avionics Upgrade - ADSB

    Ok thank you for the initial responses. If I were to use a FreeFlight FDL-978-TXL to get the ADSB WAAS out, can I get ANY information on my GNS430 from that or is it just a pretty looking nav/com with some GPS functions? Also - noob question since I am not Instrument Rated, will I be able to do most IFR approaches - just not those requiring GPS - WAAS?
  8. Also posted at Our 1968 Mooney M20F desperately needs an avionics upgrade, however we bought it on the "inexpensive" side and we want to upgrade within reasonable costs. Currently it has the original Intercom switches with only Pilot/co-pilot, an ADF Receiver and an old KNS-80 and a bad Comm2. Right now I fly VFR with the good Comm (and a backup handheld), a Stratux, and an IPAD with foreflight and GPS. I really have no gets the job done.....but could be better. So We decided to pickup a few used items: -Garmin GMA340 intercom panel so we can get jacks in the back and even wire in some tunes. -Garmin GNS-430 (non-waas - I'm sure people will comment about this but it was just so much more expensive! haha) this will give us a nice Primary Nav/Comm and a screen that we can use for GPS/Traffic (lets discuss this) and Etc. -King KX-125 - this will give us a good Nav/Comm2 along with a digital CDI. -Garmin GTX-327 Transponder. Question for the experts - what is the best / cost effective way to enable ADSB in/out so that my garmin GNS-430 has WX/Traffic and that my IPAD with foreflight has all of that information as well - without me having to use the Stratux any longer? What would that connection path look like (ie what devices are talking to each other, required to have certain connections/software/etc) THANKS!
  9. Hey all, forgive me if this is posted somewhere else (couldn't find it) but I want to upgrade my oil system to use the spin on type oil filter. I have a 1968 M20F. Is this other thread what we are talking about here? If so what is the list of parts/installation instructions I need for my A&P?
  10. sdflysurf

    Opinions on this M20F

    I have heard that. Is it because of familiarity or issues with the electric? I have an emergency crank on my left that I can use if the gear doesn't come down. It's already a tight cabin so I can't imagine moving a J-bar - I'd spill my drink or bag of chips :)
  11. sdflysurf

    Opinions on this M20F

    wow - what a difference a year makes! I just looked and the supply must be low because M20 listings are getting pricey!
  12. sdflysurf

    Opinions on this M20F

    I own an M20F 1968 that I bought for a low price and fixed up...However while doing my research I became very familiar with pricing and features. I would price this one at 35-40K based on my shopping experience and what I know of all of the upgrades. -engine time is over 50% but technicially past TBO because TBO is not only hours but also years (usually 12 years)....this was done in 1992. -interior is "ok" -no 201 mods? Definitely I would want the 201 windshield. -no electric gear. -no adsb or garmin 430/530 so you'll be doing an avionics panel upgrade. Watch trade a plane for a while and you'll find a decent one come along for 50K that will look like this one but have a lower hour engine with 201 mods and electric gear and maybe a better interior. If you want modern avionics in a vintage mooney you either have to put them in yourself or price your plane 10-15K higher.
  13. Its been sold. I'm interested in fixing up another mooney. :)
  14. sdflysurf

    Is this original equipment or added?

    Thank you. Since it isn't stock I'll just INOP it and look for a new system to replace it with when I upgrade my avionics over the next few months. Currently the usable radios/avionics are properly ventilated. There are a couple of units that are old/bad and are being replaced (King KR-86 ADF and an old King KNS-80)
  15. sdflysurf

    Is this original equipment or added?

    Ok I agree it is an avionics cooling fan, it does seem to be that bendix-king-ka20, considering the other two hoses are just routed and open on the ends, the two ports that aren't connected to a hose seem to be properly pointed at the co-pilot side avionics so no need to put any more tubes. Do you guys think this is original equipment and so it must be replaced? Is it best to have an avionics cooling fan/system even in moderate climate?