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  1. I think this is a very controversial subject - but when I was looking for this fix I could not find a GOOD used replacement of the same part, nor could I find a NEW TSO part that was meant for this, so according to the A&P it will be a signoff for 14 CFR 21.93 Minor alteration. Talk with your A&P. Maybe you can convince him that when dealing with 1960s planes there needs to be some flexibility! Someone else can chime in since I am not the expert - but in all of my reading regarding part 91 operator minor alterations - I didn't need my IA to sign off - just an A&P logboo
  2. I bought this 12v solenoid: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084YTNG2P/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_WMZEGKJNMZ2GV862G2CJ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 And these connectors (2 in the pack of 1/4" NPT to 1/4" hose barbs): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NB6VZF7/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_N8SWVVKG4R9V2X6WJ046?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1I I just received them today and I am going to wire it up to a switch for "wing leveler on" and "wing leveler off" - I'll check it out and report back - but the connectors fit nicely with the 1/4" inside diameter vacuum line I have. (And now I can use a PTT button bu
  3. yeah that makes sense. Sounds like I need to find a part that has the nipple built onto it that my tubing slides onto and then I do a hose clamp like my current setup. THX.
  4. yeah this is what I want to do. 12v switch in the panel - controlling a valve solenoid. The tubing (Items 7 and 30 in the figure 32 above) looks to be 1/4" Inside diameter - so I looked and I found one that says "1/4inch DC 12V 2 Way Normally Closed Electric Solenoid Air Valve" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084YTNG2P/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_RXS8TB5KGGFZTNE2QH2F it uses NPT 1/4" threaded connectors - do you know what NPT connector I would need to "mate" with the 1/4" tubing I have? (I'm not a plumber and I don't know tubes/pipes/line) EDIT: I think I found a connector - would this d
  5. Anyone else have one? I want to throw a switch into my panel and replace the old mechanical pilot cut-off valve with the electric vacuum solenoid valve.
  6. Hey All, I noticed on one of the diagrams that there is an electric solenoid instead of a vacuum pilot button in some models - I would like to remove the manual pilot valve button on the yoke, and place an electric switch in the panel connecting to an electric solenoid instead, thereby freeing up my yoke for the PTT button. It is really easy to flick a switch on the panel for comfortable wing-leveling cruise and flick it off when in the pattern. Any suggestions on parts? I have searched high and low and at this point may need to get field approval rather than pick up anything used.
  7. Did you ever find one? I'd like to put my PC control into the panel as well, hoping for a pneumatic switch that the IA would be ok with since the Brittain 11516 is no where to be found.
  8. Nice Job - and timely too to see this come back up the other day. I am looking to do the same thing and never thought about buying my own material and having an auto upholsterer take care of it.
  9. You ain't seen nothin - I had birds nesting in my tail when we bought it. yuck! We are installing ours in the co-pilot side wing today. I'll get you a picture. Our strobes power supply was causing a lot of interference in the tail.
  10. The DG was strictly vacuum - didn't seem to have any connection to the PC system and it wasn't doing so well (precessing - so I am happy to have it replaced with the G5) The Brittain Turn Co-ordinator is the only thing that works the PC wing leveler that I see.
  11. I've removed my AI and DG from my vacuum system to install dual G5 Can I remove my suction gauge and my VAC low and VAC high indicators? Also is there anything I should do to make sure the proper suction pressure is still there and it isn't too strong? I plan to measure. The only thing left is the PC wing leveler system and the retractable step.
  12. Thanks for the responses - It isn't that much more to get the right one, on time....so might still go that route. I'll check back.
  13. I have the 700 so I don't need wires. But eventually will need the other wires to move my Oil/Fuel/Tach/etc
  14. @Capt Brad - did you go for the flush mount of the G5? If so would you mind sharing your CAD file? If you haven't yet contacted @Aerodon he made a nice backplate.
  15. Or @Aerodon Can I buy the dual G5 flush with standoffs already built from you? Need asap. THANKS!!!!!!
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