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  1. A quick update... I was back in East Tennessee this week and went by the Airpark to talk with them about hosting an event for my flying club. We talked about setting up an ATV ride and also hosting some hikes. I also found out that the Enterprise agency in LaFollette TN will make arrangements to drop off a rental car at the airport with prior notice. The guest house can handle up to three couples, but current property owners get first dibs "BA" (founder of the Airpark) seemed pretty open to guests - and will work with you to arrange entertainment, a breakfast buffet, for a group etc. Lastly curasoam - a belated thanks for the warm sentiments on my first post. It turns out they hosted the Atlanta Mooniacs (I hope I have that right) a while back, and welcome groups to come visit
  2. Newbie here - I usually read and learn, but can't pass on the chance to put in a plug for my favorite place in the Southeast... If you and the wife are open to something a little rustic and out of the way, check out the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Fly into KSCX (Scott County Airport) which has an Airpark - The Big South Fork Airpark The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is nearby and has cabins available via private owners , or I think that the Air Park has a guest house. Crossville TN nearby has the Cumberland County Playhouse to satisfy any cultural urges (not certain of the schedule...). There is also a nice BnB in an area called "Historic Rugby". AirNav lists courtesy transportation as being available, I am not certain of Rental Car availability, but I bet the folks running the Airpark would be accommodating and helpful in that regard. I grew up in the area and it is stunningly beautiful in the Park. John (Future M20 J/K owner)