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  1. I don't taxi more than other....and the aircraft is hangered since it was produced. It was my first annual, but the previous owner had changed bearings also every year with the same maintenance place. Could the gras airport be the problem? Surface is smooth though.
  2. Hi, every annual my maintenance is replacing 1 or 2 wheel bearings? The ac is flying 50-70hrs a year. Are the bearings so weak or what is the problem. (M20J 1995)
  3. Thanks, next month is the annual...let's see what the maintenance guys say. The grass strip works out fine so far......the surface is smooth and with a weight in the midrange you never need more than half the rwy. On takeoffs almost fully loaded with light winds and not too hot no problems as well. Only taxiing to the hangar the ride gets rough and the nosewheel starts to flutters. So the M20J is a perfect plane to fly on grass and not like some say not usable, provided you fly the correct speed! I even went to Helgoland (EDXH 480m or 1574ft) Great fun so far with my plane
  4. Hi my nosewheel is fluttering heavily on grass. Shockdisk has been replaced a year ago. Any other reason fort he flutter? Thanks
  5. Today I was flying a M20J for the first time. And what shall I tell you. All the time I wastet in Cessnas and Pipers! IThe Mooney is so great fun. The ac is so agile and responsive quick and easy to fly. I neeeeed one!
  6. Thank you, but the aircraft will be located in Germany....
  7. Landing distance shows I consider takeoff is more restricting.
  8. I didn't want to create a new grassstrip discussion. I just couldn’t believe that 160 pounds leed to almost double the takeoffrun distance. I thought that my calculation were wrong.
  9. Hi, I am planning to buy a M20J. As I am based at an airport with 2200ft gras strip I was interessted in the takeoff performance of the Mooney. Consulting the poh I found on a standard day at 800ft elevation the M20J from 1982 needs about 1200ft takeoffrun. Now I found a MSE from 1995 wich is allmost the same aircraft, but has a little more max t/o weight. To my surprise the poh says that the takeoffrun with max t/o weight is now 2200ft! Allmost twice as much and with my short grasstrip I will get in trouble when the weather gets hot! Can this be true or what am I doing wrong? Thanks