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  1. I appreciate all the responses! Looks like I have been worrying for nothing
  2. Awesome! Thank you! And it would work with a Garmin 430 correct?
  3. Morning all, New to these forums, but I am looking at installing a pair of G5's in my Mooney as a less expensive glass cockpit solution. Unfortunately, everything I have found on the G5 indicates it will not have a glideslope for an ILS approach. However, I stumbled upon the Part 23 AML STC Installation Manual today. Here is the link: http://www.chiefaircraft.com/pdf/G5INSTALL.pdf In this publication, it clearly states in Paragraph titled VOR/LOC/GS Check "This test is only performed for installations that have an HSI installed and interfaced to a VHF navigation source. Check the VOR, ILS, and Glideslope functions with ramp test equipment. Operate the equipment according to the test equipment manufacturer’s instructions. Adjust the RF signal to a level adequate to perform the test. Select the appropriate HSI source as required by the VHF navigation source interfaced to the G5 HSI." It then goes on to describe the acceptable amount of glideslope deviation for the test. Basically, does anyone actually know if the Certified G5 will display glideslope from an ILS?