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  1. Thanks! Once my bird is back in action...definitely will be looking for Mooney gatherings. Cheers,
  2. A new question for the SA TX area Mooney folks...Any recommendations on an A&P? My bird experienced a little electrical issue...believe it to be a chaffed wire that then provided the wonderful smell of burnt insulation and even more exciting view of smoke. Appears to be limited to the #2 Comm/Nav (CB pulled). Fortunately, this occurred prior to taxi. Unfortunately, a nice day of flying went out the door...I'm not complaining though. 135JC lives at Castroville. I'd love to do as much of the work as able...under supervision. Greatly appreciate any feedback. Cheers
  3. Thanks folks...was away from my computer for a bit...just got caught up. Appreciate the feedback. Will look to get in touch with Bob. Cheers,
  4. I've maintained currency in the LV area but I'm not kidding myself...going to minimums would not be a planned event at this point. simply don't have the experience...read as zero actual time. For the short term, I'm looking to be able to punch through a layer in order to head to other locales...I'll stick with my short term goal for now.
  5. Folks, Just transferred to the SA TX area...my bird is out at Castroville. Looking to find a CFII in the area as I moved from LV NV (you know, clear and $1,000,000 territory). Time to look at becoming more proficient (not simply current) with my IFR. Cheers, Matt
  6. Will be in San Antonio eventually. While I absolutely would love to fly out to TX to a reputable shop for annual, it's likely not in the cards this year...simply don't time in my schedule and am ok with the shop here in LV. Seems SWTA gets pretty good reviews...perhaps next years annual.
  7. Agreed on building relationship...only issue is we're going to be moving out of state (to TX) late summer, so this will be a one and done in this area. Place I found is 1950 just for inspection...seems high as my last one in Avon Park during my purchase (it was a full annual) was 1200 for inspection. Simply looking to save a buck if able to find a highly recommended shop that has availability.
  8. Folks, My new (to me) Mooney is coming up on it's first annual and while I have a shop that can do the work (and several vintage Mooney annuals each year), they seem a bit pricey for just the annual. So, I figured I'd seek input on A&P/IA / Shops that get high marks. I'm in Las Vegas NV and don't mind hitting SoCal or AZ (just more reason to fly). 1967 M20F / N135JC Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  9. What about simply disabling the step in the up position? I rarely use it anyway and it recently decided to stop working (stays down).
  10. Appreciate the comments from all. As a Mooney 'nube', I have many questions but am glad to have this kind of information at my disposal.
  11. Quick question vintage Mooney officianado's, I've put roughly 35 hours on my new to me 67 M20F since taking ownership and finally was able to download the EDM 700 data. The engine is a Lyc remanufactured IO-360-A1A installed in Feb of this year by prior owners. Normal cowl but it does have the lower cowl cover. I'm seeing a consistent temp split between my #2 (hottest) and #1 (coolest) cylinder of ~70-80 deg F. (attached pic of data from one flight). Engine now running Aeroshell 100+...max fuel flow indicated during takeoff ~15-16 gph She runs smooth, during runup with the JPI Norm mode, all appears to respond as expected. Figured I'd ask if there is a 'normal' or expected temp differential between hottest and coldest cylinder...thoughts ?
  12. Folks, Quick follow-up. Phil was fantastic. Very helpful and never complained about my off hour calls due to our time zone differences. Thanks,
  13. Any local Las Vegas Mooney A&P's willing to provide a little advice only...regarding my issue. I'm talking with Top Gun (Stockton), and Advanced Aviation in Troutdale OR but would really appreciate a local eyeball. Greg @ Advanced was great...long flight for a looksee. I've gone over the MM and my issue doesn't end in a drip but it does spread a bit from the from the drain hole before it evaporates. Again, it seems to be with left fuel tank greater than 23-24 gal...at least I noticed it in that state and now that the tank is down around 22-23 gal, it's dry at the drain. Favorite cocktail(s) on me. Thanks to all that have replied. Advanced in Troutdale not able to do a full reseal (if req'd) until early - mid July. They can do a patch if assessed as sufficient though.
  14. Folks, Looking for some advice regarding a weep that has developed in my left fuel tank. Appears to occur when the tank is full. weeps from the hole on the lower area of the leading edge near the wing root. Plane is based at KVGT (North Las Vegas)...recent arrival there. Searching logs to find out when the last reseal occurred. Basically looking for either a local A&P that would be willing to help me do the work to fix this or a local shop capable of taking care of the issue (prefer the prior, not the latter). Haven't noticed any fuel smells in the cabin but also don't like things that leak. Seems to only occur when tank is full. Right side does not exhibit this behavior. Regards,
  15. Folks, Looking for another assist. I'm in the final stages of purchasing an M20F. Insurance says I have to have 5 hours of dual transition training. They subsequently allowed 3 hours in an M20J locally with the final 2 in my plane (manual gear). So, I'm looking for an instructor with the following (or near the following and I'd petition the insurance co.) 500 total hours 100 hours in retractable gear 25 hours in make and model I suspect they'd agree to 25 hours in a manual gear M20. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Side note: I have a friend planning to fly back with me who owns a JBar Mooney...he's not an instructor though. Heading into town on 16 May (wed), looking to complete my last two hours on Thursday, 17 May. My friend shows up on Thursday and we're hoping to depart on Friday. I know...square peg...round hole...how much harder can I make this.
  16. Folks, I'm pitching back into the purchase arena and have narrowed down to a 67 Mooney M20F in Ft Meyers FL. Can you provide recommended pre-buy locations? I'd like a MSC but would settle for a non-MSC if they have lots of experience working on them. Greatly appreciate any assistance Cheers,
  17. my cell is 702-423-4699 in case you prefer talking to texting/emailing.



  18. Bob, 

    I lined up a pre-buy with Hall Aviation which was passed to me my the A&P that was going to do the work for me.  David from Miami mentioned AGL would be the best...unable to get through to them but if they have time Thu or Fri for a pre-buy, I'd prefer that route



    1. Bob_Belville


      Matt, is there any way the plane could get to MRN? I don't think Lynn has time to go to Charlotte this week. 

      Did you call his cell 828.216.6482. You can text him at that number and ask him to call. Tamara is out of the office this afternoon so he may not be getting his calls. I did tell him about your post and Ron's reply. 

  19. You guys are Great! Update...found a pre-buy location...Hall Aviation in Cheraw KCQW (~45 nm southeast of Wilgrove) and they can get it done tomorrow afternoon or Friday. Now I need a CFI for A) fly with me to KCQW and check some of the systems and B. help me work off my 5 hour dual requirement. Any assistance here would be awesome. Cheers, (Sheese...buyin a plane can be interesting) I probably just posted the same thing twice...technology...hmm
  20. You guys are Great! Update...found a pre-buy location...Hall Aviation in Cheraw KCQW (~45 nm southeast of Wilgrove) and they can get it done tomorrow afternoon or Friday. Now I need a CFI for A) fly with me to KCQW and check some of the systems and B. help me work off my 5 hour dual requirement. Any assistance here would be awesome. Cheers, (Sheese...buyin a plane can be interesting)
  21. Folks, I'm pushing this out as a last option and could use some serious help. I'm looking at possibly buying a 65 M20E and will be getting on a plane from Las Vegas NV to Charlotte NC in an hour for the pre-buy inspection, transition training, and ideally the long flight back. PROBLEM: The A&P that is currently scheduled to do the work is sick and unsure if they can make the trip. He was bringing standard tools to pull panels, compression tester, boroscope, etc... SO NOW I'M POSSIBLY IN A PINCH (if he can't make it) What would really use your help with: 1. A Charlotte NC area (or even east coast) Mooney Smart A&P able to do a pre-buy inspection tomorrow or Friday. The plane is located a 8A6 (Wilgrove Air Park). Seller has jacks, a hanger to do the pre-buy, air compressor for compression checks...small airport 2. Transition training. My insurance requires 5 hours of dual instruction in the plane If you know of anyone, that can help, my cell number 702-423-4699. Fly into Charlotte tonight. Escape plan in plane not up to snuff or I can't find anyone to assist...leave Charlotte early Saturday morning on a Southwest flight. Appreciate any help I can get on this. My A&P is also beating the bushes but he lives in TX... Cheers, Matt