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  1. Interesting, I'm sure the shear loads on the pin are pretty low but still...would have thought there would be a tab/keyway.
  2. We're replacing my trim wheel bushing this annual for excessive wobble. Since the sprockets have to be removed, thought it would be a good time to do Service Bulletin M20-154 (Retrofit of New Sprockets). 1. Are the roll pins really the only thing that transfers the load to the shaft?? There's no key-way as I would expect. The old sprockets also have a setscrew but it doesn't appear to penetrate the shaft.. 2. The new sprockets that came with the service bulletin kit from Lasar don't have the setscrew holes (service bulletin says to install setscrews on new sprockets so wondering if I
  3. Solved!! Seems to be all it needed was an idle mixture adjustment. Through the process though, I now have all clean/two new plugs, a freshly timed engine, and a leak free intake. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, glad to be a new member of the Mooney community!! Thanks!!
  4. Update: Checked sniffle valve, timing, and adjusted idle mixture. Sniffle valve was not it. Mag timing was reset and idle mixture was adjusted. Mechanic checked for leaks and increased the idle mixture fuel flow and after some fine tuning, it did not stumble or pop on the ground after my last 1.5 hour flight. Going to take it up once more to confirm it doesnt have the issue on the ground..will post an update and confirm if that fixed it. Thanks!
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I think at this point I'm just going to replace all gaskets and seals.
  6. Is this the right angle fitting on the bottom of the sump? It has a hose connected going out the bottom of the cowling. This would be an easy test that I could perform but doesn't necessarily answer the question about why it only stumbles when the engine is hot..
  7. Update: Cleaned and inspected all spark plugs. Two of the champion plugs that had greater than 5k resistance where replaced with new tempest plugs. An induction leak test with soap and water was performed around all intake seals and gaskets with no leak indications. Taxied out and did a runup and everything was perfect, RPM was stable, no stumbling. Then after taxiing a little more it started again, stumbling and popping. My next step is going to be to just replace all gaskets and seals on the intake. I'm thinking maybe when the engine heats up a small leak is introduced in the inta
  8. @Hector That's what we were thinking about as a possibilty too
  9. Also curious, is it normal to have different GAMI spreads at different Manifold pressures (i.e. I had a spread of 0.1GPH at WOT, and 0.4GPH at 17MP)??
  10. Okay, I'll have to check that out as well...thanks! I'll still post the times for the data when I get a free hour or so.
  11. I'm thinking right now I will first inspect and clean the plugs. If that doesn't fix it, move to injectors/intake, and mags/timing.
  12. I'll have to go through tomorrow and add the times at which each test was performed. Just thought I'd post it now and see if anything popped out.. Thanks. @Hank The temps were upper 80's to low 90's. In Florida where field elevation is approx. sea level.
  13. At 00:10:00 the left mag is checked then back to both at 00:11:00, then right mag at 00:12:00. No roughness with either on the ground. In the air the Right mag exhibited some roughness.. Hmm at 00:10:00 it looks like the EGT's seem to follow the same trend to me..
  14. I went for a flight this evening and performed several mag checks and gami tests. 1) Ground taxi and run-up https://www.savvyanalysis.com/flight/3465025/a8524161-baaf-4704-9792-3a6adbb677bd 2) Flight https://www.savvyanalysis.com/flight/3465026/8f5f10b1-19ed-4673-90b5-8f7fe8b72f82 3) After landing and taxi https://www.savvyanalysis.com/flight/3465028/9114a858-1249-4562-b545-c388a3fb3974 A few notes: 1)- Ground taxi and run-up: Leaned for taxi, no stumbling noted. -Run-up, minor stumbling, increased mixture to full rich, raised RPM to 1700, performed a mag check
  15. The spark plugs are the Tempest UREM38E plugs. The hours depend on which plug, some were replaced, would have to dig through the logs. Plan is to run it again this evening to gather more data and upload tonight. Thanks!
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