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  1. bdash

    Today's flight for 2018

    It took over an hour to upload that three minute video clip on my awful home internet connection, so I figured I'd limit it to the bits that leave a good impression
  2. bdash

    Today's flight for 2018

    My GoPro Hero 7 arrived this week, so I took it for a test run on my flight back to Lakeport this evening. I was very impressed with the built-in stabilization. Here's a clip of my transition through Oakland's class C airspace.
  3. bdash

    Today's flight for 2018

    A great view while on my way down to Palo Alto start my work week. Looking towards downtown San Francisco from the coastline Bravo transition at 3,500ft.
  4. bdash

    Foreflight flight category

    Same result on my iPad Pro 9.7” and iPhone XS Max.
  5. bdash

    Foreflight flight category

    ForeFlight 10.4.1, running on iOS 12.0.1. When zooming the map view out I'm seeing flight category dots on airports all across North America, including the US, Canada and Mexico.
  6. bdash

    Foreflight flight category

    I'm still seeing the flight category dots on most airports with METARs on the map in ForeFlight. It certainly isn't limited to those near my route.
  7. bdash

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please add me, too.
  8. bdash

    Today's flight for 2018

    @bonal Yup, I bought N335BB from @Bennett at the end of July. It was sitting in LASAR's hangar for the duration of the fires, and it wasn't until the end of August that I was finally able to take her up. I've been averaging around an hour of flight time a day since then, and am enjoying the heck out of that aircraft. Bennett did a wonderful job on the upgrades and equipment selection.
  9. bdash

    ads have reappeared

    It looks like you may have two accounts, and have signed into the wrong one? is the account you just posted from, while looks to be the account you typically use.
  10. bdash

    iPad for ForeFlight

    There's an earlier thread discussing iPad mounting options here:
  11. bdash

    LASAR Fly-in - Are you coming?

  12. bdash

    Lakeport / Lampson

    As of around noon today, Lampson is back open. The TFR was lifted around 8am, and the NOTAM disappeared a few hours later. All of the helicopters and support crew that filled the taxiways yesterday afternoon had cleared out today.
  13. bdash

    Lakeport / Lampson

    As of a few minutes ago a new TFR was issued that ends a few miles north of Lampson. The previous TFR is still in place for now, and the airport NOTAMd closed, but the new TFR suggests those may be rescinded this weekend.
  14. bdash

    Lakeport / Lampson

    I stopped by LASAR this afternoon to retrieve my new-to-me M20J, N335BB, and move it to my hangar. Things are quieter at Lampson this week than last, but there's still eight or ten helicopters working the fire from there. At this point LASAR is optimistic that the airport will be open early next week. Here's hoping.
  15. I looked at N201KB a couple of months ago, and ultimately ended up passing on it. It's a nice looking aircraft, and is well equipped. A few things that reviewing the log books revealed: The aircraft has flown relatively little in the past 6 or so years (~45 hours, of which only ~15 are in the last 4.5 years). The existing W&B data seems to be incorrect. It lists an empty CG location of ~12 inches aft of the datum. Since the allowable range is 41-50 inches, it'd be virtually impossible for the aircraft to ever be within CG limits. I suspect this will require re-weighing to correct, which may result in the available useful load changing a non-trivial amount. There doesn't appear to be a log book entry for the installation of the GTN 750 and related equipment. There's a work order and 337, but nothing in the airframe log.