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  1. Can you give me context or a scenario where a screen placed D-> is better than the physical soft key? Thanks!
  2. SNF isn't Oshkosh, but we are all excited for an in-person event this year! There's Enterprise Rental Car on the field if you need a car - they always set up a temporary location. I have also enjoyed using Sheltair there if you want to base at the FBO. Airshows daily, and they have one night airshow like Oshkosh (I think it's on Tuesday or Wednesday night). We've previously used Plant City as an easier alternative to fly into with rental cars available on-site. Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions, and be sure to swing by and say hi at the Garmin tent!
  3. +1 for leaving takeoff power set throughout the climb. That's how I teach it in the Ovation, and as others have mentioned, your power is reduced by virtue of the climb after a few minutes anyways. I always teach 120-130 knots IAS in the climb as well, which seems to keep cooling flow and performance at a happy medium.
  4. I'd say you have a clogged injector, or a clog at the spider (less likely, but can still happen). I just had this recently happen as well!
  5. I just did a check-out for a new owner in a Bravo GX, and I'm happy to travel from Kansas City to instruct for the weekend.
  6. Would love to meet you there, Parker! Be sure to swing by the Garmin booth and say hello if I don't make it to Hangar A!
  7. CFI in Kansas City, have experience in M20C/E/F/J/K/M/R. I own an E model. Will travel to give instruction and for deliveries. 765.702.6442 | ludwickk1@gmail.com
  8. Charles Head owns a gorgeous M20F at Spruce Creek and is a CFI. 859-806-7998.
  9. Fedex lost my engine for about a week back in November/December. It apparently bounced around from facility to facility, until the logistics company that used Fedex sorted it out. Best of luck. +1 for sending a letter from a lawyer.
  10. Cole Aviation in Dalton, GA isn't that far away, and they're a great Mooney shop. Might be worth getting them to come down to the airplane or taking the airplane up to Dalton.
  11. +1. Just practiced this with an M20M student last weekend, and this exact point was hit home. Fly the airplane - re-trim, re-trim, re-trim, and clean up as you have the pitch change under control.
  12. Very interested in hearing a future PIREP on the beta/reverse operation!
  13. Who else has flown the Hudson corridor in a Mooney? Just checked off that bucket list flight over the weekend. Super easy if you haven't done it before, just make sure you take the FAASafety.gov course and comply with the speed limit and reporting points!
  14. Lots of great responses here. I would also say do at least an hour or two of recurrent training yearly - that'll not only help ensure you haven't picked up any bad habits, but it'll also help on your insurance quote when you can say you did partake in some training during the year. Most important thing to me? Engage in the community. Go to fly-ins, participate on this forum, fly with others and let others fly with you. Continue to learn as much as you can - you'll have more fun when you do. As I tell my Mooney transition training students, buying your airplane and getting checked out in
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