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  1. The Avionics Specialists

    Panel overlay?

    If you like the Black rough finish, use some ABS Plastic Sheets. It comes out pretty slick and is SUPER inexpensive!
  2. The Avionics Specialists

    Traffic Display on GNS430W with Dual G5 and GTX-345

    If not, come to California for a bit and I will take care of you!
  3. The Avionics Specialists

    KFC150 Glideslope issue

    Jay, the "feed" from the GNS-530W to the HSI and the Autopilot are actually the same lines. They come from the 530W, then spliced into 2 wires and one goes to the HSI and the other to the Autopilot. The same lines feed both units basically. I can get you a print of the system if you would like to reference the issue. Let me know if I can help out. I would love to. It seems like it could be the "ILS Energize" line to the AP or a connector not completely seated. Just a WAG.
  4. The Avionics Specialists

    Garmin G5 and vacuum system removal question

    Welcome aboard Jesse! What all are you doing to remove the Vacuum System? Also, the electric trim should work with a "Pitch Trim" servo from the GFC500, correct?
  5. The Avionics Specialists

    Garmin G5 and vacuum system removal question

    I can give you the retail for the units if you would like for the system with 4 servos. basically each servo is $1500.00, Controller is $2900, install kits are about 700 for each servo.
  6. The Avionics Specialists

    G5 not coming on

    If you ever need updates for the Garmin systems, shoot me a message. I will get any and all you need. Just let me know.
  7. The Avionics Specialists

    Noise on headsets induced by strobes

    Type of Audio Panel? Also ground the power supplies at the battery. Just a solution we have found.
  8. The Avionics Specialists

    KI-256 part number

    @hypertech check you PM. I sent you the complete Installation Manual for your aircraft of the Autopilot System. Hope it helps
  9. The Avionics Specialists

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    That is understandable and I hope I was clear that I am not trying to belittle or put him down. He seems very very knowledgeable and passionate for the industry, which is amazing! I hope to chat more with him in the future. He seems very respectful and respectable as well. Just wanting to clarify what he was saying and to get more insight. I respect everyone here and in the industry because we are all in this together.
  10. The Avionics Specialists

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    I understand, also, are those "10%" in GA or "Heavy Iron? Please forgive me if I sounded harsh, I am just trying to make a point because the other day, we went through 3 different units before all was given a green light. It isn't all on the shops, but a lot is, I agree. Thank you for the information Jerry
  11. The Avionics Specialists

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    Please don't throw stones if you are not in that field. Remember, there are many many owners and "My A&P" jobs that get done as well because, "It is so easy". I agree with your local shop that even the crappy shops are busy and there ARE those that do not know what they are doing, for sure, just don't group the good ones by belittling what we do and thinking "It is easy to hook up a box and configure it". Everyone has there profession and skill level and though I am on the upper echelon of mine, as I have been told, I just know that a lot of folks are trying their best and we ALL need to understand that there is still a human factor involved and I will do everyone a favor by not telling them how easy it is to fly a plane because there are bad ones out there. There are some that are harder than you may think, but there are some that are super simple. I agree. Not trying to ruffle feathers, just please understand that if you can't fit into my shoes, please don't tell me how to walk in them and I will do the same. Please try not to take offense, just stating that there are issues that come up, some are bad units or auxiliary units that go bad, it is what it is and there are crappy shops as well. Forgive my long rant and if I offended, please forgive, it is not my intention.
  12. The Avionics Specialists

    KT76A not blinking at me anymore

    Awesome! That's great news! Glad you got it taken care of. I hope the information helped.
  13. The Avionics Specialists

    New (to me) App I found yesterday!!!!!

    Yes, I am just geeking out here. I get weird when I find these things.
  14. The Avionics Specialists

    New (to me) App I found yesterday!!!!!

    Heck, I don't know. I am just geeking out and think it's pretty cool!!! LOL
  15. The Avionics Specialists

    New (to me) App I found yesterday!!!!!

    SO, I was at one of my customer's hangar yesterday and he showed my this really cool app for both Android and Apple. Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, what other apps do you have that are pretty cool? I use this one as a "mock Flight Tracker" to see if things with my customer's transponders are working.. Flightradar is the name of the app.