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  1. Perfect! Maybe I should just take this offer off of the table. Thoughts? Just trying to help out the community but if everyone has their way figured out, maybe I am just spinning my wheels. I am just offering a way for the owner to help out and lower costs of labor especially as it pertains to the GFC500 and other units but it sounds like they have it figured out already. Thoughts everyone?
  2. No! Don't stop commenting! This is good! I understand where you are coming from, I am agree with everything you are saying! My full timers have been released as my standards are quite high. I truly appreciate your input and knowledge. You input is valuable to me. I just call this industry like I see it. I stand by my work, demand a high quality product and there are no short cuts that are taken. I do appreciate your input and please don't stop. That's why we are here.
  3. @tigers2007, correct and the thing to remember is I am NOT talking about letting and owner loose on a project and I sit in the office and put my feet up. I am talking training, and should there be things that they (owners) are comfortable with, then let them do it and then I will inspect and supervise. Further, it is MY responsibility to ensure it all is working correctly and the project is done to s certain standard. It will maintain that standard throughout. Please everyone, do not misconstrue an "Assisted Install" being "Buying product and let that person go to town". It is exactly as it is stated. "THE OWNER WILL ASSIST........ONLY" not "PERFORM THE.......". Make sense? You as an owner will assist me (my shop) on the install. There is still a timeline to make and still a cost and regulations that WILL be adhered to. We need not make this harder or more complicated than what it is. If anyone wants to go to a premade harness shop, go ahead, some are good, some aren't.
  4. @ilovecornfields, try not to read into it too much. I am mainly talking about time frame and attention to detail. You would be surprised what Maintenance shops go through and there is A LOT untold and not talked about. I will work on the wording, but also try not to be a grading teacher either, please do not take offense, just try and not start a downing/negative spin on this. I think the main point of all of this is to get the spirit of what is being said here please. My kids are phenomenal and have amazing attention to detail.
  5. @ArtVandelay, you are correct. They do. And we are one. Avionics shops do NOT need more than that.
  6. @KSMooniac, that's great!!!! Keep me in the loop and remember me when that time comes!!!!
  7. @bluehighwayflyer that's great! Keep us posted!!!
  8. @Igor_U Thank you for the kind words! I am just trying to help out the community. I usually do not do this as an everyday option, but with this community I am more inclined to do so because we all love our Mooneys. I generally do all of the installation and modifications myself without help as it can be a bit frustrating and time consuming, but for the "mechanically inclined" owner that usually does an Owner Assisted Annual, this is a great opportunity and just want to do my part in helping the community move forward as much as I can. If anyone needs an Avionics Shop to go to, they can ALWAYS call on me as I am one and have quite a bit of knowledge in this field. This is only an option.
  9. @ArtVandelay Here you go Mooney GFC 500 AML Listing.pdf
  10. Just curious, how much are you paying for your SkyBeacon ADS-B these days? Looks like the TSO for the Tailbeacon ADS-B Out should be shipping in the beginning of April. The reason why I am asking is I am thinking about running a package special and even a quantity discount if several owners purchase in bulk with one order to decrease the overall costs. Just doing a little research here. What cha got? Would that interest anyone?
  11. Questions: Where are you planning on getting this done? What is the time frame? Can you email me these pics at the email below with a return email and contact info? Now, suggestion: Move the suction gauge and the "Idiot Lights" where the GPS Annunciator is currently and/or slide your "Idiot Lights" up, just above the AI G5 if there is room. Personally, I would slide the "Backup Gauges" under the EDM for Aesthetics as it would line up pretty well and then you will have a cleaner, less busy looking, Right Hand Panel and then the Area Mount would fit in the middle and/or do a RAM Mount for an IPad in which it can display info for you and act as another EFIS Screen. Just Spitballing here,
  12. Dang it! Well, I am sure you know other pilots. Let them know, then come help them or if they don't want to do it, see if you can do it for them. Just a thought.