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  1. Thank you Michael for bringing that up. I am trying to get the new registration up and going and will touch bases with you once it is up and running! Great job this weekend!!!! IT was AMAZING!!!!!!
  2. Mooney owners will be parking at our facility at Lampson Field 1O2.
  3. Greg Baker

    Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    SO here are the dates and website for the event. Lasar is Co-Sponsoring the event with the county. Web address for the event is below.
  4. It is call the Splash In /Fly In. The link for the actual event is below. Lasar is Co-Sponsoring it with the county. It is going to be spectacular.
  5. What a great time had by all! Michael and Phil....a HUGE THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to work with you all on more to include ours on Sept 7th and 8th!
  6. Greg Baker

    Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    Ok, so, we are thinking sometime in July or August for the Fly-In here in Lakeport. We are looking to be there in Paso Robles and I may be speaking at lunchtime on ADS-B Solutions. Let me know what dates work for everyone for the Fly-In!!!!
  7. Greg Baker

    Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    Great response everyone! I am working with my team to nail down dates for everyone! Keep the comments coming and I only ask one thing in return, tell a friend.....or five! Stay tuned.....
  8. Greg Baker

    Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    My team and I are thinking about sponsoring a Fly In here in Lakeport, CA. We are thinking about having a few static displays to play with to include Garmin products, Avidyne products, Aspen, Artex, Speed Mod items, etc. Would anyone be interested in attending and if so, what would you like to see? We are wanting to show everyone what is out there and available and to give everyone an opportunity to play with the new toys here on the ground also. What are your thoughts? Greg Baker Lasar, Inc.
  9. Greg Baker

    Lost Intercom

    No worries, I am the new Avionics Manager for Lasar. I have about 30 years in the Avionics industry and we are making big strides in the Avionics market. We are expanding our demographics and dealerships to accommodate our expansion. Below is my signature and am trying to get my information better on the board. Greg Baker Avionics Manager 480-295-2801
  10. Greg Baker

    Lost Intercom

    Great! No worries! If you have any questions or anything we can help you with, just let me know. We are all in this together and if we can give advice or help, just let me know.
  11. Greg Baker

    Lost Intercom

    What type of headsets are you using? It may be a connector needing to be reset also. If you need someone to take a look for you, let me know. We are up in Lakeport and can take a look for you if needed. Greg Baker
  12. We are expanding our Avionics Department and capabilities at Lasar, Inc. We are looking to share the new expansion to the entire Mooney Community. What are you looking for? What are you interested in doing in the near future? Please give us an opportunity to earn your work and make a good difference not only with your aircraft, but throughout the community as well. We are a full service Mooney Service Center and can accommodate your needs from an annual to a full avionics stack upgrade. We are running several different specials and are booking installations for the upcoming ADS-B mandate that is right around the corner in 2020. Give us a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!!! Shoot me an email, text or call me if you have any questions and to schedule your visit. Greg Baker 480-295-2801