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  1. Hi @p51p28 and welcome! I’m really close by at KAND and I just got my K 231 back from annual so a short hop to AHN for some ops checks before resuming long trips with the family fits my mission for the weekend. I upgraded from a Cherokee 180 to my Mooney a few years ago so you probably have the same questions I had. Send me a DM if you don’t have other arrangements for this weekend, with Sunday being best for me. Also happy to chat on any random questions.
  2. Especially when taking off in IFR conditions, I’ll dial the heading to runway (or assigned/obstacle, etc.), enable heading mode and use the VS mode at +700, reasonable altitude bugged and FD on. That way, if I need/want, it’s just hitting the AP button and then it’s easy to navigate/communicate/etc. I’m not a huge fan of the TOGA function for takeoffs, mostly due to less control.
  3. I use oxygen in my 231 in the exact same manner. Manage to your SPO2 numbers via oxygen flow, using the flow meter as a general reference. That way, you don’t let hypoxia convince you that you’re fine when you’re not.
  4. Great input on the CDT, I realize it is required on the 231 and didn’t think to ask Garmin if they support that- I would think yes but I will ask. While I have an intercooler, it is an older, airflow systems intercooler and doesn’t use differential temperature for power management like the Turboplus, it only uses OAT for power curve adjustment. That said, I would love to see the differential to get a better understanding of the intercooler’s effectiveness in different environments.
  5. Couldn’t agree more- new wiring is a big deal on these aging airframes.
  6. Interesting. Do you find the 900 big enough vs the 930?
  7. I would be gaining something- real estate on the panel by going EIS, but your point is good. In addition, my JPI is the 830, so I’d need to upgrade to a 900/930 which is almost as much as the EIS. As old school as it is, I’d like to have space for a storm scope/strike finder, unless I can find an affordable WX500. I’m not sure I could jam in a G3X, G5, JPI930 and a spherics display into the left panel. Many decent options, good problems to have!!
  8. I fly a M20k 231 and had both the QT halos and Clarity Aloft. I liked both but liked the Clarity Aloft just a little better, mostly because it fit me a little better. I prefer these to ANR headsets especially in the Southeast where it’s hot and humid half the year. I also find myself less fatigued after long flight legs as well, maybe because of the lack of head clamping but it could also be because the audio is much clearer than my over the ear PNR headset. as a bonus, the CA headset also plays music very well through my BT audio panel.
  9. Since they used my K for the mid body certification, I can back that statement up firsthand. They are a top notch organization with some great people and processes. They did not screw around with ensuring everything was up to par before, during and after the certification and were excellent and were super responsive the whole time.
  10. Thanks. For some reason, I thought the G3X might be able to display it all on a single screen. Someone has got to have a turbo with a single 10” and EIS.
  11. Do any turbo drivers here have a single G3X 10” with the Garmin EIS? For me in the 231, it’s critical to see the TIT, all CHTs and fuel flow in numerical format, all the time without toggling screens. In addition, I would really like to simultaneously see EGTs, but that’s not as critical. Anyone know if this is possible on a single 10” and have photos? Context- trying to plan upgrade paths to a JPI 900/930 or G3X for factory gauge replacement.
  12. What is your battery voltage at idle check and at run up/cruise RPM? Sounds like possibly a tired battery that has enough voltage and cranking amps to start the airplane but can’t hold enough voltage. This could be exacerbated by the fact that generators and even some alternators (such as my gear driven one) don’t produce 13.5 or so volts at idle.
  13. +1. While I haven’t had any issues with mine, it’s the best for the hot months in the south. Great product.
  14. 81X


    If you’re good with metal work and the bend isn’t really noticeable, you could (should) make a really cool ceiling fan for a large space.
  15. My #1 and 2 cylinders run hottest on my K 231 LB model with the airflow intercooler and GAMIs. The GAMIs really helped balance the heat load a bit.
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