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  1. Unfortunately I didn’t get to mess with it today as I had to skip town. What I do know is that the Olathe and Salem crews are top shelf.
  2. Right, but it’s arguable whether “proceed to the airport in a normal manner” means laterally only or laterally and vertically, especially if on a previously assigned altitude. I think the spirit of it (unless there is another definition somewhere) means lateral and vertical since an “instrument approach” has lateral and vertical descent components, so one would think that “visual approach” would as well but it’s an arguable point since you’re not usually on a charted visual procedure at that point and still active IFR. Adding ambiguity to this situation is that visual approach language specifically calls out needing ATC authorization to climb, but makes no mention of descent. IMO, ATC could clarify by canceling the altitude restriction or issuing descent at pilots discretion during the visual approach clearance issuance. This or having the regs define the visual approach better. This is the crap lawyers make money on and is one reason why I typically over communicate with ATC. The other reason is the most important- for noise abatement (Mooney hitting something and making a loud noise).
  3. I’m going to go out and fly it today so I’ll check those flight regimes, but I’m pretty sure that there are no pitch oscillations on large turns. As for the roll out, I usually get a roll out within a degree or two of bugged heading and I haven’t noticed excessive time to nail the exact number but I will report back.
  4. You’ll own one shortly after socializing with the crew there!!
  5. This actually brings up a question to a similar scenario I ran into last week which I asked the controller for clarification on. I was headed to an airport over some small mountains in upstate NY and I was IFR but good VMC. I was on an assigned altitude but high and then cleared for the visual approach. He didn’t say descend/altitude at pilots discretion. Can I legally descend at that point? I asked For clarification and was issued a descent.
  6. Garmin used my K for certification and I have no oscillation issues. That said, when do you get pitch oscillations? Not that you should have to, but for troubleshooting purposes, have you tried engaging the AP after you’re established in cruise and manually trimmed out?
  7. That’s pretty odd as there’s definitely a different feel for on vs off. I haven’t don’t it myself, but the covers can be removed and replaced.
  8. Funny. Is electric gear qualified similar to being manual transmission qualified in a car?
  9. I hear ya. If I ever upgraded, the ideal Mooney for me would be a TKS equipped factory Encore- the unicorn of Mooneys. My 231 came with mostly top shelf equipment, and now with the GFC500 in it, it’s pretty trick. Dual alternators would make me much happier Regardless of voltage.
  10. 81X


    By reading a poll, voting, and then talking about it, aren’t we hilariously/ironically all bringing politics into the Mooney discussion, when the majority of the respondents don’t want it? I feel that in America, opposing viewpoints and people of different backgrounds don’t talk enough and I feel it’s a significant contributor to the polarizing of people. I also feel that in person is best for these discussions since so much can be lost and mis-interpreted over text communications. Just like we prove in these forums every day, listening to differing views and discussing their reasons can be extremely valuable. I’ve quoted it before and a poet I’m not, but I feel it’s important to read Human Family which ends with “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” Let’s focus on what binds us. I’m happy to continue the discussion at Oshkosh, I’ll be drinking @gsxrpilot ‘s tequila but will also happily share my bourbon or just a discussion...
  11. I don’t know, a 50k premium is a lot to pay to shove the throttle all the way in over an inter cooled merlyn’d 231!!! (yes I know there’s more to it but it’s sometimes fun to poke the bear)
  12. 1500 at 28” or so should keep CHTs right near 380 on the hottest for many normal environments. I run about 1480 TIT at 28” almost always in cruise which usually means 370 or lower on the CHTs with cowl flaps closed. Unfortunately my gami spread isn’t great, so I can’t run LOP very well and I avoid it until I can balance the injectiors. I wonder if your cylinders are still breaking in causing the heat.
  13. How lean are you running/ TIT? This makes a huge difference in keeping my CHTs below 380 in all phases.
  14. I have a B Kool and really like it. It works well in S.C. for just about 2 hours, especially with some block ice, I freeze some in Tupperware. Flying out of Sanford FL one day it was 98 and almost as humid, made it bearable after sitting on the ramp most of the day. Plus, the guy that makes them is a great guy.