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  1. 81X

    Add GPSS / Roll Steering Converter???

    Totally agree with this approach. The G5 gets you 8 pounds lighter, GPSS, auto slewing, and a backup AH.
  2. Depends on the engine type. It could range from manufacturers issues to ADs to operator error to mechanic error to premature replacement error. Do you have more information?
  3. 81X

    WOW!! Very Bad interaction with Don Maxwell

    I’ve only spoken with Don once where I had a fuel system issue several months ago. He has worked on my airplane several years before I owned it but despite me not being a current customer, he looked through his records and helped me through the fuel issue and referred me to some great people who resolved my issue completely on the first try. Thank you Don for sharing your knowledge. I asked him to send me an invoice for the consult but he wouldn’t. That’s the kind of (recent) experience I have with Don and I’m very appreciative of him.
  4. 81X

    GFC500 Update

    As soon as I get it back, I plan to put it through its paces to see how it all works and will certainly write a good PIREP here. I'm really interested to see how it handles VNAV with the 750, that could be the bees knees, even more than the VS & alt preselect on the KFC150. I'm counting the days until it comes back and I've had to cheat on the Mooney with a Super Viking lately. Not something I'm proud of, but that is an awesome airplane to fly, albeit totally different than the Mooney. Also, I had a G5 for about 5 months before being used as the HSI. The thing was amazing as an HSI and the few times I played with it in "PFD" mode showing the AH. The second G5 now as primary attitude will be really cool to see, and if the AP handles the airplane better than the king attitude-based AP (likely yes).
  5. if it was 95 degrees sitting in the sun when you picked it up and 40 now, you might not have a leak/big leak.
  6. 81X

    Baffling problems?

    How are the EGT's on #4? If high, it could be a valve or injector issue, but that baffling did look pretty sad. My 231 baffling is like m20doc says- it has a punch and cut so the folds lay flat- cylinders run less than 380 always except for the steepest of climbs on a hot day.
  7. How's your battery and was it "run down" during start or prior to flight? I ran a battery flat once and then started it up without charging the battery. No issues until full power and then it would go for 3 min, and then pop the breaker. It did this at reduced RPM until the battery was "charged" enough so it didn't need the full capacity of the alternator- about 40 minutes (on the ground). Not my favorite thing I've ever done, but food for thought if the battery was low/old. More likely it's what others are saying with chafing/field/regulator/etc.
  8. I like this approach with a slight variance. If I'm in Kansas, transitioning to "cruise climb" seems fine at 1000 feet since there will likely be plenty of forced landing sites should the need arise. However, if taking off from an urban or an area with plenty of terrain, it's Vy up until I'm comfortable where forced landing sites become more numerous due to glide range, and then it's cruise climb. In my 231, I just set the AP on 500FPM which usually works out to 120Kts- a decent enough climb rate, good forward progress, and good engine cooling here in the south.
  9. 81X

    Completely Confused

    Similar here. I’m at 1250 on my TSIO360LB engine with the original cylinders still in the 70s. Paul is spot on here. The previous two owners and now me fly that engine really nice. Engine management in turbos is critical to longevity.
  10. 81X

    GFC500 Update

    That was also my concern. My KFC150 was on the border of needing new wiring and a harness which is no easy undertaking. That coupled with some of the most expensive gyro overhaul costs imaginable makes replacement a no brainer.
  11. Quick update on the GFC500- it looks like they are going to start flight testing my K within the next week or so and hopefully wrap up by the beginning of December. They did indeed put in the third axis, so YD will be an option on the medium (and likely long) body Mooneys. This is going to be one legitimate autopilot, and is even a really nice upgrade over the capable KFC-150 I had with the FD, alt preselect and VS. Also, and maybe more importantly for vintage Mooney owners, the short body retrofits are still on the list to eventually be included for the GFC500, just not at this time. So, there's hope for a really capable, digital, attitude-based AP in the older Mooneys!
  12. 81X

    Advice on turbo Mooney

    I was IFR rated but hadn't been flying in a couple years, so there was a combination of learning the complex, kicking off some rust, instrument refreshing, learning all new avionics and transition training. It took me just over the insurance required 5 hours of dual, but I took another 5 more for the IPC after I went around and flew with some pilot friends to get back in the IFR mentality. So, the transition training was pretty straightforward as I had a good instructor- he wasn't a Mooney guy per se but had time in Mooneys and something like 25K plus hours with 5K hours in GA aircraft. He was in it for the passion and beer money, so he actually cared about students and wanted to have fun- a good combo in my opinion. I think it was interfacing with the AP and avionics that actually added the most difficulty, coming from a Cherokee with only a wing leveler and a GX-50 IFR GPS. Related to the turbos, If you have the pockets and it meets your mission, go for it. even here in the flats of the east, I love being able to quickly outclimb turbulence, cloud decks and things like that. Yes, a NA can get up pretty high, but having a consistent power envelope at most operating altitudes is so nice. My Mrs. H. (also Mrs. H.) is also on board with the Mooney as we used our Cherokee to travel and this airplane does that much quicker so it allows for longer trips.
  13. 81X

    Advice on turbo Mooney

    Welcome! I went from a Cherokee 180 to a K 231 back in November. It’s a really capable airplane that I’m super happy with. Great performance, worth investing avionics into, and way cooler than the 180 in all aspects. Adding any ice protection would really be the only other major thing I would want on my K.
  14. 81X

    Poor mic connection

    Deoxit might be worth a shot.
  15. 81X

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    Obviously with unlimited funds, 3 is a super easy choice, that’s a sweet gear stack. For the practical side, 1.5 strikes a really good balance of functionality, cost and future support, it’s exactly what my 231 will be in a couple of months. Related, I’ll have some KFC150 components available in 2-3 months.