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  1. I loaned Garmin my M20K 231 for the mid-body certification of the GFC500. My first hand experience was largely positive. The communication, workmanship, fairness to the owner throughout the process is exactly what you would expect from a top shelf organization. Being a 231 that requires close engine monitoring during operation, they even humored me and adhered to my crazy operating instructions on watching CHT's, power settings, etc. My M20K was in at the same time as the Bravo, so there were a couple of minor redesigns and tuning that needed to be had, so the time frame was a little longer than anticipated. This tuning is what yielded a rock solid, stable, comfortable ride in all phases of flight. What I will say is that if you're going to go forward, you need to have an airplane that has basically no squawks, complete, accurate logs for all AD's, upgrades, modifications, everything. I was very fortunate that the ownership and maintenance chain of my airplane were and continue to be very clean and complete. I even had to put tire pressure placards on my gear doors since they were replaced before I owned it; that's how detailed their inspections get. (it's a required placard FWIW). My first coupled approach in actual conditions after the install was into CHO down to 200 and 1/2; no joke. The workmanship, performance and overall setup made me confident that I'd see a runway at the end, which happened right when it should have, and I wouldn't have some random disconnect at a terrible time. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Besides, the cross country from SC to Oregon was absolutely breathtaking. Also, I was able to fly with my hangar mate a bunch in his Bellanca Super Viking to stay current while my airplane was at Garmin- a cool experience in and of itself.
  2. Decent chance I'll be there if the wx is nice. Last one of the year! December 15 at 9AM for those on MS not familiar with the SC Breakfast club!
  3. Wow. This is some serious panel porn.
  4. I'm absolutely terrified for what you're going to find on how hot you've been running your engine. My factory heat gauges are nothing short of a polished turd, although ironically the fuel gauges are super accurate. My 231 has had a JPI in it for the longest time and I'm about 1450 SMOH on the original cylinders with great valve patterns. Heat management is key on the 231, you're doing one of the best wallet modifications you can for your 231 (in a good way) I have a JPI EDM-830 and it's great. Great data, cost effective, you can add onto it over the years, etc. I really like it in landscape mode just to the left of the center stack. As others have said, the 900 or 930 are great choices if you want to ditch the factory gauges. I'm big on landscape mode, and every startup, I press step and have it "stick" to TIT. great for managing power LOP and ROP. Photo below from my 231.
  5. Yes, my K has the YD and I really like it for two main reasons- making the ride nicer in rough air and also keeping the ball centered during climbs in an airplane with no rudder trim. Who knows- maybe the YD will keep an airplane coordinated enough to avoid a base-final spin- purely speculating.
  6. I also have a GTN and for me, the best control I feel that I have in turbulence is to anchor some fingers on the far side of the GTN (or the GFC500 panel) and pull hard-ish while typing with the free fingers.
  7. They do at Garmin, they used my 231 for the GFC500 STC. Not cheap, but boy is most of their stuff top shelf. I got a tour of some of their facilities and they do indeed have their shit together- neat, clean, organized, passionate people. Lightning simulator chambers were really cool too.
  8. Congratulations! if your #2 is a common radio, see if you can find a friend with a working unit and swap it in, that way you'll know whether to send it out, or to check the wiring. Seeing as you're having comm issues on #1 as well, it sounds like you may have antenna or other antenna wiring issues. Just make sure you're managing the engine heat effectively- keep the CHT's below 380; hopefully you have an engine monitor. If not, it's pretty much required in the 231 as the factory gauges are single point and terrible for accuracy after all these years. You've bought one of the best values in GA with the 231, just keep it cool and your cylinders will love you.
  9. I went solar gray from LP Aero when I re-did my Cherokee glass except for the windscreen which was UV-coated clear. It looked a lot more modern than green and it certainly helped to block some of the heat. No issues at night whatsoever and if I ever re-do my 231, I'll do exactly the same. I use some of those sticky small tint panels now for my kid in the back which help for now.
  10. Cool! Mine had some internal elements melted from some kind of internal failure. I was fortunate to get the last stock item from LASAR before the price skyrocketed to something like $1400.
  11. A few flights after meeting Dan at Oshkosh, I bought an inspector. It was especially reassuring having it after I turned on the heat later in the season and it smelled funny. Fortunately it was nothing, but it’s amazing how frequently exhaust leaks happen in these airplanes.
  12. Put it where it belongs- top center. While the G5 has all the annunciations, it's so nice having it top center within easy reach and sight.
  13. 81X


    Especially in the Southeast- CB's everywhere!
  14. My longest day was 11.5 hours in a Cherokee 180 from NJ to Florida, with about 3 in IMC having only a wing leveler and a seat where the webbing was coming off on one side of the frame. I was in my 20's, so I didn't think anything of it but boy did that fried chicken taste incredible that night! My longest recently was 10.5 hours over 4 legs from SC to SD last summer. The margaritas that night in Rapid City SD were quite possibly the tastiest margaritas ever; the long day of flying may have had something to do with it. I did 8.2 for a business trip a couple weeks ago, out and back in the same day which was also a lot of flying, but it was smooth both ways in the low teens on o2 with the AP on. The o2 and use of the AP makes a big difference in not getting too wiped out for me these days.