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  1. Being a technology guy, I am consistently amazed with what they continue to innovate and deliver on. Some of my colleagues that fly have even gone so far to call it one of the best ios apps in existence. They certainly have remarkable leadership and execution teams and it's clear they are passionate about the product and making things better for pilots. I bet we'll have widespread bidirectional non-verbal IFR clearances within 2 years.
  2. 81X

    I have a new mistress

    Love it. Adding GPSS was really nice- that thing would fly GPS routes and non precision approaches way better than without GPSS, it's remarkable. Also, auto-slewing is a really cool workload reducer. My hangar-mate put it in his 340 and can't believe how much smoother that aircraft flies just by predicting and holding track better. In my opinion, the bigger benefit for me is having a backup AI/AH. It's probably the lightest (minus 8 pounds!) way to get backup AI. Flying partial panel is fun and all, but having done it before in actual, I don't care to repeat it. Full disclosure, my G5 was more forced than purely elective although it was on my "to upgrade within 1.5 years" list. My BK remote DG gyro needed an overhaul and it was only marginally more to do the G5 upgrade, maybe only 1AMU or so additional.
  3. 81X

    I have a new mistress

    Wow, mine too! Really similar!! Except I like the location of your 830 better than where mine is placed
  4. 81X

    I have a new mistress

    Good deal on the FF, it sounds like you're where you need to be. For the 700- Depends if you want to get rid of your factory gauges or not. For me, I couldn't stomach the price and reworking the panel, especially since the 900 didn't get me a whole lot more than the 830 and the 830 used the 700 probes whereas I don't think the 900 can. However, the 900 and a panel rework will cause many people here have severe panel envy- makes it look awesome!
  5. 81X

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    I'm on my second airplane and have only owned my 231 for a year, but my last airplane needed a new engine within a year. 3 cracked cylinders led to the discovery of a pitted camshaft (Lyc 0-360) which pretty much calls for a Major. After the first year fixes, that airplane was great- just upgrade and general maintenance for almost 8 years, not other major expenses. My 231 decided to quit on the runway due to fuel system age which seems to have recently sparked some interest- we replaced the oil/fuel hoses at acquisition as they were over time, but the recommendation was never made on the rest of the fuel system. That plus a blown King HSI led to a G5 upgrade (almost cheaper than an OH believe it or not). So, for me, expensive first year ownership is the norm, and expected.
  6. 81X

    I have a new mistress

    Just out of curiosity, are you only getting 18GPH at 36" or are you at reduced power? If 36, the last mechanic probably followed the continental fuel setup spec to the "T" and didn't ensure full fuel flow as per the intercooler manual. It will certainly run, but hot. For some reason, mechanics (even great ones like the one I use) love to set the fuel flows per the SID and don't adjust for the intercooler. Heat is definitely the enemy in the 231's; I was taught to fly mine by a guy who learned from the previous owner, who made it past TBO on the original cylinders! I'm at 1250SFRM and still well into the 70's on compressions. I run 36" up to altitude (unless you're going really high) and 28"/2500 in cruise which keeps heat at bay, even here in SC summers although I trail cowl flaps when needed. Keep the cylinders below 380 and your engine will love you. I also typically run well ROP, which usually means about 1500-1520 TIT/13.3 GPH in cruise Also, I also replaced my JPI700 with the 830- pretty cheap upgrade and you don't have to wait for everything to scroll- I really liked that upgrade a LOT. I've only owned my 231 for a year but learned a TON from this site and the other resources people mentioned. You'll LOVE the 231- it's just about as awesome as the 252 for typically far less money, but as others mentioned, attention to power and heat management is key to keeping it that way.
  7. Migh want to check the landing gear pucks after that field!!
  8. 81X

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    Agree. With all of these stall-spin crashes in the pattern, I think it’s time to eliminate “nice, tight pattern” from the standard repitoire. Obviously there are exceptions, but given the choice, I’ll take the lesser risk of coming up short if the engine quits vs stall-spin. I personally know someone who lost their engine on final and came up short. He broke some teeth and had some bruises but was fine other than that. I don’t know anyone who has survived the other although I’m sure there one or two lucky ducks. Just my opinion.
  9. 81X

    Insurance woes

    I also tend to agree here. A good partner would realize that his actions caused this increase and should therefore eat the diff and should be the one putting in the work to shop it around. This good partner would also realize this and proactively offer to cover the spread. Lack of individual accountability is a non-starter for me in business and to s lesser extent, in personal life. Now, if the other partners want to help someone out when they are down, that’s a different story. Aside from accountability and interpersonal relationships, Falcon in Kerrvill got me a great rate for a low time Retract pilot, underwritten bu USAIG via their USAA program.
  10. I used Aircraft Carb and Injection Service of Texas. I'm pretty sure these guys rebuild everything and they did a great job on my continental TSIO-360 fuel system. http://aircraftcarbs.com/index.html
  11. 81X

    Kool Scoop Vents

    That's pretty neat. I had one of these on my Cherokee and they work remarkably well. Neat idea on the trimming- in my Cherokee it would bump my arm which was kind of annoying.
  12. My EDM-830 showed no tell-tale signs of abnormality before the event, I'm not sure if jma201 would have seen anything, but I do agree that it's possible that it could have detected impending failure.
  13. I had a similar incident in my 231 but I was fortunate enough that mine cut out just prior to rotation speed. My issue was fuel in the upper deck likely due to leaking seals and also a trashed impeller. Don Maxwell recommended a great shop in Justin TX to overhaul it and that shop gave me an earful about not overhauling it every 10 years, mine had 13 years since reman. They were right, and with people flying less these days, more airplanes aren't to TBO after 10 years or so, and are waiting to TBO for the fuel system overhaul. Big mistake as you and I learned the easy hard way. 20 seconds later and it would have been a disaster for me. Please be proactive with your fuel system maintenance.
  14. I have flown the Hudson river corridor dozens of times before they put in the SFRA, it's remarkable day or night, but night is especially spectacular.
  15. 81X

    Thank you

    Don, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know that my wife is what makes life great, fun and interesting and it sounds like yours was the same. Your comments, knowledge and sometimes downright funny comments are appreciated by me and many others on this site. My thoughts are with you. Chris Hurley