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  1. 81X

    Full Fuel Tanks

    Same thing happened to me just a week ago- I asked the FBO to fill the tanks "really full, and the last few gallons per side take a little bit to get in". When I went to depart, I pushed the flapper down and it was barely wet. It took another 10 gallons. When I fill the tanks myself, I find that if you get the nozzle in the tank good and angle it outboard, it helps get the tanks really full just a little bit quicker. Sure was nice having that 10 gallons on a 3.75 hour trip!
  2. 81X

    Cross Country SC to Oregon

    Great idea on Mt. Rushmore. Seems like a good place to stop for the first night! What do do you all feel is the comfortable limit for the 9000 and 12000 foot winds aloft out west?
  3. 81X

    Cross Country SC to Oregon

    Thanks gang! It sounds like going north will be more scenic, less smoky, and smoother in general. I really appreciate the input, all really good stuff! @gsxrpilot, I've been stuck in the lower altitudes lately with having the baby along for every trip, but she and the wife are going to sit this one out, so this will be the trip for high altitude.
  4. 81X

    I swear I'm cursed.

    Take a look at my post from a month or two ago- this sounds like an issue I had with my FI system where the impeller was trashed and there was crud in the diverter, and fuel in the upper deck. A stuck valve would likely be only a loss of partial (a lot of) power. Did you run high boost or low boost to restore partial power? If it ends up being the FI system, the guys at aircraftcarbs.com did a great job rebuilding my system.
  5. I'm planning on taking my 231 from the upstate of SC out to the Portland Oregon area in a week. I've been all over the eastern US but never west of Ohio so this is pretty new and exciting. For my planning, I've narrowed down the routing to basically the "I-80" route up north, or south via Albuquerque, Phoenix, and then up the California valley and coast. What's your favorite route and why? Any preference for weather/turbulence/available services/airports, etc.?
  6. Also, some more color on the 10 year FI overhaul recommendation- The hoses are a totally separate issue and were actually replaced about a year ago. The amount of dry rot on the o rings and diaphragms in the FI system lead to my problems. I could also see where it could cause possible issues of fuel spraying where it's not supposed to be, having a chunk go into your diverter, etc.
  7. To close the loop on this, it was a compound problem. After a consult with my mechanic and a special thanks to Don Maxwell, I ended up sending the entire fuel system out for overhaul. The fuel pump impeller was shot and the diverter was also having issues. Furthermore, some o-rings were broken and dried out. It's been 14 years since factory reman and after speaking with aircraft carbs and fuel injection who OH'd it, they say it should be all but mandatory for an overhaul or at least IRAN after 10 years (of course in addition to the flammable hose replacement) So, food for thought if it's been 10 years since your fuel injection system has been overhauled, you might want to look at that during your next annual. --not a mechanic, just thoughts from an owner--
  8. I had the same issue during my checkout. My instructor had his spot on the back seat and it caused a LOI on my 750. I also think it was during the transmit cycle. Good instructor, bad spot. No known fix from me other than to ditch the spot.
  9. Some more color on this issue- I performed about 12 high speed taxis. Issue reproduced the first couple of taxis. Third time around, the engine stayed alive but was surging from 38"mp to about 33, and it seemed to need more throttle than usual. Fourth time around and now we're getting somewhere, I ran the high speed with the low boost on. fuel flow seemed a little low but the surging was gone. it seemed to almost hold 36 as per normal. Throughout all of this, the fuel flow seemed too low- about 18-19GPH whereas it's normally about 23 GPH at 36". So, I suspect it's the mechanical pump is going (or has gone) bad. It's going in to the shop tomorrow to find out for sure, I'll report back to hopefully help someone out in the future. Related, who runs their M20K's with the low boost on for TO and landing? The POH says not to, but this experience gives me pause during those critical phases of flight.
  10. Here's some graphical food for thought. The top two graphs below aren't in sync, but all of the peaks and dropoffs coincide, although the RPM appears to drop off 1-2 seconds before anything else which makes sense to me Nothing out of the ordinary for EGT's. Unfortunately I don't have fuel flow on the 830. I also loosened the sump drains and *unfortunately* no water came out of either tank. Anybody suspect the engine driven fuel pump? After reading a little more about the spider, it seems that low fuel pressure could have caused the spider to shut off the fuel flow. Thoughts on this? I didn't switch tanks before takeoff this time, and ironically I normally do this, but the R tank was the fullest, so that's where it stayed for start, runup and attempted takeoff; it was definitely in the detent. Subsequent full power runups and taxi seemed normal but with low-ish oil pressure (oil was getting hot) and throttle action was normal.
  11. Jose- I didn't even think of water as a possibility since I sumped and pulled the drain ring. The way the engine smoothly lost power and shut down without spitting and sputtering feels like a strong contender for water. Great point on how the water can collect with those plugs when there's crud in the bottom. Did you remove the drain valves with the tanks full-ish or did you drain them down first? Carusoam- I'm headed back out tonight to download the 830 data. After I restarted, nothing appeared out of the ordinary with ground ops CHT/EGT's but obviously wasn't in the best analytical state of mind. FWIW, I did wash the airplane about two weeks ago, but I've flown it for about 40 minutes on each tank since then, but I can't recall if I took off on the right tank for either flight. It's been hangared before and after so the only water that could get in would be condensation and that washing water.
  12. Hi gang. On takeoff tonight after about 500 feet of ground roll, the airplane was making 36-37 inches MP and the engine just quit. It felt like a mixture pull kind of wind down and not a abrupt mag-off type power down. I Rolled off onto a taxiway and was able to get the airplane restarted without a ton of issue. Pre-takeoff runup was normal, tanks weren't switched at all and tanks were sumped before flight. The engine powered up and ran OK with a couple of full power runups. I didn't fly it but after opening up the cowling, no smoking guns. Any thoughts? Fuel pump? vapor lock (90F today and a 7 minute ground run)? Gascolater/strainer? I'm planning to take it in to the shop but would like to see if anyone has any must-check items. M20k 231. Sure glad it wasn't 10-60 seconds later!
  13. Hi Team, after some avionics work and wiring cleanup, my factory ammeter is now always showing about +15 Amps, whether the master or engine are on or not. Voltage on my 830 shows just over 12V when the engine is off and right about 14 when running above idle. Also, the low volts annunciation works fine for what it's worth. Before I practice some contortion skills in the 231 to trace and test the wires, has anyone ever seen this condition? Is the instrument toast or could it be something with the shunt and wiring? Also, is it accurate that the ammeter is not required equipment?
  14. Thanks, I'll see if I can get it on jacks the next time I'm taking things apart to see how the doors close during retraction.
  15. Hi team, I have a total noob question here- I have a somewhat new to me 231 and one of my hangar-mates pointed out that the front gear doors aren't straight. Ground handling and landing tracks are perfect and the jam nuts for the door adjustment all look right and tight. Is this just one of those Mooney things so the pilot gear door properly closes on top of the copilot gear door?