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  1. A few flights after meeting Dan at Oshkosh, I bought an inspector. It was especially reassuring having it after I turned on the heat later in the season and it smelled funny. Fortunately it was nothing, but it’s amazing how frequently exhaust leaks happen in these airplanes.
  2. Put it where it belongs- top center. While the G5 has all the annunciations, it's so nice having it top center within easy reach and sight.
  3. 81X


    Especially in the Southeast- CB's everywhere!
  4. My longest day was 11.5 hours in a Cherokee 180 from NJ to Florida, with about 3 in IMC having only a wing leveler and a seat where the webbing was coming off on one side of the frame. I was in my 20's, so I didn't think anything of it but boy did that fried chicken taste incredible that night! My longest recently was 10.5 hours over 4 legs from SC to SD last summer. The margaritas that night in Rapid City SD were quite possibly the tastiest margaritas ever; the long day of flying may have had something to do with it. I did 8.2 for a business trip a couple weeks ago, out and back in the same day which was also a lot of flying, but it was smooth both ways in the low teens on o2 with the AP on. The o2 and use of the AP makes a big difference in not getting too wiped out for me these days.
  5. Is anybody running them in turbos? I remember there was some debate about this in the past.
  6. I think that the most dangerous thing here is having the gear warning going off with the power out and the gear up; it will drive you nuts.
  7. 81X

    New Owner

    First time owner, a Mooney and having a hangar, you have a very strong start, congratulations, you’re doing it right!! My hangar essentials are a fridge, old seating (couch or chairs), a grill and some choice beverages. Oil, cleaning supplies and some basic tools also help. I usually move my K model by hand, but I share a 4 airplane hangar and if the 340a is in front of me, an electric golf cart with front hitch and tow bar makes a nice setup, it just takes some practice to keep it within the steering tow limits.
  8. I’ve spoken to G about this issue as I had and very occasionally still do have the same warning on my 750. The fan is on the back of the tray which needs to be taken out to be replaced. If the unit begins to overheat, the screen dims and possibly the comm tx power may decrease depending on the heat level. Even in summer in SC, my screen hasn’t dimmed when the message came up. My plan is to get it replaced after the ads b craze opens up some shop time for some other avionics upgrades. Side note, I was able to tour some of the test equipment at Garmin when I was there- the ovens, freezers and lightning simulators they use to test the equipment are very cool.
  9. Decent chance I’ll be at that breakfast club. Send me a PM if you’ll be there!
  10. Hi there! A part of my mission is to fly from SC to NY and FL to see family. That’s one of the things I use my K 231 for, its great as it can do those trips nonstop. The J has the same interior space and will yield similar results, just without a turbo. if you’re at a point where you can do a training flight or hitch an airplane ride to Laurens, there’s a breakfast club there tomorrow and I’ll be there in my K; usually a few other Mooneys also show up. I’m happy to talk Mooney, have you sit in it, and maybe go for a ride, depending on whether the family is with me or not. PM me for details!
  11. Anybody heading over there tomorrow?
  12. Removed form a 1985 Mooney M20K 231 (14V), all should be under ebay values. If I'm over market and you're interested, PM me to make a deal. KI 256 Flight Director/ Artificial Horizon P/N 060-0017-00 tagged "CV as removed" or something like that but working when removed. Has about 400 hours on it since last overhaul. $700 KC 192 Computer P/N 065-0042-02- $1,500 KAS297B Altitude/VS Selector P/N 065-0065-00 working when removed, display fading a little and sometimes had to pull the knob once or twice to get into VS mode- $300 KS 129 Trim Servo P/N 065-0052-04 tagged serviceable as removed - $800 KS 178 roll servo P/N 065-0051-02 tagged serviceable as removed - $800 KS 177 Pitch Servo P/N 065-0050-04 tagged serviceable as removed. Housing is cracked but intact - $700
  13. 14V Primer Diverter on the TSIO360- was going for $2,800 when I looked last year. I see list prices of over $3,500 if you can find them now. Fortunately you can find 1-2 shops that will IRAN them and even more fortunately Continental SB 19-01 removes this part.
  14. I’m certainly game for declaring Saturday the 7th “Mooney fly in day at Triple Tree” and am planning to fly my 231 there. If you haven’t been to SC00, it’s a really cool airport to visit and worth the trip. I met a couple of other Mooney drivers at the young aviators fly in earlier this year and would be great to meet more! For the super ambitious who camp the night or are local, there’s also a SC breakfast club fly in at 9am over at KCUB on Sunday the 8th. Also a lot of fun and informal. http://southcarolinabreakfastclub.com/2019-schedule.
  15. I saw a 231 in for annual when mine was in and they had the standby mounted to the exterior firewall. I would strongly prefer it in the tail for balance, do you know what the factory location is for those? Related, anyone have one for sale? Also, @J0nathan225, no secondary bus should be required but there is a secondary regulator and annunciations on the k in the field approval I attached above- check that out.