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  1. I also have AeroComfort yoke covers. They are not cheap, but Hector is the man and it really makes a difference in comfort and style. They also wrapped my glareshield which took garbage looking plastic and made it look much more luxurious.
  2. It sounds like bootstrapping, and a pretty significant case. To my knowledge, there's no density controller with a fixed wastegate non-Merlyn 231 so a density controller is probably not the issue. However, hoses and intake components could be loose causing this. Two or three other things also come to mind to talk to your A&P/Hangar Elves about - First, your popoff valve could be opening at 40" instead of about 42" causing the pressure to go down and then close back at 35 or so causing it to go back up. Wash, rinse repeat until you lower MP to cruise. Second, how long has it been (calendar) since your FI system was overhauled? leaking o rings caused me to go from 36" to zero power on the runway; I had fuel in the upper deck somehow, it was in need of an overhaul. If it's been 10 years or more, it might be time to consider an OH of that. I don't think this would cause a big MP change, but if you can get your engine monitor data to see what fuel flows were doing, that may help provide supporting evidence The only other off-chance item that comes to mind is related to the Continental SB regarding the primer diverter leaking. I'm not sure that would fluctuate the MP that much, but I guess it's possible under the right circumstances. Other engine readings at the time can help confirm/rule this and the above item out.
  3. I'm planning to head up and be there through Wednesday- I would love to fly in with the caravan, but unfortunately can't spare the extra days off work before OSH. Planning to land OSH on Saturday but will go on Sunday if WX is better. Caravan flyers- do you know if you are able to save any camping spots wherever you're parking?
  4. I like this setup as well with the extended arm going underneath the yoke, it doesn’t block anything. I use the RAM mount but it looks similar enough to this. Kneeboard is too much head movement for me when using it on an approach; up higher would be nice but I haven’t yet found a position I like that doesn’t block something.
  5. I would say that 3 servos are all but mandatory; adjusting trim when your G5 tells you to would get pretty old pretty fast, especially in an airplane that needs a lot of trim with flaps, approach speed changes, etc. The YD is just the bees knees and a really cool add on if you have the money.
  6. What was your technique for removing the wing walk around that screw? I have the same issue where just one top screw is weeping a little.
  7. Yeah, and after 10 seconds it pushes to straight and level- I tried it with a descending bank and it was pretty neat!
  8. It’s pitch angle and airspeed driven, not AOA. It also has bank angle protection that kicks in at 45 degrees IIRC. The LVL button is probably the biggest safety feature there for IMC disorientation. I sure have had fun testing out the ESP and normal operation and I watched the flight tracks during the tests. Anything but straight and level for a bunch of it!
  9. I’m in if you’ll allow SC representation!
  10. I have an M20K 231 based out of KAND not too far away in SC. I upgraded to this from a Cherokee 180 a bit ago and would be happy to take you for a ride, free of charge if you want to come up to KAND. I can talk about real life 231 operation, and that vs the 252. Bonus is that you get to play with the GFC500 and see that in action. PM me if you’re interested.
  11. 81X


    Maya Angelou finished a poem with: “We are more alike, my friends,than we are unalike” Theres a lot of truth there, especially on a Mooney forum.
  12. You’ll love it. Get the YD if you can afford it.
  13. I just shot an ILS to minimums (close enough) at KCHO in actual yesterday, and that GFC500 held everything rock stable all the way down. No problem whatsoever slowing down and turning off in less than 3000 ft after breaking out at at 250 AGL at 100kt. I’m a prop full forward on approach/ in the pattern kind of guy and that plus the gear are pretty effective short final speed brakes.
  14. Yeah, exactly. Also contributing to this problem is that my factory CHT probe is on the coolest cylinder.
  15. Just because I had a personal experience- how long has it been since your fuel system has been overhauled? Mine was something like 14 years and the o rings that came out of it were severely dryrotted and fortunately only left me stranded on the runway and not 10 seconds later. This also means new o rings in the gascolater, and selector valve. It's likely not the wastegate- the fixed one has one failure mode and if it breaks, it won't fix itself at 10K. Only a slight chance it's the popoff valve. I do also like the arcing mags idea if they aren't the pressurized ones. Were you running low boost? I think we're supposed to run it over 18K or something like that in the 231's to avoid vapor lock in low pressure environments. +1 million for an engine monitor- you will be surprised how much those factory gauges are off.