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  1. I had a condition where my gear CB would pop if the gear was up and the throttle was back (normal gear warm situation). Ended up being a bad diode which appears to be the culprit with some regularity. Obviously there are numerous other failure modes. Find yourself a schematic as that was the only way my mechanic was able to trace it back.
  2. I think you’re supposed to get no air when the vent and heat levers are both in. That’s the way it is in my K.
  3. maximize benefit and minimize drawbacks such as blocking things. While we are on the topic, It also blocks the map light button the yoke which is arguably the most useless thing in my Mooney.
  4. This is the problem I have as well, icy feet when it’s really cold. Some kind of vent directing at least some air up there sure would be nice! My wife will move her seat all the way back during cruise and put her feet basically in the heat vent. Happy wife! My Cherokee 180 had vents all the way up by the firewall that would almost melt your shoes.
  5. iPad mini on the yoke of my K. Ram mount on the yoke shaft but using the medium extension arm coming from underneath the yoke. Doesn’t block anything this way, but if you have a large belly or maybe ate a large burrito for lunch and don’t have long legs, the yoke will be a part of your belly if you need to pull full aft on landing and or rollout on a soft field. IMO, anything smaller than a mini would be very difficult for things like plate viewing. Phone sizes can work well for general efb use, traffic, weather, etc. but certainly aren’t as nice as the larger form factor
  6. Consider checking your plugs on #1 and compare to #2 as that may give clues. While you have them out, have your a&p also shove a bore scope in there and take a peek. your low temp #2 does feel indicative of something wrong on that cylinder such as an injector/exhaust/intake/valve/pushrod issue, etc.
  7. This is one of the reasons that my default landing configuration is with takeoff flaps. First, not as much trim change is needed to go around, and second, you don’t need to make a flap change induced trim change since you can keep the flaps as is until you’re well established in the go around climb. Lastly, going from full flaps to partial flaps in a go around scenario is highly distracting for me since you have to either know the timing really well or watch the flap indicator. Even worse trying this in IMC on a miss, at least for me. To answer the original po
  8. Never for my YD and my K doesn’t have rudder trim so it’s always “working hard” in climbs. I did have a very intermittent issue with my pitch trim and it was replaced, there was supposedly a troublesome batch of Servos out there. I’ve had No issues after the servo was replaced.
  9. I’ve done this about a dozen times in a Cherokee 180 both before and after the reg changes. Doesn’t get old. it was especially fun doing it as a loop from FRG- depart along the south shore under JFK’s inner ring at just under 500, up over the Verrazano bridge, circle the lady, fly the Hudson, cross over the GW, U turn and call in a clearance to cross at Central Park and then back via direct LGA cab direct FRG.
  10. Try using alternate static and see if that stops the porpoise. Pro tip- do this before engaging the AP so you don’t induce a wild ride at the onset of the pressure change when you pull the knob. What’s your G5 or other backup instrument saying with altitude- do they agree during the porpoises?
  11. @DJE22, attached is the photo with the box being more visible.
  12. After reading more, are they certified primary for the TC and VSI? I would agree that they can replace the “T” instruments but I could t find references for the TC and ASI. That asked, after digging in more, I think your assessment is correct on the G3X where it’s about the same price and arguably nicer but requiring a new panel to be cut.
  13. White over white, high as a kite; red over red, you’re dead!
  14. Will do- it’s not Bluetooth capable, it does require batteries for ANR but will work without batteries providing PNR and has a jack for music input. It’s a really basic ANR headset but like new.
  15. Interesting, I didn’t know the 275 was STCd as primary. I wonder if that means I would need to swap out the G5’s I currently have or if I could repurpose those.
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