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  1. 81X

    GFC500 Update

    Not yet. They have been flight testing my K a bunch and hope to be wrapped up in about two weeks, so the manuals with servo locations and brackets should be ready shortly thereafter.
  2. 81X

    avionics upgrade advice

    I think all attitude-source AP's are generally going to respond better in turbulence than rate-based AP's. The KFC150 I had in my 231 was really good in turbulence, and was comfortable to fly behind. My Cherokee 180 with the rate-based Century 1 was a mess in turbulence. It kept the shiny side up, but wasn't responsive and comfortable enough. I should have a pirep for the GFC500 next month, I'm willing to bet that the digital control and new servos will be pretty good.
  3. Try aircraft carb and injection service of Texas, based in Justin. They can repair and overhaul a lot, and they do great work.
  4. 81X

    Ownership costs

    Do you depreciate the CapX over the GAAP standard 3 year or a more aviation-realistic 3 minutes?
  5. 81X

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Paul, throw me in there as well if you don’t mind! KAND. Happy New Year!
  6. 81X

    GFC500 Update

    I think that if you have a BK AP and remove it, you will need to add the GFC500 trim option. For cost, it all depends on what’s coming out and what you already have (G5, etc.).
  7. 81X

    New M20K Panel

    I was wondering the same thing as this is where my panel will likely end up! I’ll let you know how the 500 is in my K next month!!
  8. 81X

    Rumors on GFC 500?

    They are working on my K and are very close. They had to modify the roll axis and electric pitch trim integrations. They knocked out the pitch trim item and I’m not sure about the roll axis status but it looks like it will all be wrapped up within a few weeks. They really care about this being an A+ product for the Mooneys, I’m looking forward to it and I’m pretty confident that it will be a great AP!
  9. 81X

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    I’ve only had carb ice once in my Cherokee 180 (similar engine) and it was at reduced power on approach in the soup flying into Lancaster PA in early fall. OATs were about 50 but it sure got my attention and took a minute to clear up! Agree with most that the cooling flow of the Lycoming 360’s generally keeps the carb nice and warm. Continental 360’s in a 172? Not so much.
  10. 81X

    Help with an engine problem

    Due to the relatively consistent failure period, it “Feels” electronic to me which I think would most likely be in the mag. The issue could be plug, plug wires or fuel related in that order but I feel that Fuel is s longshot, again due to the consistent failure period. I like the suggestion of rotating (and of course inspecting) the plugs to see if the EGT issue follows the plugs. If the dynamic cylinder stays the same, I would IRAN the mags and double check the wires for that cylinder. I think a sticking valve or a plugged injector in a 4 cyl would yield stronger symptoms.
  11. I’m not sure I trust the accuracy of that GPS clock over my trusty second hand sweep 1985 clock. (Sarcasm) this is brings a serious question- are the clock specs for IFR in the type certificate or somewhere else? Ie What’s the FAR requirement you mention?
  12. I’m not an aspen expert, but doesn’t a blocked pitot system cause AHRS issues/failures on those? If you’re in the soup, running on the Aspen battery, it’s likely because the ships power is malfunctioning somehow. In that scenario, IFR, in cold weather, would pitot icing be the ticket for a mess since you arguably no longer have pitot heat?
  13. 81X

    Digital M20K data

    Ah yes, when you’re running a part 121 flight in Alaska. Carry on then!
  14. 81X

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    From my understanding, an intercooler is the biggest ticket for helping to keep CHTs at bay. The Merlyn UD controller raises the critical altitude significantly, resulting in “full” power up high and it also helps to quell bootstrapping/ surging MP. Adding those plus GAMIs to balance things out, and you’re as close to a factory MB as you can get.
  15. Has anyone ever created a metal panel overlay to basically hide all of the swiss cheese holes left in the panel after avionics upgrades/modifications? Yes, I know a new panel can be fabricated but I'm just curious of the options as it would be cool to not have to un-mount/de-rack everything and remount it. I've heard that this is popular with Baron owners but has anyone done this in a Mooney? If so, where/how?