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  1. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    There is no shim under the starter. The only thing that comes to mind is that the starter is bent from a kickback in history and the was just on the verge of working with the old engine. This engine might just be different enough to make them too far apart. Just an I idea though.
  2. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    It is the same starter ring and starter from my old O-360. I'm having a hard time contemplating how that distance could get bigger.
  3. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    It does resemble that to an extent. Mine does mesh about .040 and doesn't look so ripped down towards the tip. And for clarification the bendix is extending fully. The engine will crank until the first compression stroke then the starter pops over the ring gear teeth.
  4. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    The bendix is extending fully. The propellor is clocked correctly (timing marks on starter ring verified and prop was marked before removal). What could cause the starter to be too far away from the crank centerline?
  5. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    It is a skytec LS. I changed the solenoid on the starter but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the problem. I am very confused on how the distance between the ring and the gear could change since it worked on the old engine. What do you think?
  6. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    after another look I realized the gears were only meshing on the beveled tips of the teeth. How much usually meshes?
  7. trecool44

    Skytec Starter Grinding

    I used the same starter and ring gear from the old engine.
  8. Hello. I finally finished putting my newly overhauled O-360 in the M20C. When attempting the first start in the plane it rotated one blade then made grinding noises. I can see some new wear marks on the starter ring that only come half way across the teeth. Voltage and ground are good at the starter. Tried new solenoid and same issue. Anyone have an idea why the starter is not fully engaging? Thank you for any input.
  9. Hello, when your A&P makes new oil lines are they required to do any type of testing before installing? Is there a FAR for this. Thank you so much for the help.
  10. trecool44

    Flushing Hub and Governor

    I live in central Florida. About how much would this cost?
  11. Hello, What method and chemical is recommended for flushing a Hartzell hub and governor for M20C? I will be using these on my newly overhauled engine. My old engine was making quite a bit of metal, mostly copper. Thank you for the help.
  12. trecool44

    Newly Overhauled Engine, No Existing Logs?

    I am going to see it tonight.
  13. trecool44

    Newly Overhauled Engine, No Existing Logs?

    I would like to thank everyone who has posted for their input. It has helped a lot.
  14. Hello, I am looking to buy an overhauled engine (not my current engine) from a local long time AP for my M20C. He did the field overhaul himself. He does not have the engine logs previous to the overhaul. What issues does this cause? Value, A/D compliance issues, total time carry forward? Please let me know what you think. Thank you so much.
  15. Hello, I have recently purchased a '63 M20C. The engine was immediately making metal (brass). Would an O-360-A1D (carbureted) be a replacement engine for my c model? Will the prop and accessories fot the same? The engines I see are from Comanche 180's. I do not see any viable uses A1D engines for sale. I am trying to keep the costs low as I just bought the airplane. Thank you so much for looking.