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  1. Hi Greg I have a kx170b for $200 plus shipping





  2. This may be coincidence, but about a year ago I communicated with the seller of an M20C that was located at Price. The plane was out of annual at the time. The seller made some representations that did not appear to be consistent with what was in the logs so I did not pursue it further.
  3. @Alan Fox, the KT175B I have in COM2 is dead. Do you have a good replacement for that? The NAV side of that radio isn't used currently, but I would consider your IFD-440 if I can find someone to install it reasonably.
  4. My M20E is at EGA Aviation right now for an EDM 900 install. They have been good to work with so far, but this is my first time dealing with them.
  5. I expect to take delivery of a 1965 M20E Super 21 in about 3 weeks. This site has been a tremendous resource as I narrowed down the search for my first plane to return to aviation after an excessively long absence. Thank you @mooniac58 and to all those who contribute every day. It would have been a much tougher decision to buy a 50-year-old plane without the knowledge available here. In addition to facts, opinions, and documentation I found great resources like Phil Jiminez @pmj341 for the pre-purchase, and @mike_elliott for transition training. I will share more about me and the M20E once it's official, but here's a teaser photo...
  6. Coming soon to an airport near me... with luck an M20E!

    M20E front view.jpg