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  1. Yes, but we're trying to compare apples to apples. The apples being AI+HSI replacement and interface to existing legacy AP. The TruTrak, (apart from not believing in the Tooth Fairy or Father Christmas either) definitely isn't up to scratch in true IFR platform so can't be compared to Century2000 or KAP150 etc.
  2. I asked for a labor estimate from a reputable avionics shop and it's 40 hours for a dual 275 install. They listed the same costs you mention in your post (I won't do synth vision), but ultimately I also came to a $15k installed ballpark. (I really thought given the form factor a 10-15hr install would have been totally reasonable). Then I still won't have full integration with my NGT9000 for example. With an E5 and EA100 I'm guessing (I didn't get a labor quote) that it'll end up also around $15k. Then everything connects - Century2000, NGT9000, IFD440 (to replace 430W) and KX165. So after my initial excitement I've also gone back to Aspen as my preference.
  3. Funny, I have the same experience. Not sure whether this is because of antenna locations or simply the 430W not doing as well as the KX.
  4. Yip, exactly my point too. And I suspect same for most folks who want to just keep the Century's going. Out of interest - what is the labor quote for installing your two G5s? (or is it mixed in with the GFC500?) For two 275s interfaced to my Century one avionics expert today said to expect 40 hours. That sounds about 30 hours more than I expected. EDIT: seems 30 hours labor for a dual G5 install is actually fairly standard
  5. Don't be too swayed by the 4 unit install. The predominant use case is to replace the HSI and AI. We couldn't do this with G5s as they don't drive the legacy autopilots (which in many of our cases are working just fine thank you). An Aspen 1000 with the $3k EA100 could do this for $13k before install. This Garmin solution will do that for what looks like $8.5k. And the install can't be more than 10 hours labor. So make it $10k all in. That's an exceptional value proposition which now includes GPSS and the ability to get rid of vacuum pumps. Sure, TXi and Dynon etc are nice, but frankly I see folks totally over-capitalizing their planes with $60k panels on $120k planes. Sensible operators like schools, part 135s etc (and myself) are going to jump on this. PS: If a big panel of glass is your thing, I have all the moving map, traffic and standby AI I'll ever need on my iPad Mini and Sentry for less than $1000.
  6. Talking about round and square. Will this fit a typical M20K panel? (apologies if this is a dumb question). It's not like our HSIs and AIs are classic round holes.
  7. Boom!!!!! Christmas in January! GPSS and attitude for my Century2000
  8. Well roughly a dual G5 and a single Aspen 1000 Max is about the same installed. The Aspen EA100 is $3k extra. If Garmin did this for $1k it would tip in their direction. For either company I would strategically make this box a loss-leader to win customers over. The cheaper the better. It think it would tip it for many folks.
  9. Frankly the problem of navigation and communication has not gotten more complex compared to 1998. You don't need a Quad core and a GPU to address the same problem. The bloat in consumer processing power is to a fair extent driven my MS and particularly Apple bloating their operating systems to force you to keep upgrading the hardware. My iPad mini only runs ForeFlight and was just fine when I started using it. Now it's impossibly slow purely because of Apple's bloated iOS. PS: What you describe above adequately describes the type of setup many military systems still uses. (Never mind the floppy disks in the nuke arsenal)
  10. Andy, welcome! Kudus for joining the forum also. Gives me great confidence as I consider various options to upgrade and make the choice between an Aspen/Avidyne path or the Garmin one. PS: seems the other issue is folks not using the correct grade ethernet cable and that the Max is particularly sensitive to this? PPS: While you're listening - if you guys could just drop the price of the EA100 to something more realistic for us folks with well-functioning legacy autopilots, it's a no-brainer to go Aspen forever. I don't like Garmin but $3k for the EA100?
  11. Interesting. I guess the supposed pilot shortage is having trickle down effects. Damn, I wouldn't mind a $1000 joyride on a weekend putting my Comm to use. Might just need to go get that multi though...
  12. You beat me to it. Exactly my reasoning. Plane going in for annual on Monday. I'm overhauling the NSD360 HSI for $1500 rather than going G5 because spending $6000 just for GPSS isn't worth it. Already did the AI so my vacuum stuff works just fine and folks crossed oceans with that setup for decades. Now if the G5 AI could drive the Century ..... I would pop the Garmin gateway drug, locking me into a GFC500 in future and into 650 to replace the 430W rather than going Avidyne and Aspen. EDIT: By the same argument, if Aspen could substantially drop the price of the $3000 EA100 it swings it back to them.
  13. Correct. But it's not a difficult thing to do at all. And certainly not worth $3000. I suspect it could easily be added to the G5 solving a huge problem for folks stuck with legacy analog autopilots. (speaking as an electronics engineer).
  14. It can't be hard to do. Additionally if they can drive legacy autopilots it would be amazing. Aspen charges an insane $3000 for the EAD100 which kills Aspen as an option for me.
  15. Great stuff. How is this done? Do folks print them business card style at say VistaPrint? EDIT: Ok answered my own question - just edit to add my info on it and then send to VistaPrint. Thanks for the contribution!