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  1. All booked and paid. Looking forward to meet everyone.
  2. Registered for Hickory. Only thing I'd say - when I look at @gsxrpilot member map there's a big cluster of us from DC to Boston who has to go a long way to NC for our nearest clinic . Looking forward though.
  3. pwnel

    Dented Nose Truss

    Thanks so much @FloridaMan
  4. pwnel

    Dented Nose Truss

    Alright here comes the dumb question (still in first year of ownership): can someone here please post a photo of what this looks like when damaged. Where exactly should I look for? Just had the Lasar solution installed on mine during annual based on AP recommendation, but I'm still somewhat clueless and forgot to ask them to show this to me. Like @gsxrpilot explains I also do the FBO size-up and briefing each time so far - but I'd be honest to say I won't necessarily know where to look for damage.
  5. pwnel

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    Yip, from what I understand it's not just tampering with an aircraft, but any criminal activity on an airfield is treated as a federal crime. This would include breaking into my car parked at the hangar while I'm flying. Guess that could deter somewhat rational criminals, but means nothing when you're dealing with meth heads etc.
  6. pwnel

    Is it ever too cold to fly?

    Your approach is critically flawed. It neglects entirely all the good aviation channels on YouTube :-) :-)
  7. I was involved with wilderness rescue in Southern Africa for a decade. Whereas countries like Botswana made 406 ELTs mandatory, South Africa did not - not even 121.5. It's an absolute nightmare when a plane goes down. You would be shocked how difficult it is to spot wreckage from the air - the US CAP has substantial material on this and Steve Fossett is only one of many cases that is well known. In most of the crashes where we had fatalities it was probably on impact - we won't know what a rescue within the golden hour could have achieved though if a 406 led you straight to the scene. Also the anguish of family and friends over multiple weeks of intensely expensive search efforts is worth the 406 even if you don't make it.
  8. pwnel

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Paul @gsxrpilot please add me too when you have a moment. thx
  9. pwnel

    Insurance up 20%

    What would truly useful is everyone listing: - annual premium - hull value - hours (on type + total) - age - certificates: ppl/ir/com/multi Sounds like there is large variability and the brokers and insurers have all the informational advantage on us, possibly even using it against us. Got my commercial last month - would be interested to see if that changes anything.
  10. pwnel

    Ownership costs

    Haha - that made my day. If anyone near Manhattan want to experience the joys of renting a hangar as a man-cave and would like a plane inside it to complete the look and feel - let me know. For lets say a mere $100 a month fee to you, I'll come park mine in there.
  11. pwnel

    The NEW new panel

    Thanks @donkaye explains things. Since you apply so much thought to this: in "bigger" aircraft the autopilot controls is always on the top of the panel between the two pilots. In small GA aircraft the autopilot ends up at the bottom of the stack, well away from any normal scan and in an obscure place if you're having to twist a heading knob (in exactly the case where you don't have a 485). In planning my panel I'm considering breaking this GA norm and putting the GFC 500 right at the top of the radio stack followed by the GTN 750. (The planned PMA 450 can shift to the right in front of the P2) Thoughts?
  12. pwnel

    The NEW new panel

    Why would you install the GCU 485 if you plan on the GFC 500? I thought the latter has all the discrete knobs you need already?
  13. Bought my K from AAA earlier in the year. Jimmy or Dave will be in the plane when you test fly it. You'll also need a conversion once you buy and again they have access to a bunch of great folks. I did my conversion training with Brian Lloyd who lives across from AAA on the field and who flew his 231 around the world. My pre-buy was done by JD at SWTA - on the same airfield where gsxrpilot is based - 30min flight from AAA. In short, you're in Mooney mecca.
  14. @M20Doc I imagine you meant "induction leak" - must say that was my novice, new 231 owner first reaction too.
  15. During winter in the North East you just don't know what weather will do. Given that I fly only on weekends, weather may very well stop one from flying for several consecutive weekends. You won't know beforehand that the plane might go unflown for several weeks. Best I can do is keep the Tanis on under the insulated engine blanket while in the hangar. That way it's at least ready should good weather and my schedule coincide. The added benefit is that this seams to be the best engine preservation strategy too. If you DO pickle the engine properly, that means minimally taking out the dessicant spark plugs and reconnecting ignition every single time you fly. Facing that hassle is going to prevent you from flying in the first place. (you can at least fly 10 hours on the pickle oil) This winter I have an extra shenanigan in that I may be away for 3 months. In which case I WILL of course pickle, but I will also keep the Tanis on under the insulated engine cover. (The preponderance of evidence and opinions so far in this thread seems to indicate that is the best idea)