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  1. Awful close to that self-serve fuel tank......
  2. When I got my K I was referred to Jack Napoli on Long Island - six three one 806-4436. He owns a K and has some 3000 Mooney hours. I ended up doing my conversion with Brian Lloyd in Texas though before flying back the plane so never used Jack. has the full list
  3. Fly with both - the banter between those two is highly entertaining. You'll need to do MAUW anyway :-)
  4. You may have to grind down the backs of the new LED lights so it is square and can fit through the original hole.
  5. Well at least two reputable shops (listed above) are still overhauling them as of yesterday.
  6. I hate to admit that's exactly what I did . Those bottom two in the center underneath are somewhat hidden between the cowl flaps and landing gear doors. I remembered your comment and it kept nagging me, so I checked again this past weekend.
  7. Just out of interest - why not send it to or or ? For my NSD360A they overhaul at $1500 and $1000 respectively with a 1 year guarantee. I'm genuinely interested in your choice originally since I have a 360 that I would like to keep alive for a while longer.
  8. These planes are all from Texas - "tight-fitting bottom cowls" are the norm ....
  9. Yip, watched and helped with the process twice before, but nothing like trying it solo . Even have the handy Oil Easy Wrench on hand.
  10. I attempted a solo lower cowl removal this weekend and gave up. (Doing the cowl flaps is easy when you now how they work as described above.) Removed the cowl flap hinges, removed the camlocks, but could only get the one side loose and was too worried about dropping the whole thing to the floor when wiggling the other side. Would be great if someone can shoot a YouTube video of how to do this properly solo. (Including exactly where to use painters tape etc for protection). And yes, I know it's ideally a 2-man job.
  11. I missed the part where the pilot saw the bottom of the plane and the dipstick before pulling the chute
  12. Exactly. I'm not arguing that BRS doesn't save lives in some situations - as explained by @Austintatious above. My contention is one of potential over-use for which insurance (and rescue services) foots the bill. At least you get to shoot a viral YouTube video when it happens ...
  13. OK, but help me out here. According to news reports he had "sudden loss of oil pressure". Would you pull CAPS for that? I've had that too - my Mooney gauges was faulty (those pesky grounding straps). I know the Cirrus POH says pull the chute at the first sign of any trouble but in my scenario I'd have written off the plane and y'all would have higher insurance next year...
  14. You're making a bad start here. Pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Simple. AOPA Legal + Aerospace Reports.
  15. This sounds exactly like the Weinstein / Epstein defense ...... (hat, coat, door...)