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  1. Unlike Garmin, at least the entire company doesn't get taken down by a ransomware attack...... including Garmin Pilot btw. I know which one I trust better...
  2. thanks Paul - yip, including the references here more for the purpose of broader debate as I know you're the expert on it. But that said, this is the kind of nonsense that makes me want to sell the Mooney and get an RV10 .
  3. Paul not often I disagree with you. In my case the tail strobe bulb failed. So clearly I'm going to replace it, and with a new Whelen LED drop-in replacement. It required bypassing the Whelen power supply, but I left said supply in place to be removed at annual. I documented everything, including updated schematics to detail the (still very trivial) bypass. 1. 43.3(c) and the Coleal interpretation allows for doing things of "comparable ease and non-complexity" to the 31 items in Appendix A. 2. From Appendix A it has: (16) Trouble shooting and repairing broken circuits in landing light wiring circuits. (17) Replacing bulbs, reflectors, and lenses of position and landing lights. So, bulb was blown and replaced with a TSO drop-in replacement, in accordance with Whelen's documentation, the power supply was left in place to be removed at annual, and the replacement was documented and signed in the logs. Aint no way anyone is going to convince me this is an alteration. Same will apply should my nav lights blow. (and I have a feeling that will happen shortly .... )
  4. I disagree with that sentiment. I'm not taking my plane to an A&P to replace a nav light. That is why 43.3 and the Coleal letter exists and it's fully within a pilot owners authority to preventative maintenance like that. If your A&P has a problem with that, you should switch A&P's right away as they don't understand the FAA regulations around this.
  5. I'm not an A&P either, but to avoid any trouble with IAs, I'm using what Mooney used originally for connectors - i.e. the stock Whelen Molex. They're on Spruce and you need both the Whelen A444 and Whelen A446 and in my case I also got the proper crimping tool. And make sure to use proper 20AWG Milspec wire. EDIT: where A&P and IA's rightfully start objecting is when folks use automotive connectors and wires - and this seems to be a common problem when hangar fairies start doing work. I certainly don't want to inherit a plane where this was done.
  6. Amen too. In my case, my tail strobe blew after 35 years, so I replaced it recently with the LED Whelen Orion. In doing so I bypassed the Whelen strobe power supply in the tail, but left it there. Removing it and updating the W&B, although super simple, is something I'd just leave to be done at annual. As an electronics engineer I documented how it was wired with reference to the wiring diagram in my service manual. So at annual time even a fussy IA can inspect my work and place his signature next to mine in the logbook entry. And they get to charge me an hour's labor for the privilege of removing four screws and doing paperwork. And if they don't want to - I'll follow the MikeOH strategy above.
  7. @shawnd -
  8. That list of 31 items in Appendix A of FAR 43 is not meant to be exhaustive. There was an FAA interpretation (the Coleal interpretation) that indicated that other tasks "of comparable ease and non-complexity" is also allowed. I'll leave it to the OP to decide whether plugging the Whelan molex connectors into a new box is of similar complexity as replacing a landing light. I know what I would do. EDIT: still requires a signed logbook entry by the owner of course
  9. Oil change and oil analysis every 25 hours. Filter change every 50. Plane flies about 100hrs a year. (all hours are tach). M20K 231
  10. I'm really sorry to read this. Makes me regret not making it to last year's formation clinic where I would have had a chance to meet him in person. Blue skies and thinking of his family and friends.
  11. The instructions that come with AdLog explains this verbatim. Great system - switched last year.
  12. It's a small annual subscription. If you're not paying it, you won't be getting it.
  13. that's where I run - maybe I'm exagerating then when I say "deeply"
  14. Man that's an excellent statement. Yes, I fly deep lean and very conservative..... but I could do that cheaply in an Arrow. Real good point.
  15. Realized I never answered you. It's 12" - the tape is my mark for stopping when I shove it up the breather and it was marked visually with the cowls off to make sure the stopper goes past the hole.