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    Looking for a good M20J
  1. M20K 231 in Texas

    I honestly thought buyers would be a little bit more sophisticated but thanks for clarifying. Still looks like a great deal. Though I may still go for a J as my first Mooney. What I'd do with this one (and any plane) is not to over-capitalize. 2x G5, GTN 750, GTR 225 and have the panel and wiring ready for the GFC500 A/P once the STC is done. For most Mooneys I would fly it as-is and wait for the GFC500 before I even start on the panel. Having done my IR in a GFC700 plane that A/P is a killer feature for me and a great reason to look for a plane that hasn't been upgraded with stuff that won't work with it (like Aspen 1000s) but that are included in the Vref price.
  2. M20K 231 in Texas

    Hello all, First post for me here. I'm in the market for a good M20J because it seems to be the best deal from everything I read here. But even though I'm East Coast based for now, I work in tech and it's entirely likely that I would shift base to San Francisco at some point. I wouldn't want to change planes if that happens. This will be a leisure machine for weekend getaways. From New York I would want to reach the Bahamas. From West Coast I would want to get to places like Utah, Colorado for climbing/skiing. It would be nice to fit 4 adults, even if that means more frequent fuel stops. This plane looks like such a great deal, I'm surprised it hasn't moved. I'm also worried about that as I would want to offload an asset like this in a reasonable amount of time myself in case I want to upgrade/downgrade. I believe the market for K's is quite soft? How should I think about this? Go for a J, or shop for a good K like this. (I like the low engine time - the panel I'll upgrade - even though I know I would get 50c max on the $ for what could be a 40 to 50 AMU upgrade if I ever let it go. Thx