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  1. pwnel Website Update

    The number shown under the "support" section of the site is wrong (the 6 and 5 are flipped). Have a close look at the screenshot above :-) So if you're browsing from your phone, and clicking directly on the number to call it, you'll get the spam service and not Mooney Inc. (Calling the correct number works just fine with some friendly and helpful folks on the other end thanks!)
  2. Got my cylinder back from C&L today after shipping over there last week. Great service - thanks for the referral! I would definitely recommend Jeff at C&L Aero to anyone else reading this thread. I'm going to follow your advice and just temporarily update the W&B and fly the plane to the A&P for re-installation later this week. (Rather than actually strapping the cylinder back where it belongs - ). It's very nicely packaged and wrapped right now - not feeling like wrestling it back just for a 10 min flight.
  3. pwnel Website Update

    Lance, just called the number listed under the Support section of the website (below) 800.465.3033 SALES: SALES@MOONEY.COM It directed me to literally minutes of automated sales pitches Auto Roadside Assistance, Gift Vouchers, and other crap and I gave up without ever getting to a human being. What on earth is going on there?!
  4. pwnel

    Commercial and CFI practical test

    Sorry, but that's just plain wrong. The 172S POH under Maneuver Limits in utility category gives you the entry speeds for all commercial maneuvers - spins included. Same section in 182T POH states that the aircraft is only certified under normal category and spins are prohibited.
  5. pwnel

    Century 2000 autopilot

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I just bought my 231 and I'm also on a 430W and the Century 2000. I was surprised how well it performs. I did all my IF training on G1000 GFC700 so I'm spoiled. And I'm also used to the KAP 140 on the rental 182 I flew to basically NEVER work. So thus far very happy with the 2000. But yes, for most things Mooney and GA I'd just fly to Texas. Everything is there. It is in fact exactly what I plan to do annually - even though I live in the NE. (Needless to say, I bought via All American in Kestrel, and did pre-buy with JD at SWTA). Thoroughly enjoyed my stay down there.
  6. Based on your feedback here I also had a chat with Jeff yesterday. Super helpful. (I believe my regulator has never been looked at since installation 1985 - at least I can't find anything in the logs). My question as a new Mooney owner: when you remove and ship like you did, how is the airframe logs handled? Should there be an entry? If I do the work to overhaul the regulator I'd prefer to have it appear in the logs.
  7. I suspect you're right. The OAT guage sits on the avionics bus - only active when avionics master is on. Most likely a step-up converter was installed for the GNS 430 installed in 2000 (later upgraded to WAAS). Which makes this most likely a 28V-only 430, which Garmin no longer supports either. A step-up converter is a poor idea - it's noisy and probably will cause issues when I want to do a drop-in IFD440 replacement. One more thing I would want to have cleaned up when I do a panel upgrade. Thanks, great suggestion! Been flying with power bricks stuck into the side pockets to keep the iPad and Foreflight going on long x-countries.
  8. Yip. Still no idea then why this shows 28V. The M303 is OAT covers all voltages from 10V - 32V so should work in both a 231 and 252. (Davtron's M800 clock has 14V and 28V versions - and that's how this started - I need to order the correct clock version).
  9. Well, to be honest I didn't open up the avionics bay (yet) to put a meter on the battery. Just assumed that the 28V versions start with the 252 as I've read all over here. (i.e, serial 25-1000 and up). This is one of the last 231's built (25-0883), and I believe the 28V switch happened only with the 252. (I would go and check, but it's 1h15min drive!) Yes, not much to mess up with the Davtron, but mightly confused that the 730 would read 12V and this one 28V.
  10. Hi folks, Became the owner of a '85 231 last week. As is normally the case a couple of things got missed in the prebuy and I'm going through those now. My Davtron M303 reads voltage at 28.3V while my JPI indicates it at 12.1V. This is a 231 so it's a 12V system and battery so a read of 28.3V just shouldn't happen. So I figure: 1) The voltage read circuit is INOP (OAT looks fine), or 2) It is wired incorrectly somehow. As an electronics engineer I've learned that even though this might be minor, squawks like these often lead to bigger faults somewhere, so I'm keen to figure this out. I'm also not trusting the OAT (which is critical), if the unit is reading voltage that far off. I'm replacing my INOP clock with a Davtron M800, so if that panel is going to come off we might as well fix everything. Any input would be welcome!
  11. pwnel

    What do you think of this crazy J??

    Sorry, not a chance. I wouldn't mess with autopilot either right now - too many new options will be STC'ed within the next few months. GFC500 for example - although the Aspens is not going to work with that.
  12. pwnel

    Was this 231 flown enough?

    True. It helps if the previous owner spent the money on the panel as it's never recovered in a sale (so the buyer has the benefit). But if the choice was between a fancy panel and a new engine (roughly same cost), I'd sleep better with a new engine. A panel upgrade is completely under my control. An aircraft that goes AOG in the Caribbean or somewhere 1000 miles from home with a busted engine ... not so much. Btw, this is also where a EDM with stored engine data can be a real asset when it comes to telling the story of how the aircraft was flown.
  13. pwnel

    Was this 231 flown enough?

    PS @carusoam panel is 2x Garmin 480, MX20 and Stec 55X. Nice setup and a big selling point for IF. (I'm kind of sensitive to talk too much about this plane - don't want to negatively affect or offend the seller with my Mooney newbie open forum questions.) My IF training was all on G1000 and around New York airspace (KCDW) so I'm comfortable with TAA, busy airspace etc. If I do ferry that plane back it will be over at least two days, not above 14000ft and in VFR though.
  14. pwnel

    Was this 231 flown enough?

    Sorry, yes I totally hear you (long day :-). Your comments totally makes sense - much appreciated. Don't worry, I'm not a New York investment banker with more money than sense (with apologies to all investment bankers here) Better idea to just disconnect the delivery from the transition training and not do that under pressure. See if it passes the pre-buy hurdle first. ~300hr PPL+IF pilot, been flying for 11 years, busy with Com at present. Time mostly on RV7, C182s and Jabiru's (experimental) - very little retract time.