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  1. How glad am I not having spent $40k on an upgrade path to a GFC500…. That STEC3100 STC needs reviving folks.
  2. Excellent. Well done to Maxwell for taking over the STC. Spoke to Kellen and looking forward to doing it for my 231.
  3. I strated with Savvy MX with the idea of them fully managing my annual. Was a mess. Partly because Savvy had the wrong person (long since left) on my account, and partly because MX just isn't the way to go when you have spent time building a relationship with a reputable MSC (AirMods in my case). It just added friction and eventually Mike Busch personally intervened. I switched to QA. This works fine - great even. I had lots of help from Paul K, and their avionics specialist - and when I lost an alternator between the Bahamas and Ft Pierce on a Thanksgiving weekend (of course that's when it happens), Savvy organized a mechanic to come out and fix it (hard to do on a long weekend!). So, I'd say MX is not a replacement for building a relationship with your MSC and being a very very involved owner (I've studied every book by Mike Busch in detail). But for those folks who don't have access to a good mechanic, it may be necessary. And the QA service is critical for having access to second opinions - they'll save you a ton of money. They saved my butt when a dodgy operator disappeared with my HSI that he had to overhaul - grounding the plane for weeks. Ended up pulling strings at the FSDO to get this guy to comply. So, both thumbs up from me.
  4. Yup - not that your problem is complex. But stick to MSCs for annuals and bigger work. Dave does all my annuals (N87 is 20min away from me - I'm sure Weber is great too). Avionics is Todd at Lancaster - very happy with their service and work - scheduled for more in June.
  5. Flew Ft Pierce to New York recently in one shot (5.5hr flight). I pull the seat back all the way and then spread my legs between the two footwells. No problems (but I do have the full adjustable seats which helps a lot). And it's an AirMod / Dennis Wolter cloth interior that's 20 years old. Quality work. Wouldn't do leather also. PS: 6ft 220lbs. Yeah yeah - Covid and sitting a lot the last year.....
  6. With respect, this is an irrelevant argument. Apart from South Africa, the only reason you'd be flying a Mooney anywhere in the rest of Africa is when you're ferrying it to or from South Africa. And for that you'd have ferry tanks.
  7. I have the same plan, but honestly for me spending a minimum of $10k on the Monroy tanks didn't make sense vs just going straight to a temporary Turtlepac install. (I have plans to go well beyond just the Atlantic though).
  8. Finally a benefit! My COVID work-from-home induced extra pounds is a life-saver. Buys me several hours of survival!! :-)
  9. Ok y'all conviced me. Let's see if the Adidas red hat I ordered fit my giant dome.
  10. Best time ever to fly long distance. Hotels are cheap, available, and all amenable to zero cancellation fees in case of weather delays. Been anywhere from Telluride in peak season to Bahamas with no hassle. Bummer we can't cross the border to Canada but then who needs Canadians....
  11. You all have seen the video of Harry Moyer here flying his Mooney on his 100th birthday, right? Stop complaining
  12. Quick PIREP after a positive experience getting term life insurance. I'm one of those folks where life insurers normally just laugh hysterically when I apply. Pilot, technical diver, rock climber, high altitude mountaineer, kite surfer, motorcycle racer and all of those I do all over the world. So I was happy to find www.piclife.com and working with them finally got a 20-year term policy at very good rates with all the above activities built in. Reach out if you're in a similar position and speak to Elizabeth. (NOTE: this is an unsolicited PIREP - it took me a while to find something that would work for me and thought there might be others here in similar situations)
  13. As a 231 owner, irrespective of what the insurance says, I won’t let anyone who don’t have 50hrs 231 experience fly my plane. Too much that can be messed up with poor engine management. I’ll include 252 pilots if they’re technically minded and understands the differences between LB and MB engines. (To insurance they’re both M20K) Be mindful of this - I see you’ve already been reading a lot here. Enjoy!
  14. Apart from training aircraft, my total flying hours so far is split 50/50 between the RV7 I had access to in South Africa, and the 231 I own in the US. And man, that's a hard choice.... enjoy!
  15. Soulds like a turbo Mooney fly-in in the making. Would love to join. I took off full fuel at 9am from TEX r/w 27 in June and was very glad for that turbo. I cannot imagine going the other way in anything less than a Pilatus Porter ....
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