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  1. pwnel

    Mooney Pre Buy Recommendation in the San Antonio area

    +1 Had my 231 inspected by JD at SWTA in April. Very happy.
  2. pwnel

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    Yip, well as one can see from the PIREPs of folks who actually use folding bikes in their planes - none use the electric ones. Apart from the li-ion risk they're not practical for any substantial distance longer than walking from the FBO to the apron.
  3. pwnel

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    Bike Friday is good, but I just got a Dahon Speed P8 off of Amazon. It's a great sturdy little bike that I use all around NYC and used to take on the backseat of a rental C182. I have not tried to fit it into the luggage compartment of my 231 but sure it won't be a problem - removable backseats and all. These small-wheel electrics may be fine on the apron, but frankly my use for the bike is airfields where there are no crew cars or rentals. That often mean a mile or more into town on less than perfect roads. The little bike of the OP just won't work there.
  4. pwnel

    Runaway trim!

    Century 2000, but I would imagine it's the same thing. And yes, of course the "ELEV TRIM" button. I simply leave this on all the time so tend to forget about it. (only 3 months into Mooney ownership). So I have the gear C/B, Autopilot C/B and Alternator C/B marked for easy recognition for emergency procedures.
  5. pwnel

    Runaway trim!

    So I go the colored rings too the other day to mark C/Bs with. There's no electric trim C/B on my 85' 231. Or am I being blind/stupid?
  6. pwnel

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    This is key issue for me. It needs to respect the altitude bug on the Aspen for capture. You have this issue when flying the older G1000 C182's fitted with KAP140s. Utter crap, as you have to set BARO in 3 places and your ALT bug on the G1000 is meaningless as it's not connected to the KAP140.
  7. I have an NGT 9000 in my 231 (gauges are still steam) and it's very convenient having my iPad mini mounted on the yoke for moving map, traffic, weather and approach plates (linked by wifi to the 9000). But as I plan my panel upgrade I need to future-proof it for the next 10 years and I'm not willing to make Apple part of that equation. - The other iPads are simply too big. - I had my iPad shut off on several occasions due to heat I think it's convenient to use but if it's part of critical information (like an approach plate) that you don't have anywhere else, it's dangerous.
  8. pwnel

    430W Navdata download problem

    +1 on that. Made the mistake of trying to sign up online - don't even bother. Just call. +1 on this one too. My previous owner sold me a second data card which is extremely useful. I can update via Jeppesen at home and simply swop out card when I go to the airfield.
  9. pwnel

    CO Detector Discounts

    Still works on 6/19 - for some reason I had "airport2017" which is wrong. "aircraft2017" does the job.
  10. It seems it's one of those ideas in aviation (as in dietary "science" etc), where the phenomenon might be accurate, but we get the actual impact way wrong. (Sure, coffee might cause cancer in a very very small number of cases but is it really worth putting notices all over California coffee shops? :-) Thanks for the replies.
  11. Thanks, so if that notion of mine is debunked, then there's really no reason to refuel AFTER every flight like I've been doing. (I'm in a hangar but 5 miles from the ocean and paranoid about any corrosion.)
  12. Folks, I keep my 231 hangared always with full fuel for moisture prevention purposes. (I have brand new gear doughnuts so can afford the extra weight). The problem is I'm of course overweight when I want to go three or four up for a scenic flight (quite the crowd pleaser when you're close to Manhattan). Does anyone ever drain fuel from tanks to bring W&B back in range? Is there an established way to do this? I also am pretty sure my airport won't like me storing fuel in the hanger (even temporarily to put back after the flight). Interested to hear others' thoughts on this.
  13. Bought my 231 in Texas last month. Had some extra work done at Air Mods. (Based in NJ). Very happy with the service. You want to see a hangar full of Mooneys with whoever looks after your plane. Note: The Mooney site isn't up to date with MSC listings. Neither is places like
  14. pwnel Website Update

    The number shown under the "support" section of the site is wrong (the 6 and 5 are flipped). Have a close look at the screenshot above :-) So if you're browsing from your phone, and clicking directly on the number to call it, you'll get the spam service and not Mooney Inc. (Calling the correct number works just fine with some friendly and helpful folks on the other end thanks!)
  15. Got my cylinder back from C&L today after shipping over there last week. Great service - thanks for the referral! I would definitely recommend Jeff at C&L Aero to anyone else reading this thread. I'm going to follow your advice and just temporarily update the W&B and fly the plane to the A&P for re-installation later this week. (Rather than actually strapping the cylinder back where it belongs - ). It's very nicely packaged and wrapped right now - not feeling like wrestling it back just for a 10 min flight.