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  1. Jeez, wishing the pilot a speedy recovery. I was further north at KBLM - spent the afternoon in the hangar fiddling rather than flying. Could have gone out if I needed to - but wouldn't have been pleasant.
  2. Thanks folks. It seems between Tanis themselves and Mike Busch the consensus is to just leave it on under the blanket. I was thinking about remote switches too, but it seems this is just unnecessary.
  3. Going into my first winter (hangared in NJ) since buying the 231. I won't be flying much over Dec - Feb and want to do the best for my engine. Mike Busch says "using an insulated cover and a multipoint preheating system that is plugged in continuously is one of the most effective methods of eliminating internal engine corrosion, particularly if the aircraft is kept in an unheated hangar rather than outdoors" ("Engines", p.255) Continental on the other hand specifically has a warning in the engine manual against doing this. According to Mike, their concern is moisture evaporating from the oil sump and settling on cool components like camshaft, crankshaft etc. He says this is unlikely to occur though if the engine is heated with a multipoint system like a Tanis and is covered with an insulated engine cover. Any Mooney-specific experience and advice here folks?
  4. pwnel

    115cf Oxygen Bottles

    For any work on the regulator and related items I strongly recommend shipping the new tank and regulator etc to See also:
  5. pwnel

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Yip, @gsxrpilot I'm just about ready for my comm checkride but I chose to do it in the school's 172. Just wasn't comfortable abusing my 231 - especially since it's so sensitive on the MAP. Will practice these afterwards in the Mooney. Might probably have done it in a 252 though - less worry about overboost on a chandelle etc. Enjoy!
  6. Wow, very cool. I just ordered a blown 70303 replacement - $150 and two weeks wait. So I have a full set, but the hangar elves might just get busy with some LEDs....
  7. pwnel

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    I did. That was the response. They never got around to STC the "K". David did offer a great discount on the Boom Beam and help with a 337 if I wanted to go ahead with that process.
  8. pwnel

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    Sadly Lopresti never did an STC for "K" models - seems everyone else is covered though. Applies to their Boom Beam, and probably will carry forward to their LEDs?
  9. Dan thanks for your help and input here - much appreciated. Sent you an mail. Looks like the 50W option is just fine - just worried about the whole FSDO 331 process - doesn't sound like fun.
  10. pwnel

    XE Vision Landing Lamps Installed

    So what is the latest on this Dan? Will the FAA let me upgrade my 231? Probably best to use one of the shops you list on your site, but it seems as if there was some kind of clamp down in 2017 (higher up in this thread) and I'm not up to date with the latest on this?
  11. I'm looking to upgrade my landing + taxi lights substantially. And I mean - I need the nuclear option. Home base has very poor lighting and I often go into rural strips full of deer. What's the best I can get into a 12V Mooney 231? Seems to be HID. Additionally I'd love to get wig-wag high intensity recognition lights that can stay on for the duration of the flight. (If I go HID for landing+taxi I expect I'll have to turn them off in flight for heat).
  12. pwnel

    Nashville Recommendations

    +1 on John Tune and the FBO there. Friendly, efficient - found me a hotel whom they have a deal with etc. (line staff also know how to tow Mooneys)
  13. pwnel

    IFR Setup

    Yes, good advice on the wallet. Last time I hung out with Jimmy, David and JD I came home to New York with an M20K. Not regretting it at all though :-)
  14. pwnel

    Another strike against SPOT

    Yip, down in Southern Africa we use Spider trackers permanently installed. Great product, but expensive. It's a necessity as there's no radar most of the time so you don't have the Flightaware hack. Similary countries like Botswana mandates 406Mhz ELTs.
  15. pwnel

    Should I buy in?

    Looks like a fine plane. Bought my 231 this year and can't be happier. Like you I was renting prior to that. Engine management on a 231 is critical. It'll be important that all the partners understand this intimately and fly the plane accordingly. If that's met, with 3 partners you'll also fly it enough which is key in keeping the engine happy. The more it's flown, the better. I might consider upgrading the JPI 700 for a JPI 830. This has data download capabilities which - when uploaded to - will really help monitoring how all partners are flying the plane. (I wouldn't let anyone who's not specifically familiar with 231 operations touch my plane - no matter how experienced). You're on Mooneyspace, which is good. I continue to learn a ton here as a new owner. Many very helpful folk around. Lastly, get proper transition training for all partners. Consider one of the MAPA courses.