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  1. I'll have to measure next time I'm at the hangar - it's about a foot. In conversation with the guy from Black Max it's definitely preferred to stick it up the breather and the unit is tuned with regards to the pressure it produces to be used like that. I've seen a big reduction in iron in my last oil analysis. My next step is to be more scientific and to modify an old oil cap to lower a humidity sensor into the engine after use and compare humidity with and without the Black Max.
  2. I ended up getting the BlackMax and simply had them make me longer hoses. With the bottom cowl off, I measured how deep I need to insert the hose to go past the hole and marked it. Now I just stick it up there up to the marker after every flight.
  3. 100% - and it can be done. I wonder how many younger folks are into Bonanzas just because young Matt Guthmiller makes great Youtube videos flying one. Or Cirrus/TBM (steveo1kinevo) etc etc. Or want to build an RV because FlightChops is showing how it's done.
  4. I guess if you're ultimately selling a sleek, smallish, fast machine focusing mostly on a market (the US) that is at heart a Ford F150-driving 5l V8-engine loving culture you won't get far. The European LSA market running Rotax seems to be just fine along with Diamond, Tecnam etc.
  5. For those of us newer to the Mooney family - what was the big failing of the M10? Diesel composite trainer seems to make all the sense in the world. Pictures looks nice etc. PS: come to think of it - what ultimately was the failure of the Skycatcher? Sure I heard it was crappy but thats still opinions. Facts?
  6. You don't have to be a US citizen or resident to have a valid FAA license. It cannot be mandated.
  7. I went through this exact route 18 months ago. (Bought from AllAmerican, got my transition there, flew it back myself). You have good recommendations on shops (I'm at Air-Mods which is 10 minutes away). Only thing I'll add is that your first year is likely going to me more expensive than you thought. It's human nature to start deferring items when you know the plane will go on the market. Also, all the bits and pieces start adding up - safety gear, electric tug, tools, covers, chocks etc. Easily ends up being $10k you didn't necessarily plan for. (I'm guessing because I also don't keep thorough accounts - it'll ruin the experience of ownership ).
  8. For a second there I wrote off ever owning an M. Here in the NE all the best destinations are ~2500ft. (Block Island, Tangier, Fischer, even Alton Bay). PS: also why I'm not interested in ever owning a twin or a PA46 Meridian. (Only the Jetprop makes sense and is my dream upgrade). Wonder how many Bahamas strips you'll limit yourself out of if you don't want to do < 4000ft
  9. Oh ok. I've done it a couple of times in the air for practice. Not a good idea then (since I have jacks in my hangar anyway).
  10. I wish you a long and happy flying life Larry. Sometimes though life happens (loose a medical or worse etc). These planes do come on the market and they're often hugely overcapitalized. If you ever need to swing that Encore PM me
  11. Some of us will just wait until some of these "forever planes" come on the market. :-) (no disrespect meant) I had my Sarasota panel, Hawk paint job and Hector interior all planned out. Recently I'm getting back into motorbikes and realized you can buy a brand new shiny red sex machine Ducati Supersport S for the price of a single Garmin 750. Puts things in perspective. My 231 flies just fine without all the other stuff. I'll keep a couple of Ducatis in the hangar before I upgrade my 430W :-)
  12. Interested to see what aircraft they go for. I see lots of tupperware.... the Mooney experience is different. I'll also never let a non-M20K pilot fly mine. Insurance needs 500hrs total, 100hrs retract, 25h on type. And insurance may very well block you from doing this. Interested in whether I can monetize my Com license through them though....
  13. Actual controlled experiments measuring the metals in oil samples. (but if you're an anti-vaxxer there's little point trying to refer to the scientific method I guess :-) )
  14. I remember, thought this might have been after your move upcountry :-) Can't seem to find the TCM X30091 fuel injection manual as referred to in my service manual. Which means it's probably something I need my MSC to do. (Last time it was done was actually JD too).
  15. Paul, is that the royal "we"? My Savvy report is showing an overly rich #2 on the GAMI spread and before I contact GAMI for a better injector I want to clean and gap spark-plugs and clean the injector. Never done the injectors though. Part 43 Appendix A does mention "fuel lines" in general, so I assume one could do it as owner preventative maintenance. If so, are there good instructions around for doing so? Want to save myself having to take a day off to get the plane to an MSC.