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  1. If you are not increasing load (by maintaining altitude) I think PTK's statement is correct.
  2. How do you plan your fuel for flights with that GS? After reading some of the anecdotes above, maybe I overreacted to a pilot at the airfield I'm temporarily based out of. He bought a V tail Bo without ever taking his first lesson. Went down to a flight school in the DFW area and came back in two weeks with his PPL. Another week and he had the endorsements required to fly his plane solo. Impressive, right? We talked a few times over the next month and he mentioned a couple of times that he'd like for us to fly together in each of our planes. I gently put him off until he could get some more experience. One month after he started flying his plane, my wife and I had just returned from a trip to Pueblo, on which I had taken pics and vids of three F-18's landing just after us. I saw him at his hanger and was showing him the pics when he mentioned he had some interesting ones also. The first vid he showed me was of all the loose items in his plane floating at eye level. Ok, I don't do that but maybe not particularly unsafe. Second vid- flying over a lake with his gear down and touching the tops of the waves (probably about 4" ripples actually). That was the point that I mentally made a note that I would never get in a plane with him. The third vid was of him performing an aileron roll in a Cessna. He said, "Your Mooney will do that!" Not as long as it belongs to me.
  3. I don’t have cooling issues and am skeptical of the speed claims but am interested to know if anyone noticed a noise decrease after installation.
  4. Maybe you should try some.
  5. Please share what mods you’ve had done......
  6. Has anyone experienced this failure? I have a ticket in to Uavionix but haven't heard back from them yet.
  7. Welcome aboard. I see you took Andrew's advice. You should get all the help you need here.
  8. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2015/march/25/lobolabs-launches-flashpass-2-eapis-app
  9. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2019/april/17/flashpass-makes-eapis-filing-nearly-fool-proof
  10. You've definitely succeeded with me. I've understood and been aware of DA since being a student (before my PPL, I'm still a student of the art). But some of the points you brought up earlier about finding out what MY plane will do under different sets of circumstances has made me decide to do a series of tests to know for sure. Thanks for your contributions to this forum.
  11. I agree. Most of my flying has been from and to airports at less than 1000' MSL. My wife and I flew to Pueblo, CO (around 4,600 MSL) last fall on a high DA day. We had to wait for TO clearance for about 5 minutes and since I was at my normal to me full rich, I experienced what I suspect was the onset of some plug fouling. Went as lean as I could and by the time I got clearance, it had straightened out. Richened mixture to 1250° EGT for take off and everything went fine.
  12. I've worked in the metal trade around welders my entire adult life and not even the best of them would recommend repairing that thin metal without TIG or MIG. Yes, there are shops/welders out there that would be able to repair, even in its current state.
  13. Best $80 I’ve spent since starting to fly xcountry! I needed to bring my plane to Longview, Tx for an annual. A front passed through on Friday night, and there was a secondary system following it. The Route Profile with the ETD in 1/2 hour increment feature allowed me to leave in a very narrow window (VFR) and fly 350 nm with no problems whatsoever. The wealth of information all in 1 window was accurate and amazing. No looking at 6 hour blocks and switching back and forth between windows was great. IMHO WeatherSpork is the best weather tool I’ve ever tried.