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  1. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    Point taken, (and question answered)
  2. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    The mechanic who is now working on my plane (the one who did my annual is 150 miles away) seems very convinced that it is an ignition issue rather than a fuel issue. He changed my intake boot, installed an overhauled boost pump from Aeromotors and it is still running rough, though now at lower power settings. He says that his testing of the ignition harness shows that the wires are marginal. Previous mechanic says he tested them with a test box and they all tested good. The problem is still intermittent, sometimes its rough sometimes its smooth. I just purchased a JPI 830 (thanks teejayevans!) and I'm wondering if install it first would help diagnose the problem or if I should wait until the mechanic hopefully figures it out. Stupid question, but would it be worthwhile to install it now or would an install be essentially worthless before the engine is running correctly? What really sucks about this is I'm only about 2 hours by air from Don Maxwell but can't get the plane to him.
  3. N6018Q

    JPI 730/830 *SOLD*

    Sent you a PM
  4. N6018Q

    New fuel pump

    +1 for Aeromotor. They shipped out an overhauled pump the same day they received mine (Dukes 4140-00-19A). $450 plus shipping both ways
  5. N6018Q

    Intake Duct Needed

    I did. I could stick my finger through some of the holes in the old one
  6. Actually it’s my pump that’s leaking, not my fuel selector. I just noticed while I had some help, that sometimes when my pull ring inside the cockpit is pulled fuel comes out the bottom drain and sometimes it doesn’t. Tried with the selector on both right and left tanks with the same results.
  7. Who overhauls those components? I have a dukes boost pump that’s leaking 2 drops a minute and sometimes fuel comes out the selector when the ring inside is pulled, and sometimes it doesn’t (both tanks)
  8. N6018Q


    Are you saying you have a 12v for sale also? If so, I need one for a 1965 M20E and am interested. Thanks
  9. N6018Q

    Intake Duct Needed

    Thanks! First place I checked was Lasar, they are OOS with no ETA. I did find one Top Gun Aviation in Stockton Ca for $265
  10. Need intake duct (between air filter & fuel servo) for M20E 1965 Super 21 (200 HP). LASAR is the only place I've found them listed and they are OOS
  11. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    I haven't timed it, but it seems it only takes a minute or so for most of the pressure to bleed off normally.
  12. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    One thing I forgot: the fuel pressure dropped very slowly after engine shutdown. It took about 10 minutes to bleed completely down. Later starts and run ups had normal pressure bleed offs. Don’t know if that means anything....
  13. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    Many thanks to all who took the time to share your collective expertise. My CFI/mechanic and I tried ,and failed, again this morning to find any sign of roughness or other anomalies. Some asked if fuel pressure, egt, cht changed during the event. It only lasted about 15 seconds but seemed an eternity and we were both scanning every gauge at least twice and could not find anything out of the ordinary. My old JPI only displays 1 temp at a time and the CFI stepped through all 8 temps twice, all were good. Looks like a servo overhaul is in my immediate future. Will report for historical purposes when complete
  14. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    I do have a fuel flow JPI and a separate JPI engine monitor but they are much older than the 700 model. and yes the fuel flow one is acting weird but I haven’t had time to learn exactly how to program it. I was planning on spending more time with it before flying xcountry. I’m not familiar with sticky valves but will mention it to my mechanic tomorrow. I really appreciate all the ideas