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  1. Please do... before @jaylw314 costs me more money. Or these silicone suction bowl lids
  2. There MS goes again costing me money- I couldn't close the link without hitting the "Order" button...
  3. N6018Q

    Shoulder Belt?

    Sorry Alex but I have to jump on the bandwagon here. I bought a plane that needed a lot of work to make it dependable, but the very first thing I did was have the shoulder harnesses installed. Proximity to the panel, previous flying in rentals that had them and the prospect of putting my loved ones in the plane all led me to believe that they were absolutely necessary. I work for a living and don't have a bunch of "extra" cash but again, I think they are necessities, not luxuries.
  4. N6018Q

    So who did it??

    Dude, its a golf course, that's what they do there.
  5. Cheap double check (and useful too)
  6. N6018Q

    Hot Starting

    Basically leave your controls in the same position you shut down with. Throttle around 1000 rpm, mixture out, and turn the key. When it starts, add mixture. There are several posts on here that describe it better than I can but this works for me.
  7. I just had an 830 installed on an "E" for around $3k in labor (at $50/hr). I had a menagerie of older tech for fuel flow, rpm and cylinder temps but ALL of the old probes, sensors, harnesses, etc. were removed and replaced. No GPS connections were established. Fuel flow was installed but not any direct connections to fuel quantity. Summary: ~60 hrs without TIT, GPS, CIES
  8. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    Martin Induction Systems in Enid Oklahoma. About $2300 for servo and distributor overhauls and injector cleaning.
  9. N6018Q

    Engine rough at 2400 RPM

    Update: my plane is finally out of the shop. Installed a JPI 830, overhauled the fuel servo and distributor, cleaned the injectors and its running like a top. Previous commenters were exactly right about the servo. The overhaul shop couldn’t even perform a pre-overhaul flow test. Apparently the diaphragms in the servo were ?loose? causing the intermittent roughness. Thanks for all the input, it is much appreciated.
  10. N6018Q

    Stall speeds and ASI arcs

    PS I hope that in 5 years from now, my plane looks half as nice as Bob's!
  11. N6018Q

    Stall speeds and ASI arcs

    So, 5 years later, I noticed the exact same inconsistency (at least in my mind) and as I was searching Yahoo, I came across this thread. My ASI is labeled exactly like Bob's. I was taught that if your airspeed decayed below the white arc, in a landing configuration, the plane would stall. It appears to me that this topic was dropped rather than resolved but I realize I might be missing something. @Bob_Belville, has this been resolved to your satisfaction? If so, what is your conclusion?
  12. N6018Q

    Planning for en-route ATC frequencies?

    Coincidentally I had exactly the same idea less than a week ago. I will be flying the same route through 3 different ARTCC's for the next year. I figured I could compile a small kneeboard list, but I've come to the same conclusion as the other posters here- no master list and the frequencies change often. Foreflight does list Center frequencies when you look up a specific airport within an ARTCC's area, which would at least give you a starting point to regain communications if you missed a Center call. Possibly not the best solution, but what I did was add an airport from each of the 3 areas I will be traveling through to my "Favorites" in Foreflight. That way, I'm only 2 taps or so from at least a starting point in regaining comms.
  13. N6018Q

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Beautiful plane!