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  1. Maybe we are even more elite than I thought??
  2. 633,317 pilots INCLUDING 167,804 students as of 2018. With 327.2 million people in the US, that means we represent just under 1/5 of 1% of the general population. Probably the only elite group I'll ever belong to!
  3. I was aware of about $5k- tires, pucks, hoses, 500 hr mag overhauls. The rest - servo overhauls, extensive wiring issues, additional mag issues became apparent after 4 to 5 hours of flight. In my opinion, the engine monitor was absolutely necessary. My prebuy guy wasn’t a Mooney specialist and that wound up costing me additional amu’s. I guess I was probably pretty lucky, didn’t know anything about cam wear, oil analysis, etc (didn’t find this site until after I bought the plane), but my 5 or so oil analysis’ have come back good. So essentially I have $45 tied up in it and it still has a crappy paint job and basic panel. I’m good with the panel but really want to not be embarrassed to show someone my plane because of the paint. Like Anthony said, wife and family don’t see it the way you do.
  4. I bought an E in 2017 for $26k. “Ugly paint, a ratty interior and VFR panel” almost exactly describes it. It’s still like that, with the exception of a JPI 830 I added to the panel. With that said, l’ve spent well over $20 k on the first 2 annuals on deferred maintenance to ensure reliability. The only thing I would have done differently would be to bring it to someone like Maxwell Aviation for the first annual rather than the second one. Solid midtime engine, mid 140 knot plane that I don’t hesitate to fly regularly on 600 mile crosscountry trips. I’m happy
  5. I actually climbed at a little lower power setting, about 2450 rpm, cowl flaps open, ram air closed and 120 mph so the cht was about the same. I do try to never let it get above 380°. I have a significant spread between #3 and the other cylinders. All the same probes, no ring type that normally causes the difference. I guess its possible that I have a bad probe but I haven't had an opportunity to get a mechanic to swap two of the probes to check accuracy. I have considered at least the Lasar closure just for the possible cooling but I've read mixed reviews on them. I've experimented a little with LOP, according to Savvy data my GAMI spread is typically .1, but its easier (lazy) for me to stay ROP on the short sightseeing hops I normally do.
  6. Density altitude was a little over 5000’ at the 2200’ elevation airport that I took off from so by extrapolation (which I’m not sure is linear), the DA at 7000’ was probably around 10,000’. I do have a JPI 830 and my fuel flow was around 10.5 gph. My peak egt (#2 cyl) is 1460 degrees. I was about 145 lbs under gross (45 gallons fuel and 500 lbs in the front seats) I know the 160 degrees ROP wasn’t very close to peak power but my #3 cht was at 375 and I didn’t want it to go any higher.
  7. Thanks! Both calculators returned 143.6 ktas. How does that compare to others with E’s on here? I have zero speed mods and all the original antennas, etc.
  8. I've been following @Dream to fly's post "Is it Possible?". I didn't want to hijack his thread but a comment by @Ragsf15e, "You need to do the 4 way test at about 7,000’, wide open throttle, mixture 100 rich of peak, Ram air open, trimmed to level flight. Give us GPS groundspeed from each cardinal direction. An iPad with foreflight for groundspeed will do. Your indicated airspeed should be exactly the same in each direction" sparked my curiosity. I've been wondering if my '66 E's speed is slow or at least average. Yesterday I went on a rectangular pattern test flight. Conditions were 23°C at 7,200' (BP was 29.99"), mixture set at 1300° EGT, WOT with ram air open, 2550 RPM and 23.8" MAP. Using Foreflight, first leg was 160 knots gs. Second leg was 155 knots gs. Third leg was 128 knots gs. Fourth leg was 134 knots gs. How do I calculate true airspeed?
  9. If you are not increasing load (by maintaining altitude) I think PTK's statement is correct.
  10. How do you plan your fuel for flights with that GS? After reading some of the anecdotes above, maybe I overreacted to a pilot at the airfield I'm temporarily based out of. He bought a V tail Bo without ever taking his first lesson. Went down to a flight school in the DFW area and came back in two weeks with his PPL. Another week and he had the endorsements required to fly his plane solo. Impressive, right? We talked a few times over the next month and he mentioned a couple of times that he'd like for us to fly together in each of our planes. I gently put him off until he could get some more experience. One month after he started flying his plane, my wife and I had just returned from a trip to Pueblo, on which I had taken pics and vids of three F-18's landing just after us. I saw him at his hanger and was showing him the pics when he mentioned he had some interesting ones also. The first vid he showed me was of all the loose items in his plane floating at eye level. Ok, I don't do that but maybe not particularly unsafe. Second vid- flying over a lake with his gear down and touching the tops of the waves (probably about 4" ripples actually). That was the point that I mentally made a note that I would never get in a plane with him. The third vid was of him performing an aileron roll in a Cessna. He said, "Your Mooney will do that!" Not as long as it belongs to me.
  11. I don’t have cooling issues and am skeptical of the speed claims but am interested to know if anyone noticed a noise decrease after installation.
  12. Maybe you should try some.