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  1. I I understand Anthony's post, it has to be less than a gallon (Level 1). Unusable would be Level 2.
  2. Search "Raptor's LED Torpedo Retrofit"
  3. N6018Q

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Easy Installation Installation is as simple as replacing the aft aircraft position light. No airframe modifications or additional antennas are required. Works with any Mode C or Mode S transponder. Transponder data is provided via the existing aircraft wiring system using the Power Transcoder. tailBeacon uses the existing mounting location, breaker, and wiring. The installation requires 2 screws and reuses the existing power and ground to your current position light
  4. Sorry, Marauder, don't want to start a "pi$$ing" match, but I think Jose is really mild compared to Peter.
  5. Your level response and continued willingness to help has increased the already considerable respect I have for you, sir.
  6. N6018Q

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    Its never constant, seems to vary between 0 and 6, mostly 4 or below. It doesn’t make any difference whether the heat is on or not. Of course I watch it much closer when the heat is on!
  7. N6018Q

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    I have a SensorCon and I've never seen the ppm go above 10, regardless of phase of flight and position of heater knob.
  8. It's not barbecue, but you might want to try Copeland's of New Orleans at 1665 E Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, Shreveport, LA 71105
  9. Ever figure out how much you want for the starter?
  10. N6018Q

    See and Avoid

    I'm a low time (less than 200 hours) VFR only pilot who has now made several 488 nm trips from Oklahoma to Louisiana. I pass ~80 miles east of DFW and it is downright scary, to me, to see all the traffic in the area on my Stratus/ipad combo that neither I nor my passengers ever spot visually. I really don't think I would attempt that trip without either flight following or the Stratus. Am I over cautious? Maybe, but I agree with -S50 that "just pure see and avoid does not work."
  11. N6018Q

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    Well hell, you blew my numbers up. Your figures still leave an almost 10x safety margin though.
  12. N6018Q

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    1/2 cup= 4 oz, 1 gallon=128 oz So there would have to be ~32 x the amount of water needed to reach the drain in your tank before it becomes a danger. Even if maneuvers reduce that number by half (?), that still leaves a comfortable safety margin if you religiously sump your tanks.
  13. N6018Q

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    @xcrmckenna , this guy you call "Scott" reminds me of the kid on the schoolyard that couldn't figure out why nobody liked him and kept being abrasive just to try to get noticed. Quit letting him get under your skin. I'm paranoid too about water in my tanks. P. S. How much you want to bet he responds to this post with a haha?
  14. When I send you some money for the paint, then I will have an opinion that matters. For now, my opinion is: the scheme looks great.