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  1. Beats me. That's what they charged me. I guess I don't know enough about it to know whether that was a lot of par for the course
  2. Just another vote for Aeromotors. Had a burnt out fuel pump in an M20E and called Aeromotors. Due to the upcoming Christmas/New Years holidays, Teresa on the phone offered to just do an exchange instead of an overhaul for the same price. That way I wouldn't have to wait until after the holidays. Sent it out on a Tuesday and had the overhauled exchange back by Saturday. Very quick service from them, and 5 hours labor for the shop to remove and replace.
  3. I have the chance to get my paws on a M20E on a drylease, but I have no Mooney time. I have been added to insurance already, with the caveat of 5 hrs dual in make and model. The plane is currently outside KGNV, so my question is this. Does anyone on this forum, or know of anyone else, have CFI with 100hrs retract and 5hrs Mooney time that would be willing to train me? I have a CFI here in KBIS, but it'd be easier if I find someone local (or a fledgling airline pilot with flight benefits looking to build time). The other option is that I fly to you on Delta, and train in your plane if someone is willing to do it that way. Contact me by PM if you'd like with your availability and cost. Thanks,Kai