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  1. Chris K

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    Good point to double check, though seems ridiculous that whomever mounted would have skipped that step. Would my regular mechanic be able to perform this or must it be removed and sent to a prop shop?
  2. Chris K

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    My engine does not move as much as the demo video for the new airplanes, probably different style mounts. My compass is fine in flight.
  3. Chris K

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    Thanks - I have GAMIs and prop is relatively new which is why I'm looking at the mounts.
  4. Chris K

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    Don't mean to bring up an old thread but it is a very good and useful post. Just wondering if the new mounts helped reduce any vibrations or otherwise helped make for a smoother flight? I'm planning to check my mounts soon since they appear to be originals - though not much sagging, there is a bit of play. My mechanic mentioned sag is common but usually don't want to change unless a mount is actually "bad". Guessing he'll be doing the same test you mention above. If the engine also ran smoother after the change, would be a no brainer for me since I do seem to get a bit of vibration compared to other IO-550s I've flown.
  5. Chris K

    Eagle speeds

    Here are some shots from yesterday's flight. Could not get above 5,500 on the short flight but these 3 settings were flowing between 13.9 and 14.8 GPH. Was flying through some light chop, so the IAS on the Dynon was off a couple knots from my ASI (the TAS reading was not quite set correctly either - ignore the faulty #3 cylinder reading as well). This was good for mid to high 170's KTAS down low depending on whether you look at the Dynon or the ASI. Higher altitude should be 180+ KTAS which is better than POH book values. This was with the 2 blade McCauley prop. I'm finding that burning more than 14 GPH seems to only gain a knot or two per extra gallon of fuel burned and unless saving a minute of time counts, not worth burning that much fuel.
  6. Subscribing to this thread since I also own a 2000. Interested in what is found to be the issue.
  7. Chris K

    Eagle speeds

    The MP reported above was indeed incorrect due to the inaccurate MP gauge. My MP gauge has since been adjusted and I will post corrected numbers once well away from Bravo airspace...
  8. Follow up - I was indeed able to adjust the Mortiz Manifold Pressure Gauge as described above. Took about 3 full turns out to about the limit of adjustment but was able to get the pressure to read within a 0.1" of the actual pressure. It also reads correctly on takeoff as well, thus the Moritz guages have survived for now in my airplane.
  9. Chris K

    Eagle speeds

    200 mph at 15.5 with a NA plane is quite nice. I've flown a 252 that can match that speed at 15.5 but burned more fuel. Too bad Mooney still does not build a stripped down version of the Ovation.
  10. Chris K

    Eagle speeds

    What do you typically see for IAS at 15k?
  11. Perfect, looks like an adjustment in order. Thank you. The Insight Monitor was right on with calculations at 29.5. After discussing with mechanic, he also agrees typically we lose about 1 inch MP due to tubing and filter. A new K&N filter could help a bit - have one on order and hope to get that in soon.
  12. Chris K

    Eagle speeds

    I've done mostly flights to/from my avionics shop and mechanic so far with my new Eagle while doing add ons and maintenance so mostly been flying below 4000. Because I'm under class B and flights are short, I'm running 2200-2300 RPM, 20" MAP, FF varies between 12 - 13. At these settings down low seeing 176-177 KTAS. Should manage well over 180 once I do some real cross country flying higher up. My plane is exceptionally clean and I bought it specifically because of its low weight (about 2237). I'm still also checking whether my throttle and fuel flow is correctly set since I seem to be losing 1 inch of MAP on full power takeoff. I will post more as I learn more.
  13. The Moritz reads 28.5 Before starting engine. The insight engine monitor reads 29.5. When engine running on takeoff, never seen more than 27.5. Makes me wonder if the MP on the Eagle is somehow limited. Interesting note is that an Ovation POH max recommended power setting is about 28.5 inches while the POH for the identical engine on my Eagle recommends 27.0 max?
  14. Chris K

    Completely Confused

    Sounds like you need to talk to a better rep. from Mooney. Try Delta Aviation and ask for Dave - they are a Mooney dealer and Dave is a Mooney guy through and through - knows better than just about anyone else out there. He helped me get my Eagle and am very happy with the results. I am also located in Chicago and would be more than happy to take you for a demo flight - the newer airframe is much, much sleeker than the old J model.
  15. I searched Midwest Mooney and looks like the domain is for sale (I assume you meant the business in Flora, IL?). There seems to be a new company that calls itself Midwest Mooney in KS but it appears they are sales only.