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  1. So it's the joint between part 1 and 2/3 that has been broken off, not some round ducting (I wish it was that simple). I'll try the part links listed, but I'm guessing we will end up like hank with a taped mess of hopes and dreams. I don't think we have part 4 at all so maybe just one of those will be cheap enough to make it worth it. Thanks for the ideas! BHop
  2. Hi Mooney Space, I've bought into a 1970 M20C with user hook_dupin and we have it down for mx and a panel upgrade (it's taking a while but that'll be another thread). While down we are taking out the old cracked panels, fixing and filling cracks, painting and replacing. While the ceiling was down, it appears the ducting around the vents has cracked and been repaired by WAY too much duct tape. At the very least that is coming down and some nice aluminum speed tape will go up, but does anyone know where we can source new or used duct parts for this? Looks like part numbers 640198-1/2/3.
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