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  1. The photos are great thanks. It’s good to know it can be done. Is that an EDM 900 you have? I’m putting one in next month at annual and that’s what got me going down the path to the vernier mixture.
  2. Photos would be great thanks. I may do all three cables. I’d be surprised if they aren’t original.
  3. I bought a McFarlane vernier mixture cable to put in my 66 C with manual gear. At first glance, my mechanic expressed concern about the location of the gear latch interfering with the install. I have seen photos of several manual gear models with the same control—can anyone comment on any issues? I don’t want to drill a bigger hole only to learn the installation is not workable. Thanks, Zack
  4. A 930 isn’t in my budget yet. If I go with the Aerospace Logic (FL202D), what happens to the old fuel gauges in the “6 pack” cluster? Would they need to be placarded? Has anyone done this in a C/E/F without an engine monitor integration? Thanks for the help.
  5. Sorry if this is a dumb question--I'm new to airplane (and GTN) ownership. Is the only way to get a "software update" by going to an authorized dealer? It's not possible via the SD card used for NAV updates? Thanks